06 July 2020

Temptation Get Thee Behind Me!

Cimarron lists a Trapdoor Carbine.

Bud's lists it for $1,355.

Time to start saving again.

05 July 2020


The Cimarron came from a Gunbroker vendor in Louisiana.

The tracking originated from an FFL in Illinois through St Louis, Missouri.

He claimed he had a gun in stock in his kitchen FFL, but really had it drop shipped from his distributor.

That pisses me off.

But he got the gun to me in the agreed upon time frame, so I don't really have anything to complain about except a small lie at the beginning.

I've been wondering what I should do about feedback.

So I looked to see if he'd left ME feedback.

After all, I'd done my job as the buyer.  I stabbed "buy-it-now" and paid seconds later with the FFL information attached thanks to the automatic system on Gunbroker.

What more could a seller ask for than that?

He has not left feedback.

He leaves lots of feedback, so he must be the kind of seller that waits to see what you said about him before he rates you.

Don't hurt me a bit to not bother with feedback.  Hurts him more than me, for what little affect it has.


This year is unusual for fireworks.

We buy the mortars during the buy one get two free sales in the off times and the "happy fun" variety packs on the 4th.

The tents were cleaned out.

Our initial thought was that supplies were low, because of Wu Ping Cough.

Listening to the cracking and banging...

Supplies were fine, sales must have been brisk.

It feels good to hear.

I hope it portends well for the future that people are celebrating this day 244 years ago when we collectively told our government to fuck off, we can do better.

04 July 2020


Playing around with the camera.

First I confirmed that the b/w monochrome setting was different from the sepia setting.

Next I played with the simulated color filters in sepia mode.

No Filter
Yellow Filter
Orange Filter
Red Filter
Green Filter

NRA New Condition

You can't deny we did a great job restoring this revolver.  It's near mint!

I'm here all night, don't forget to tip your wait-staff.

Links to the history of this gun with me.

Weekend Project
It Shoots


Israel has a functioning squadron of F-35's.

Iran is having explosions and fires around their secret nuclear facilities.

Completely unrelated, I am sure.


Pardon me if I am skeptical about the daily rate of new tests going from 4-6% to suddenly being 15-20% of the new day's test.

Especially on the heels of the CDC "casually" mentioning that Florida is lumping antibody tests with the viral tests.

We've gone from reporting "who has the virus?" to "who has had the virus?"

Also damning is how Florida is, quite deliberately, not mentioning that all the people who've had the disease over the past three months cannot still be sick.

The great news, which is not being reported AT ALL is the crude case fatality rate is well below bad flu season in Florida again.

Hospitalizations did not spike with the spike in new cases, as it did before antibody testing began.

Deaths have not started a parallel spike as should have as they trail the new cases by about two weeks.  They are, in fact, flat to dropping.  Eyes crossed that this remains the case.

The counting of cases and mixing viral and antibody testing is a scandal worthy of journalism's highest stated goals.  The kind of thing they used to give awards for.

If only the truth reflected poorly on Republicans, they'd be on it like... like... [metaphor not found].

Here's A Trivia Item

What cartridge did the Gatling guns commanded by John Henry Parker fire?

What was the designation of the last model Gatling gun adopted by the US Army.

What cartridge did it fire?

What year was it withdrawn from service?

The answers might surprise you.

03 July 2020

Is This Something

This sure looks like it could be something.

If it's deliberate, someone should be punished besides us citizens this time.

M1873 Altered Model

She's a handsome beast, isn't she?

Uberti went all the way on doing the small details matching the real deal.
"Bullseye" ejector.
Front mounted axis pin retainer screw instead of a side-mounted plunger.  I don't know what the U marking or the '1519' mean.  It's the Uberti trademark and catalog number!

It's covered in "RAC" proof marks after Rinaldo A Carr.

CZ for "made in 2020".
ATF would have kittens, but this is where the Army put the serial number.
The Pietta version of this gun laser burns this cartouche.  Uberti presses it like it's supposed to be.
Every part marked with an RAC, except the grips, has the serial number (or part of it) too.

The cylinder also gets Italian proof marks.

The extra barrel length, for me, is entirely cosmetically necessary.

