27 June 2022

It Was Firefox

Firefox's enhanced protection was blocking the cookie that blogspot needed to allow me to be logged in.

I will bet that if you've been unable to comment with your google ID that something similar is happening on your machine, especially if it works with one browser and not another.

26 June 2022


My posts on the Behind Every Blade of Grass carbine build are getting a lot of hits.

Is it because I replied on a forum that my sub-$700 carbine is doing just as well as the KE-Arms Civil Defense Carbine and nearly as good as the almost three times as expensive "What Would Stoner Do?" gun?

I did not set out to steal the thunder of the more expensive guns.

I set out to make an affordable version that was "good enough" for SHTF.

Go Bolts!

The Tampa Bay Lightning failed to win game 6 and thus failed to advance, so the Colorado Avalanche won their first Stanley Cup since 2001.

They fucking earned it.

I'm a fan of the home team, and we got beat fair and square.

No shame and I am not going to be "that fan" and be pissed them for going down swinging.

If we had won this and the next game we would have entered the rarefied ranks of teams who'd won three in a row.  It's not happened since 1982 when the New York Islanders did it; and they won a fourth in a row in 1983!

There's always next year.

Small Accomplishments

When I took Tabitha to the range the other day I managed to remember something I frequently forget.

I remembered to remove the muzzle cap.

The caps are designed to be shot off the muzzle, so no harm, but they do cost something to replace.

I've sent a lot of them down-range.  Quite often just as Marv says, "Did you remember the...  Never mind."

25 June 2022


Being quasi Luddites, The Lovely Harvey and I prefer to use an actual email program to download our messages locally rather than rely on the web-based platform the email providers give us.

I used to have a couple of free email accounts that are flat gone now, but I still have a couple of the emails that were transmitted on them because I keep Thunderbird.  Some of them were from Mom, and she's not with us anymore either...

Moving Thunderbird to a new machine has meant moving to a new OS as well.

So far I've gone from WinXP to OSX 10.4.  Then from 10.4 to 10.6 automatically as the OS upgraded...

Then from OSX 10.6.8 to Win7 then from Win7 to Ubuntu 20.04.

It's a simple matter of finding the profile folders, copying them and pasting them onto the new machine... and then remembering that you need to edit the two .ini files to direct Thunderbird to ignore the profile it makes during install.

Tonight moving Harvey's profile from her Win7 drive to her spiffy new Lenovo Ideapad running Win11 Home... I had (of course) forgotten that ini edit and flailed around for a frustrating while.

It was made more frustrating that the mouse settings are set to HER preference and not mine.  Her machine after all.

But I got it moved and working as it should.

Signed Into Law Already

The Vindictive-Ex Harassment and Age Discrimination Act has been signed by our favorite Muppet.

Amazingly my squishy RINO senators did not vote for it, but the usual Remocrats did.

Hopefully this ends up being a dead letter as stricter scrutiny standards are applied to gun laws in the fallout from Bruen.

Three Miles An Hour

I know how fast I was going because I know how far I went and how long it took.

I walked around the neighborhood twice last night.

The loop was 1.5 miles and I did two laps.  It took an hour.

Gimping along on my cane.

My hips are not happy about this, nor is my right tibia.  I've always been fascinated that the right shin hurts worse than the left.  The right had three simple breaks where the left shattered.

Nueropathy don't care how severe things are, do it?

I need to do this more often, even if it does hurt.

Who knows, maybe the pain will get better?

Can't Just Turn The Key

Firing up a steam engine from cold:

Are They Rioting In Alabama?

I've read that there are riots about Roe v Wade occurring in places where there is no danger of the state banning abortions.

I've not heard about such riots where it's actually banned...

It's like protesting at my local gun shop because New York won't sell normal capacity magazines.

There Was No Need To Lie

And if you aren't lying, you should have gotten better informed.

Rubio says nothing is banned from the Roe overturn.

But abortion is now banned in Alabama and Louisiana because they both had "should Roe be overturned" clauses activating constitutional amendments and laws.

It took me like a minute of Braving to find that out in answer to Harvey's inquiry about the changes to the laws.

Florida, it appears, will not have any changes at all.  We're purple enough to allow up to week 15 and I don't see it changing.

It's in keeping with the idea that to get to The South you have to go North if you're in Florida.

24 June 2022

Harvey Worries

Tonight while debating the reversal of Roe v Wade, The Lovely Harvey expressed the concern that this is the first step of a campaign to return women to servitude.

It wasn't that long ago that she needed my permission to get a tubal ligation, for example.

She cited an uptick in violence against women as part of her concerns.

The kind of folks most exultant about the decision are precisely the kind of people who seem OK with the idea of chattel wives.

I'm of the opinion that no person is chattel.

The most important question I have about rights is, "are you a person?"

A person gets rights and everyone gets the same rights.

Rich or poor.

Smart or stupid.

Male or female.

Straight or gay.

Minority or majority.

Devout or athiest.


I am optimistic that this wasn't the first step to unpersoning women, but I think we should be vigilant.


For some reason Firefox on the Ubuntu machine isn't staying logged into Google as far as Blogger is concerned when I'm on the blog's page.

The Blogger page is fine.

Dunno why.

No real biggie, gives me a chance to see if I like Chromium.


Because I've been hanging close to home in case Harvey needs me, we've been spending a lot more time together.

Love is, indeed, grand.

We've been putting puzzles together on the back porch and just yapping.

If any youngster is reading this, get a spouse you can talk to.

Looks are transient, and sooner or later you're going to have to talk to them.

Make sure it's someone you WANT to talk with.

