16 July 2024

I Should Whine Like A Bitch And Rage

On my mortgage, I paid Primary Mortgage Insurance until we'd paid 20% of the note.

That's because property values were pretty flat when we were doing it.

Turns out a lot of folks are getting their PMI nuked because they own a lot more of their property than they expected thanks to property values going up.

This is where I'm supposed to condemn the people who benefit from something I don't and paid for.


I am happy for them to have gotten over.


In case you're curious how this works...

You borrowed on a $90k house that's now valued at $180k, you own 50%.

The Picture Is Coalescing

It's an interesting vid on what might have been going on.



Tiny Shift

I was a little too excited to change out my lug nuts, apparently.

I removed all five lugs from the wheel before installing the new ones with the car flat on the ground.

The cone seat of the lug doesn't have the ass to lift the car and recenter the wheel, which will shift a little even if you don't see or hear it.

So I jacked up each corner and removed and reinstalled the new lugs with the wheel off the ground this time.

The vibration from the slight off center is now gone and I'm back to the tiny vibration from two tires being a tiny amount out of round.

Axel F

We watched Axel F the other night.

We enjoyed it a lot.

It's nostalgia based, but the call backs were lots of fun and we enjoyed them immensely.

We missed Ronny Cox, but all the other regulars were there.

Dunno The ROE

That picture of the counter-sniper team is showing them looking at the shooter.

Apparently the crowd had been yelling for law enforcement to come look at the shooter they'd spotted getting into position.

A police officer might have climbed up the shooter's ladder and got a good look down a muzzle before he dropped back under cover and got on the radio.

That gave the counter sniper team his rough location and it appears that they were forced to wait until something happened to shoot.  Which is probably why the shooter got taken out so quickly.

But it makes you wonder why the Secret Service wasn't already tackling Mr Trump as soon as the word got out that someone very suspicious was on that roof.


Blogger has changed the interface for inserting photos using a hotlink.  The trick for solving it for Firefox appears to be allowing Blogger and Google to run their cookies.

So you get a picture from Fort DeSoto and one of the 12" Seacoast Model 1890 M1 mortars.

Sloped Roof?

You're really picking this excuse?


“That building in particular has a sloped roof at its highest point. And so, you know, there’s a safety factor that would be considered there that we wouldn’t want to put somebody up on a sloped roof,” 

-K. Cheatle

You mean like THIS sloped roof?

For fuck's sake.

No really.  FOR FUCK'S SAKE! 

It's not like that photo didn't get seen by nearly everyone who's heard about the shooting.

Mag List Availability

 Looks like I check every four years.

Amend2 30-round: Palmetto State Armory $10.99
ASC USGI Aluminum: GunMagWarehouse $12.99.
Brownells USGI Aluminum: Brownells $11.99.
C-Products Defense SS: Palmetto State Armory $14.99.
CAA MAG, CDMAG, MAG17: CAA Gear Up $9.00. <- Deeply discounted sold out in black.
Daniel Defense DD Magazine 32-round: Brownells $23.00.
D&H Tactical Aluminum: Bravo Company USA $12.95.
Elite Tactical Systems ETS Gen 2 30-round: GunMagWarehouse $13.49 with coupler, $8.99 without.
FAB Defense E-Lander:
FAB Defense Ultimag 30R: FAB Defense USA $19.99.
FN SCAR-16 magazine: Brownells $34.99.
Hera Arms H3 Gen 2: Midway $11.90.
Hexmag HX Series 2: Midway $11.99.
Hexmag HX CFC Series 2: Midway $15.99.
H&K High Reliability:
GunMagWarehouse $51.99
H&K 5.56mm Polymer:
Lancer L5 AWM: Midway $16.99 for opaque $4.99 for smoke and $10.74 for clear. <- Big sale!
Magpul D-60 Drum: Midway $108.97.
Magpul PMAG M2 MOE: Midway $9.99.
Magpul PMAG Gen M3: Brownells $12.07.
Mission First Tactical MFT Standard Cap.: Palmetto State Armory $9.99.
Mission First Tactical MFT Extreme Duty Window: Palmetto State Armory $15.99.
MWG IK-510, IK-520:
Okay Surefeed:
Okay Surefeed E2:

ProMag PM-30 Roller-Mag: Palmetto State Armory $15.99.
SureFire MAG5-60 60-round:
Tango Down ARC 30-round:
Troy Battlemag: Midway $13.04
X-Products X-15 Drum:

That's surprising how many companies products are flat unavailable now.