I was surprised to find that my Armi San Marco made EMF New Dakota has an undersized grip.

National Parks Are Racist

They really are saying this.

The argument boils down to: Minorities don't make as many visits to the national parks as white people, therefore it's racist.

This is very much like trying claim that Colt 45 is racist because white people don't imbibe much malt-liquor.

The parks aren't racist by design or application.

The thing keeping minorities from visiting the parks isn't the parks.

Eliminating the parks won't fix the problem that's keeping them from visiting.

Even if the problem is a simple lack of interest in visiting them.

I've never been to Grand Canyon National Park, does that mean I'm being discriminated against?

Or does it mean that it's a long way from Florida and I've other things I want to do on vacation than visit Arizona?

Not every discrepancy in outcome is due to racism.

Here's a clue:  Many minorities live in self-imposed sub-cultures which preclude interest in things that the greater culture which surrounds them is interested in.  It's not forced on them from the outside, but it is real.

Also of note is that virtually every minority who "Uncle Tom's" and rejects the sub-culture and joins the surrounding culture is welcomed as a member and has few, if any, problems.

I'll Make Popcorn

I heard a rumor that Antifa was considering doing something to The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in DC.

I want to see that.

They act like the five soldiers on post at the tomb are the entire force guarding it, and that in the face of hundreds of protesters they'd fade away like the police always do.

Even if you forced those guards to retreat, which I think is unlikely, the entire Old Guard will be back in a minute to retake the site and they're not going to be coming to arrest anyone.

"Use of lethal force has been authorized" is an important phrase.

While We're Tearing Down Statues

Can we destroy the one at the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior at the MLK memorial in DC?

Can we replace it it with one that doesn't make him look like chairman Mao?

Can we make one that doesn't appear to be made by a Soviet Russia artist?

Dr King deserves a better monument than he got.

Five Days

When The Lovely Harvey and I first got together, one of her exes said that it would never last past two-weeks.

Today marks 20 years of marriage, or as we jokingly say, "five days".

Nine days before she dumps me.

36 years in McThag time.

20 years doesn't seem all that long, to be honest.

As with all relationships, there have been ups and downs.

More up than down most of the time.

Where'd They Go?

After the Civil War, there were a lot of black people who headed west.

They were a not-insignificant portion of the population of what we now call "cowboys".

None of the places with a "cowboy" tradition has a significant black population today.

Where did they all go?

The cattle-drive states should have 30-40% black populations from this.

What happened?

It's actually not a mystery.

If one third of the male population is black and hardly two percent is female... and marrying outside your race was a great way to be hanged...  The population percentage dwindles.

Either they don't have kids, or they haul ass to where they have a decent chance at female companionship.

What's In A Name?

Cimarron's "Old Model" guns from Uberti, if they were made by Colt would be referred to as "black powder" frames.

This was the model P frame from 1873 to 1895, or so.

With the advent of smokeless powder, Colt made some changes to the design and metallurgy and began proofing the frames for smokeless.

The 1896 to 1940 frames become known as "pre-war".

Both the black powder and pre-war frames are "1st generation" Single Action Army's, Model P's, Peacemakers... etc...

The 1956 to 1974 made guns are "2nd generation" but are otherwise identical to the pre-war guns, except for chamberings.

The "3rd generation" is from 1976 to present from Colt and has several manufacturing changes and remain basically the same as the pre-war design.

Thag Be Lurnin'!

Guns from Italy...

They're most like 3rd generation guns with features from earlier generations to better resemble a particular representation.  Thus Uberti's Cimarron "Old Model" is, in essence, a 3rd gen black-powder frame that's rated for smokeless.

Exciting, isn't it!?!

02 July 2020

New Group

It appears that something which is contributing to the large increase in cases in Florida is testing migrant agricultural workers for the first time since this all started.

Lots of new cases in a largish population which was untested previously and generally live and work in close quarters with each other?

The good news is it also appears that they're mostly being detected from antibodies rather than active virus.

The bad news is they were carrying it the whole time while picking food.

Uf Dah!

Orc Lives Matter

Make Orcs something other than mindless, faceless evil mooks?

