11 August 2013


It is interesting that I am less worried about whom the Democrats will choose to run in 2016 than I am about who the Republicans pick.

There's a whole lotta RINO out there that wants a shot at the brass ring and feels it's their turn.

They run Chris Christie and I am voting Hillary.

That's a promise.

I am fed up of a choice between greater and lesser evils.  If I most pick evil, then I will pick the honest one who doesn't pretend to even like me when they work their ill.

If the Republicans cannot give me someone to vote for then I shan't.  I'm done with the fighting retreat of voting against the Democrat and as long as RINO is the flavor of the POTUS pick, there's no reason to vote.

A candidate who's genuinely pro-gun would win.  The Republicans have not managed to plant a pro-gun candidate in the seat since... since...  um...  Not since I've been alive at least.


  1. I'm tired of it too.

    We're looking for another country that's like America used to be.

    Panama has a limited government that has stayed out of peoples lives (and banks and medicine) and you can live very comfortably for $1000 a month.

  2. Any chance of voting for the Libertarian candidate instead? They at the very least are not inherently evil.

    (inbound via Sharp as a Marble)


    1. My problems with the Libertarian Party and the very idea of it deserves its own post rather than a reply to a comment.

      The nutshell is there hasn't been a utopia succeed yet and every single attempt to really do one leaves heaps of bodies and rivers of blood.

      That's not to say that I don't have some common ground with them, it's just there are several points of departure.


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