Or is it?

It's a tight market.

14 July 2024

I'll Just Say It

The sudden outpouring of "political violence has no place in our democracy" might just stem from the realization that at 130 yards the typical conservative American gun owner wouldn't have grazed an ear.

Remember, we were mocking the DC freeway shooter and the laughably short ranges.

Not that we're likely to do any assassinations.

We're not wired that way, and they kind of know that.

They're also aware of just how hard they're pressing and they're starting to realize that the Rheostat v Switch analogy is VERY apt.

D-60 Loading

Loading 60 rounds into a D-60 takes about 4 minutes using a StripLULA and loose rounds.  That includes taking pics.  I take about 2 minutes with stripper clips.  It's important to not force things and to make sure the little flapper is set to retain the last round of ten from the StripLULA.

It's a lot slower than loading a normal 30-rounder.

The D-60 is a windowed magazine.

From 10 to 39 rounds you see this:

From 40 to 59 rounds you see this:

With a full load of 60 you see this:

Unloading, using the StripLULA is easy.  There's surprisingly little pressure on the round and it slides right out.

I Think They Pop

The change from the factory lug nut to proper chrome plated is subtle, but significant.

Any car guy will spot it right away.

Google Broke It

Inserting pics into blogger just got more irritating.

They changed the interface for linking a url and it's broke in Firefox.

Works in Chromium.


Lug Nut Day

Replaced the lug nuts on The Beast.



Harvey says she can't tell the difference, but I can.

Taking Bets

Who wants to bet the shooter is aligned with Antifa or an adjacent organization that's been spewing hate the past 8+ years.

Think we can even get odds?

The media hid that it was a Bernie Bro as fast as they could at the Congressional Baseball Shooting; I expect more of the same.

13 July 2024

Pipe In The Conservatory

Someone has already said that it was an AR.

I reiterate:  Wasn't me, didn't do it.

What makes me worry about this is when I was wanting to watch Air Force One land in Des Moines with President Clinton, I noticed all the likely places to be shooting at the president were already taken by the secret service.

That included all the good places to watch the plane land, so I didn't get to see it until after it was parked.

It really makes me wonder whom was the shooter, I haven't found any news about that yet.  I note that they're being reported as dead.  I'm going to assume their social media and any manifestos are long gone by this point.


New lid switch installed and the washer ran a full cycle without drama.

No leaks.

It's fixed!

Happy dance!

Better Eat Your Wheaties

Valentine is, officially, the heaviest AR that I, or anyone I know, owns.

As pictured, she is 13.6 lb.

Yeah, I don't wanna lug that very far.

What happened to the light, handy, M16A1 I remember?  It's 9.6 lb. with that D-60 in it.

Oddly this might be an excellent configuration for post-hurricane defense where social distances are extended a little bit.

Not my first choice for home defense because it's ungainly inside.

Update: Olga is only 11.7 lb. as shown (she'd be 13.4 lb. with a D-60):


I guess now is a good time to talk about the D-60.

It's 2.8 lb. for 60-rounds.  A normal PMAG GenM3 is 1.1 for 30 and 2.2 for 60.

The normal PMAGs package better for carry too.

You can also buy about 8 normal PMAGs for the price of a single D-60.

Why would I want one past "it's neat!"?

If it's the initial magazine in the gun when the fight starts, you get to save some seconds reloading.  That's probably valuable.

Low-Speed High-Drag

When assessing the wisdom of going after someone who's low-speed and high-drag remember this:

The Warthog and BUFF are both such.

12 July 2024

It's Genetic

I have the Scottish resistance to getting into fights.

The Italian reluctance to take the fight to blood.

And the Japanese delicacy about how to treat an opponent once the game is afoot.