It's been done.


I've done it myself quite often.

All it takes is to hand them a culture that's mutually incompatible with the adventurer races.

They don't need to be evil, per se; just different enough that the two societies can't live next to each other.

It's been done.

Gamers did it years, even decades, before it became fashionable.

We didn't do it to mollify anyone's delicate sensibilities, we did it to make the game worlds we'd created seem more realistic and consistent.

'Tis Fascinating

In the name of Black Lives Matter, Antifa killed more black people in Seattle during the short life of Antifastan than the Seattle Police had killed all year.

Not just a slow clap.

Slow golf clap.

Odds are, if you're going to be shot by the Seattle PD you're a white man and your significant other called the po-po for domestic abuse.  After domestic abuse your white male ass is most likely to be shot for being high as Floridaman on Bath Salts.

Isn't This Interesting

Someone on Twitter making graphs and talking about what's right in front of us.

I've noticed for a while that the new cases have decoupled from hospitalizations and deaths.

The CDC noted in May that Florida is counting people with antibodies as active cases.

Florida's department of health freely admits they are not making any attempt at tracking recoveries.

For a disease that takes three weeks to run its course, giving a running total of everyone who's ever caught it makes the problem appear much larger than it actually is.

It's lying with the numbers right to our faces.

One bright side to how Florida is counting things is the crude case fatality rate is plummeting.

Very Odd (Rewritten)

If you have repeated 'F' feedback scores with the customers being upset with you for long shipping times and accusing you of selling items that you don't, in fact, have in stock and...

...you're located in Louisiana and...

...you claim to have five of a given firearm in stock according to your GunBroker ad...

...shouldn't the tracking information from UPS show an origin in Louisiana rather than Missouri?

Just askin'.

Change The Context

These morons who're kneeling...

OK, do you understand why we stand for the National Anthem rather than bend the knee?

It's because every single citizen is sovereign.

We're not beholden or sworn in fealty to anyone.

Not our mayor, county commission, governor, senator or president.

Not a lord or king.

We The People are the pinnacle and apex of power in this republic.


Kneeling while citizens are standing?

Fine, serf.

You chose poorly, but I will hold you do that choice.

Kneeling is an abdication of sovereignty, not an assumption of power.

We will make you regret it.

01 July 2020


I'm thinking player character myself.

Stolen from Filthie
Image search doesn't really help find the history of the photo, but all of the hits are to Canadian history sites.

From the holster, it's post 1875, so it's not impossible for someone in Canada to have acquired a katana.

Some museum has a caption for this, and I'd love to read it.

Bodies Stacked Like Cordwood

With the recent surge in Wu Ping Cough cases and closure of bars, people have entered a second round of freaking out.

Never mind that the crude case fatality rate has fallen by half since this surge began.

Two breweries I frequent have said that even to-go sales are depressed compared to before.

I worry about that.

Nano and Pico breweries are the very definition of small businesses.

Will This Go On My Permanent Record

I was doing a search of Angus McThag and [CENSORED] to make sure I'd not uttered das verbotten word lest I be quoted out of context.

My name and [CENSORED] don't appear together in many places and it's always someone else saying it in a comment thread I'm participating in.

But since [CENSORED] is included in the search terms, I get results that have [CENSORED] in them but not Angus McThag.

I found me a couple of straight up racist pages and clicked on one because the short blurb seemed to be more against than pro racism.  Nope, totally racist, they were just quoting someone who wasn't racist to further condemn the "[CENSORED] lover."


Now my visit to that site is going to on my permanent record.

That feels less like a joke now than it would have even five weeks ago.

30 June 2020

Simulated Filtration

The M50 has some neat features that don't come up very often, but I like to play around with.

For the old-timey guns I've always liked to put a sepia tone on things.

The M50's sepia is much less orange than the old SX20.

Color image:

Monochrome mode set to sepia without a filter:

Sepia with an "orange filter":
Normal black and white:

Black and white with a "red filter":

I'm having fun even if it's not interesting to read.

29 June 2020

Tubby Model

Here I am modeling the M1894 Mills Cavalry belt, M1860 saber, M1881 holster and a representative Model P.