Plan accordingly.

Can We Talk About Prosecutorial Incompetence Now

Or is it simple corruption?

Alec Baldwin walks because the prosecution suppressed evidence.

I'm no fan of his, but... Good!

When the government lies, the accused should walk even if caught red handed.

Justice should be an unimpeachable neutral party in every case.

The accused should be putting all the weight needed on the scales, no additional thumbs necessary.

It Never Ends

Mission:  Find out why the washing machine was pissing like a drunk racehorse.

My first theory was the spring that centered the drum was broken loose from the cabinet and the spout was dumping water outside the drum.

It was.

With Marv precariously balancing the thing, I drilled a new hole for the spring and that was that!


The fill hose, a nylon thing looking like a giant flexie soda straw was split.

$5 got an upgraded rubber version.

All fixed!


It filled just fine without leaking, but it wouldn't agitate.

Lid switch thinks it's open at all times.

New switch will be here tomorrow.

Splash Of Red

Marv has painted his calipers!


Colored calipers are a time honored hot-rodder tradition.

And if you have rims where they can be seen, a flash of color really sets off the car.

11 July 2024

All Better

The locksmith got me into the car where I finished programming the RFA module and got all four of my fobs working.

Then I went a couple rounds figuring out why the remote start was not working and found that there's a setting in the dash to change under Security.

The results:

Keyfob Program

When you enable the remote start with OBDSynch, it resets all your keyfobs and the tire pressure system.

Two of my fobs will program through the normal procedure.  Two, including the new one with the remote start button, will not.  One of the two that isn't programming used to work.

There's a way to program them with the OBDSynch software, but I found that the module I'd just used to enable remote start was no longer accepting my purchase.

When I successfully programmed the first two fobs, it locked the doors.

When you close the door to get around it to log in to complain to the maker of the OBDSynch software...

When you had all the keys and fobs on the center console...

You are locked out of your car.

The sad thing is I'd read about people doing this.

I am now one of them.

AAA is on the case.


Marv's new 9C3 has new shoes.

His are the other base Camaro wheel.

Like me, he got a scorching good deal.

While I'm giving him crap over how small his calipers are, the rotors on the front are the same diameter.

A splash of red paint will make those pop!

Mine, for comparison purposes:

 I need to get lug nuts more in keeping with the upgrade.

Know When To Eject

The guy I bought The Beast from is the same person whom I sold the Biscayne SS to.

From the litany of issues he's had since...

I got out from under that car just in time.

I feel bad for him, but I didn't misrepresent what he was getting and I've tried to help as much as I can with the "why did you do it this way?" questions from his mechanic.


His current run of bad luck ain't my fault!

He replaced the drum brake rear axle for a disc brake unit and has had serial problems with the calipers falling off.

Last night his issue was the fourth of four tires of a particular brand blowing up.  I'd be looking at different brand and model tire after two of them bulged out.

10 July 2024


I don't think he's intending to rebut John Stossel directly, but this article does the job of explaining why tariffs aren't unalloyed badness.

The globalism that Stossel is championing is the same centralization process that Wilder Wealthy and Wise is talking about.

Watch the vid then read the article at the link.

Rig For Red


The Beast all cleaned up and shiny for the car club meeting!

She's a pretty nice ten-footer.

09 July 2024

Blaming The Wrong Party

Another Boeing plane has lost a wheel on take-off.

The news is sure focusing on it being Boeing too.

The two incidents have something else in common: United Airlines.

I'm thinking it's more likely that UAL needs to have a lugnut-day than Boeing screwed up the design of the wheels.

Throw It Away?

Some egg product was mislabeled.  It contains dairy, but the label doesn't say so.

They say to throw it away.

I says to make note that it has dairy and use it.

If you don't have a dairy allergy, it's fine.

Throwing away perfectly good food because a small percentage of people can't eat it is fucking stupid.

Yes, that small percentage could have died if they'd gotten the mislabeled product; but for everyone else this is still perfectly edible.

Now that we're aware of the problem, we make sure that it doesn't go to the people who can't eat it and let those who can go ahead and scarf.

There has to be some needy person who could use it.