Through The Spook-Hole!

Got a holster for my M1873 to sit on my Mills' belt.


If it's racist for me to do something, then it's racist for you to do the same thing with the colors reversed.

If you can say a racial slur without causing harm because of the context of using the word, then context matters and needs to be considered before leveling a charge of racism against someone.

If a white person can't play a person of color, then a person of color cannot play a white person.

If a black person can call his buddy a [CENSORED] because of the context of being black means it's not a racial slur; then I should be able to quote him and use [CENSORED] in the context of being a quote.

We've got to drag back the lines of offense to "what is meant" rather than "how it was taken."


Because there's such a thing as an innocent mistake.

Because there's such a thing as being ignorant of an offense.

I have an example:  Great-Gramma Mikiko, born in Japan, learned that the word for black person was [CENSORED]!  She was not bigoted against black people.  She was not a racist, but she casually used [CENSORED] as a descriptive term.

We great-grand-children were fucking horrified at her casual use of the word and kept correcting her every time she used it.  It didn't take too many tries before she got it and started using non-offensive language.

Literally an innocent mistake on her part.

But what if we'd adopted a shun and isolate response to her mistake instead of an educative one?

What if we decided that how the language was received defined how it was meant to be transmitted?

Welcome to Canceltown.

I Noticed Something

During the initial panic to Wu Ping Cough you needed to show real symptoms of being sick to be tested for the disease.

Since this was happening right at the height of flu season, it was not too difficult to get in to be tested.

Positive tests averaged out to 5-6% of the total.

This held true when they opened up testing to anyone who simply wanted to be tested regardless of symptoms.

Lately positive results have spiked up to nearly 15%.

How did this happen?

I think we're going to find that it wasn't bars.  It wasn't even the protests where hardly anyone took any precautions.

I think we're going to see, and the CDC mentioned it in May, that we're including anti-body positives in the totals now.

I'm going to want to know why the anti-body testing was included with active virus tests.

Update PS:

The hospitalization rate and death rates are, and have been, completely decoupled from the infection rate for a while now.

I Can Play Too!

If only people of color can now voice characters of color...

Then only citizens of The United States may play characters who are Americans.

I am curious to see what happens to Hollywood if all these liberal Canadians and Brits are purged from playing US characters.

28 June 2020

Not Really A Surge In Infections

CDC acknowledges mixing up corona virus test data. (May 2020)

The money quote for The Gunshine State, "According to reports, several states, including Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas and Florida, have also been combining the results of the two tests."

So it's all bullshit.

I suspected there would be something like this when they deliberately decided to not bother tracking recoveries.

Um The Conquered Are SUPPOSED To Feel Like That

Native Americans, hoping to set a new record for not accepting they lost the war, are upset that Trump is going to Mount Rushmore.

I will say it again, especially since I am researching the very war the Indians lost...

You lost the bloody war!

The losers get told how things are going to be, they don't get to make demands of the victors.

27 June 2020

Common Refrain

I have been reading the feedback for the people selling Cimarron USV Artillery model revolvers on Gun Broker.

A common reason for an F rating has been the accusation that the seller did not have the item in stock when they listed it.

Which is bullshit on the seller's part if their model is "sell the gun, then order it from the manufacturer."

It doesn't inspire confidence.

Why Thank You

Despite being past its end of life...  my Windows 7 machine indicated it had an update available to download.

Windows Edge.

I clicked the "nah" button and saw that the shutdown button had the icon for updates ready.

Sure enough, next reboot I had Edge installed.

It put itself up front and noticeable on the taskbar, desktop, and start menu.

You know, M$, if I'd wanted your browser, I'd have downloaded it myself.

Now I am wondering if it's worth the effort to uninstall it.

Deputy Shooting

Local news reports:  Pasco deputy shoots woman, killing her.

Scant details for the moment, but this raises questions.

Obviously you loot before you burn.

Do you loot the liquor store before you loot Wal Mart?

I'm new to this social justice activism thing and I want to get it right.

It's Racist To Notice

The local news put up a map showing that largest increases in Wu Ping Cough in our area are where there's poverty...

Also, a certain demographic.

A demographic that was apt to be packed hook to jowl at the recent protests over George Floyd's death and not bothering with social distancing or masks.

A demographic which has been having block parties since April, again without social distancing or masks.

For fuck's sake!

This is exactly how communicable diseases spread.

There wasn't a big spread from ignoring it when you stuck to the same people who didn't have it.

Take no precautions when you gather in a large group and you bring it home.


But we're not supposed to notice whom is most affected while they shut down the local bar.

Speaking of most affected, I've read more than once that this demographic is more likely to have symptoms and bad outcomes from Wu Ping Cough.  You'd think that would lead to them being more careful, not less, when it comes to exposure.

Those Inches Matter

The single-action Army in .45 Colt in GURPS.

The M1873 "Cavalry" model does 3d-2 pi+ with it's 7-1/2" barrel.  8 raw, 12 after damage type average.  1-16 (1-24) spread.
The "Artillery" model's 5-1/2" barrel does 2d+2 pi+.  9 raw, 13 after damage type average.  4-14 (6-21) spread.
The ubiquitous "Civilian" model with a 4-3/4" barrel does 2d+1 pi+.  8 raw, 12 after damage type average.  3-13 (4-19) spread.

Going even shorter loses the ejector and makes the reload 4i instead of 3i.

The "Storekeeper's" model and it's 4" barrel sends 2d pi+.  7 raw, 10 after damage type average.  2-12 (3-18) spread.
The stubby 2-1/2" to 3" barreled "Sheriff's" mode drops to 2d-1 pi+.  6 raw, 9 after damage type average.  1-11 (1-16) spread.

The official stats didn't deign to give us different ranges for these, all are shown with the default 120/1,300 from the 7-1/2" Cav gun.  We do get changes to weight and bulk.

But, WAIT! they get longer too!

The 10" gun has the same stats as a 7-1/2" except for weight and bulk.

The 16" gun gives 3d-1 pi+ for damage, also with and increase in weight and bulk.  9 raw, 13 after damage type average.  2-17 (3-25) spread.

Historically, there don't appear to be any 12" "Buntline Specials"!  It's such a staple of fiction too.

Using .45 S&W in any of these guns is a -2 to damage.  From 1875 .45 S&W is the issue ammo for all .45 revolvers, rationalizing the supply chain with the S&W No.3 M1875 "Schofield".

Normal .45 Colt ammunition was still found in the trooper's ammunition pouches because it could be bought from the sutler's station and other commercial sources, such as Sear's.

26 June 2020


The old-magic consumes silver and is nullified by gold.

But natural electrum can be used as if it were half its mass in silver without consuming it.

It needs time to recuperate after use, but it's better than being left with a handful of crumbling black dirt and then having to find more silver.

If you use electrum to alloy your steel in a magical heat using shape metal it comes out as a very-fine quality blade and the metal will be the green color described for Fowler's sword.

Saharan Dust

Florida has some dust blown over from Africa floating high above us.

Makes for pretty sunsets.

I'm Sure It's Just Me

Every time USPS tracking says, "In Transit, Arriving On-Time," that means it's going to be late.

I'm numb to it now.

Lemme See If I Got This Straight

In the past three days we've added 19,457 cases to the pile.

So they close down every establishment that makes more than 50% of its income from alcohol sales from consumption on site.

They're not closing the grocery stores.

They're not closing home improvement stores.

They're not closing restaurants.

They're not forbidding you from ordering alcohol at a restaurant as long as they only rake in 49.9% of their sales in booze.

Gee...  Sounds more like an excuse for the teetotalling temperance assholes who run the licensing department to try and kill people having any kind of stress relief.

Wu Ping Cough has an incubation period of 2-14 days.

The bars and restaurants have been back open for a month.

The current spike in cases started at about the right time to blame them for this.

But they were operating with social distancing and reduced capacity...  Just like the places allowed to remain open.

What else happened at the beginning of the month that could have spread the disease like wildfire?

Large crowds of people packed tightly, many without the useless masks, protesting and rioting?

NAH!  Couldn't be that.

I notice that they're being very coy about whom is getting sick in this surge beyond "young people".

Holy Shit I Knew That Guy!

Back home local news story.

I knew Jason (I notice they got his name wrong).

We hung out in High School and were part of the same crowd of gamers.

We joined the Army at nearly the same time and that's where I lost track of him.

Our paths had diverged so far that I didn't even think to reconnect on Facebook.

A mutual friend tells me he'd been having issues sleeping since getting out of the Army and booze was his sedative of choice.

He'd tried to stop drinking several times and attempted more than once to get help from the VA for the sleeping problem, only to discover he was in the "really bad side effects" group for the regimen they prescribed.

I'm left wondering if those side effects were in play in the hours preceding police intervention.

I don't know what I could have done to help, but I wish that I was able to.

Suspiciously Consistent

Looking on Gunbroker for my new Cimarron USV Artillery model...

Everyone seems to have 5 in stock.

I'm curious to see if they all drop by one if I order.

I wish I'd found one locally, I hate sending this much money into the void and hoping the person at the other end is honest.

Every vendor has a really pissed off customer in the feedback.  Such anger is how doubts are forged.

Most are warning that things are running very slow thanks to Wu Ping Cough panic buying.

25 June 2020

Open Letter To Midway and Brownell's

I ordered a set of Single Action Army screwdrivers from Amazon Prime.

Why did I order from Amazon and not Midway or Brownell's?

First off, a search for SAA screwdriver set actually got what I wanted at Amazon and got the wrong result from Brownell's and no result from Midway.

Second, Amazon fucking NUKES the gun supply places with regards to shipping speed and that's before you consider that Amazon isn't charging me for it.

But mostly the first thing.

I looked at the gun places first and once I had a brand and model from Amazon to search for, found them readily.  They have the product I was after, but didn't make it so I could find it without knowing who made it.

Back on that shipping thing.  Using UPS or FedEx to take it to the USPS for delivery is a needless extra step that just delays delivery to no good end that costs more than just using USPS door to door.

Amazon just put it in the mail.

Lurn, my pretties.

New State Name

Let's change it from Rhode Island to Zimbab Land.

Seems more fitting.

Altered Model M1873

Counter Jockey asks, "So, silly question, this is the Artillery Model. We're there different M-1873s for each respective branch of the Army?"

A skimmed history and free-form high-points version:

First; no hyphen in the designations.  M1873.  Actually it's Model of 1873 but the "model of" gets shortened to M and the spaces deleted for time saving on the typing.

The original Colt Model P as adopted by the United States Army as the Revolver, calibre .45, Model of 1873 had a 7-1/2" barrel.

Some of these guns led a hard life being rode hard and put away wet repeatedly.

Quite a few went straight from Hartford to an Army warehouse.

In the early 1880's it was decided to modernize the handguns and that's the Colt New Army adopted as the Revolver, calibre .38, Model of 1892.

To call Congress stingy during this time-frame is a massive understatement.

The Army, having defeated the Indians for all time, was downsized aggressively.

This meant two things.  Not much money for new guns, and many guns were surplussed.

Not enough new guns to go around meant that the M1873 had to remain in service, but many desperately needed repaired.

The repair and refurbishment process included a shorter 5-1/2" barrel.

The new 1892 and 1894 .38's were prioritized to the Cavalry.  The altered M1873's were first issued to light artillery units... thus becoming the artillery model.  The older 7-1/2" barreled guns were prevalent in cavalry units until replaced by the 1892, so they become known as the cavalry model.

There's no "infantry" model because only officers were issued handguns in blue-leg units.  Those officers were issued the same gun as the cavalry.

I think the idea that there were separate models for cavalry, infantry and artillery comes from there being different swords for each of the fighting branches.

Even more fun!  The altered model was more widely issued to cavalry units than to artillery due to them being more widely available in the run-up to the Spanish-American War.  Then even more were issued for duty in the Philippines because a bigger hole was deemed necessary to stop Moros.

Old Versus New

Cimarron's own web page and pictures tell the story better than I can about the differences between the 1873 to 1895 production and the 1896 to 1940 (so called "pre-war") Peacemakers.

Ignore what they say about the grips.  That's their own model distinction, Colt sold a wide variety of grips in various materials.

I notice that nobody offers a gutta percha grip (or reasonable facsimile) in any of their catalogs.  I'm led to believe that such grips were quite common, especially on reworked Army guns.

Smooth walnut is period correct and I like it just fine.  Cimarron is a bit too shiny, I wonder if they lacquered them rather than just oil rubbed.

Read That Fine Print

In the ongoing quest for an M1873 altered model... aka Artillery model...

One of the local shops has an Uberti 1873 Cattleman El Patrón.  $600 and change.

It's so very close and has the advantage of being all tuned up for Cowboy Action Shooting.

And the damn grips are checkered.

It's enough to make one notice the post-1896 features like a half-moon ejector and spring-loaded axis-pin stop.

"Just replace the grips, Angus!"

Plain walnut, one-piece grips are over $100 and many require fitting and finishing.  I'm learning how to do wood, thanks to the checkering project, but I'm no where near doing a set of single action Army grips.

So... back to Gunbroker.

Cimarron makes the precise model I want.  Some are listed for the low-low price of $518.

Which brings us to the fine print.

3.5% credit card fee.  $28 shipping.  $564.13 to get it to the FFL.

That credit card fee is really common.

There's at least one place that's charging $578 no credit card fee, free shipping.  Almost worth the $13.87 for the honesty!

Taylor's makes a couple that are very close as well.

Post-'96 features, brass grip frame.  $509.38.  $25 shipping.  $534.38 to the FFL.

I think having all the correct features is worth the extra $33.62 and honesty!

Ah!  The angst!

22 June 2020

Example Of Being Special

After a self defense shooting, a common citizen can expect to be arrested on the spot.

They can expect to need to front a large sum of money to make bail.

They can expect to spend further large sums to hire an attorney to navigate the legal system to show that they were justified in using deadly force.

What if you're a cop?

You get 24 to 72 hours to consider and think about the shooting to formulate your story at home.  Further, they're not prevented from coordinating with others at the scene and getting their stories straight.  A common citizen trying this gets hit with tampering with witnesses.

You are very likely to not even miss a paycheck.

You are unlikely to need to hire a lawyer, let alone pay a bail bondsman.

Police are objecting to a system of citizen complaints where they, "could be accused of all sorts of malfeasance without the benefit of knowing the charges or circumstances and be expected to answer questions with perfect recall, even if the accusations were total bullshit."

Gee, like us everyday citizens when we're held for up to 72 hours after arrest?

Cry me a river, Officer.

I want some reforms that make you more like me.  I think that if cops were MORE subject to the laws that affect the citizens around them, we'd see less of what I'm complaining about in the behavior of the police.

As An Outstanding Critic

I'm on record as being critical of the police and how they do things.

It sometimes makes me unpopular with other conservatives.

It should be noted, however, that I've never been an advocate of NO cops.

We the people, on our own, are not good at the policing job.

Lynching is the norm where there's no professional law enforcement in America.

Read that again.  Again.  AGAIN.

When there are no cops, then we won't HAVE to call them to deal with all the shit we see wrong around us.

Trust me, you want the cops to be between us.

Thus far it's been the police preventing a reckoning from civilized America.

I Grok

Reading about the Sioux and I'm suddenly overwhelmed with a familiarity.

They're Vargr!

Rather, the Vargr were based to a large extent on them.

This is going to be a lot easier to assimilate into how they think that I was worried it'd be.

It also makes clear to me why Western Civ had such huge problems dealing with them.

It also illustrates why how things ended in America is really the best-case scenario.  There are so many other worse cases that nearly happened.

Down To Two

There are only two (maybe even four) gun shops left to check for a local acquisition of a 5-1/2" barreled artillery model.

Both are inconveniently located and one is even a slog.

The one that's a slog is also one that's always felt somewhat "off" to me.

The vibe of the place is wrong in a way I can't quite put my finger on.

The easier to get to place was one I hit often and now...  Well they never seem to have anything I want when I have money; so I just stopped checking.

The two other 'maybe' stores are places where the gun I'm looking for might just wander in on its own; but it's a hit and miss proposition.

21 June 2020


FuzzyGeff relates a story of a mutual friend who went into teaching.

An interesting Bell Curve item about the IQ distribution among white males is the standard deviations are broader than the overall average.

The peak is still at 100, but the curve is flatter.

FuzzyGeff, after reading about this, asked him, "without naming names, think of your best student in your first class of the day.  It's a white boy, isn't it?"

Our friend agreed that it was.

"Again, without naming names, your worst student is also a white boy, isn't it."

Again, our friend agreed that this was so.

He also volunteered that this was true of all of his classes.

"So much for white supremacy if we occupy both extremes, huh?"

Buffalo Soldiers

The 9th and 10th Cavalry and 24th and 25th Infantry regiments were "colored" regiments.

White officers, black enlisted and NCO's with a scattering of white NCO's to build a cadre.

Something interesting comes from this time period, where America was most definitely more bigoted than it is today.

It's repeatedly noted that the colored units were more capable and better disciplined than others.

Some of it springs from being handed more duty, thus getting more on-the-job use of the skills set.

Some of it also falls from their leadership, seeing they got more work, also did more training on the skills.

In simple terms, these four regiments knew the job better and thus performed better than (white) units which did little more than sit around post and rarely did anything productive in the field.

Illustrative of the bigotry is the contempt written about many predominantly Irish units by their very own officers.

Speaking of those officers.

There was a glut of them left over from The Civil War.

Many of them had taken massive cuts in grade from their service there, and many nursed grievances and grudges from that war and whom didn't get cut as far down the brevet list as they did.

There were Civil War generals who were serving as senior non-commissioned officers, and a fair portion resented that some of their former peers still held real rank and commands.

Being put in command of a black unit was seen as a punishment posting, so many of the officers felt compelled to excel so that they could be promoted out.  An odd compulsion, considering that one tended to serve an entire career in the same regiment, but solid and undeniable competence was the single ticket out of any regiment if one wished to remain in the Army.

I am not crediting the superior soldering of the colored units entirely to their officer corps.

This same pool of officers fed white regiments too, so the men deserve credit for being able to learn the trade and excel at it.

Probably Not Going To Stop The Idiots

The Magic Bus has been removed from The Stampede Trail.

Removing the landmark from the destination probably isn't going to keep people from trying to reach it.

Should have left it and let Darwin have his offering.

Prolly should have renamed the trail to Darwin Trail just to underscore it for the foolish and unprepared.

You're Sure Going To Show...

Whom are you going to show by not reporting for duty, Officer?

You're going to not go to work and show us how crime shoots through the roof while you're gone?

While that may, indeed, happen: that's not my take-away.

"Employee was a no show." means you-are-fucking-fired in every real-world job.

Something we keep complaining about is a general attitude from The-Thin-Blue-Lives-Matter crowd is you can do anything you want without repercussions.

I do notice a high-pitched whine, resembling that of a kindergarten playground, whenever anyone suggests removing immunity from such repercussions.

Qualified immunity is barely older than I am, dating from a court decision in 1967.

You act as if there's no possible way you can enforce the laws or keep the peace without such immunity.  How, pray tell, did law get enforced from 1788 to 1966?

I note, from looking up gun statistics, that crime was also generally lower for the first 178 years of America than the last 53.

So, being accountable for their actions didn't make cops worse at their jobs.

Your contracts and unions keep you from being terminated for this blue flue bullshit, but what you're really teaching us is we really don't need you when push comes to shove.

Think about it really hard.  A riotous looter in suburbia is not a neighbor, or a local, so nobody is going to give a fuck if said looter grows large holes in them.

Dead criminals have a 0.000% recidivism rate.

The right to defend self, hearth and property has been too long subverted by the forces who're supposed to be defending us from the lawless.

These rights were delegated, not abdicated, to professional law enforcement.

What you have been doing lately is telling us we need to recall our delegation and force you to seek honest work outside government.

Your constant resistance to reasonable reform tells us all we need to know about "good" cops.

When you leave us to hang out to dry, we don't give a fuck if you come home alive at the end of your shift.

Dante reserved the lowest ring of Hell for those who betrayed the public trust.  That's where you're headed.