Can't Blog Drowning

While I don't describe myself as Pro-Life, the same people who were dying from dehydration from crying over the 2nd Amendment finally being elevated in the court to the same level as the other civil rights...

...Are now crying about Roe v Wade being nuked.

So many tears, Florida has disappeared under the rising sea and I have drowned.


23 June 2022

History Text Tradition

Bruen has landed.

It's an epic bitch slap to the anti-rights people.

The groundwork to slay red-flag laws and assault weapons bans is contained therein.

22 June 2022

Fucking Idiocy

NY(FS)C crushes illegal bikes rather than reselling them outside the city.

I am not sympathizing with the people who had their bikes seized.  I've been half following their escapades and they had their due process and lost their property legally.  This isn't a civil forfeiture deal, like in the drug war.

But what the city is doing is retarded.

Selling the bikes on a contract that stipulates they be reduced to their component parts and sold outside the state is within their power, and would defray the costs of enforcement even if it didn't actually make a profit.

But Democrats are obsessed with destroying the deodand.

21 June 2022

Salvage Yard Crawl!


Hopefully you can make it bigger by clicking on it.

One Ping Vasilly

Marv proved his new-to-him Rifle, calibre .30, semi-automatic worked.

It shoots very low at 25 yards but about centered at 100.

He shot a decent group for, "I'll just point at the blurry blob," too.

The Joy Of The M16A1

This photo is a placekeeper.  I'll take a better one.

I've said more than once that Eugene nailed the ergonomics on the M16 and Tabitha is no exception.

She just feels right compared to other AR's in the collection.

The only AR that I like shooting better is Brenda, the plastic fantastic AR found behind every blade of grass.

They're just comfortable!  Comfort matters!

The stocks are the right length, they don't grab my beard, they're balanced well.

Winning all around!


That looks like the primer was trying to flow into the firing pin hole to me.

Ka Boom

Went to the range to do some recoil therapy.

Zeroing Tabitha went smoothly as did Marv's first ping from his Garand.

The problem occurs when I took my M&P 9C to the pistol range.

The good news is 115gr shoots point of aim rather than low and left like 135gr did.

The bad news...

On my third shot of what was shaping up to be an excellent group...  Recoil was much stouter, flame from the ejection port and some dust-like debris hit me in the face.  The casing went down range, but I was able to recover it.

No es bueno.

This is the culprit:

I don't recall where I got this ammo.  I think, perhaps, Britton's when the 9mm supplies were dry across the board.

BVAC doesn't exactly have a strong web presence, so there's no emailing them to complain, assuming they're even still in business.  That manufacturing date isn't recent and the price was just $13 a box.

As far as I can tell the pistol and the magazine are unharmed.  If the gun had been broken by this ammo I would have been very bummed because it's the M&P 9C I just bought not that long ago!

Not Possible?

A frothing anti-rights bigot says, "It is not possible to manufacture, distribute or sell an AR-15 safely."


I'm failing to see the wake of death behind my multiple attempts, including two (activate scare quote mode) "GHOST GUNS!"

Amusingly, I am the manufacturer of record of three AR-15's because I'm the entity who paid $200 each to the ATF to assemble rifles with shorter than 16" barrels.

Not even making NFA guns increased the kill-count in my neighborhood.

And I'm just one example where AR's have been manufactured, distributed and sold safely.

I know of others.

Not Today For Either

Neither of the really controversial opinions dropped today.

No doubt to give the justices time to get to undisclosed locations unknown to their clerks.

Summer Summer Summer

Happy Summer Solstice everyone!


For the first time in decades, I tried to write in cursive.

The results are legible.

I am surprised!

I was never very good at it, but...

Is there a cursive font for Blogger?  Apparently, there is!

Bet this pisses some people off as badly as Comic Sans.

20 June 2022

Which Ruling Will Piss Off The Liberals Tomorrow

There's only two big opinions from the Supreme Court left to drop and only two more scheduled days (Tuesday and Thursday) to do them.

Will we get NYSRPA v Bruen or Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization?

Popcorn popping.


My 2008 Corvette came with OnStar® standard.

Every GM car in the 2008 model year did.

It's mandatory on all GM cars to the present as well.

My 2012 Caprice?

No OnStar®!

It makes you wonder why.

Could it be that the data stream isn't very secure and it would allow people to track cop cars in real time?

I need to find out if Tahoe PPV have OnStar® now.

Ackshually Mr Kendi

Mr Kendi, you might not think it, but we do agree.

Nobody should be enslaved.

Where we disagree is that gun owners are trying to put you into the same chains worn by your ancestors.

I'm definitely not.

One thing I think you missed, because you've never talked to someone like me, is we're advocating that tyranny cannot be perpetrated against a well armed populace.

Slavery is a form of tyranny.

So I think that Mr Kendi should get himself a gun and teach his daughter to shoot as well.

I think that his advocacy of disarmament will do more to put him in servitude than anything I could do with a gun.

Disarmed populations are the ones fucked over by armed populations.

Mr Kendi would be well served to note that gun control in America begins with laws to disarm blacks.  It goes on to disarm other minorities as well, but the focus was always on blacks.  It's a centerpiece of Jim Crow.

.308 Is Better

Based on the calculations I made in this post, I have an answer to FauxWeaponsMan's question.

We agree!

The M14 is superior to the M1873 for slinging lead.  More total energy downrange faster.

I just can't bring myself to call him WeaponsMan, he's not Kevin.

19 June 2022

Screaming Case Of Lego Nostalgia Wants

 Lego recently released a revamped version of its 1979 Lego:Space Galaxy Cruiser.

Old version:

New Version:

I'll bet I still have all the parts of my old one running around too.

Shut Up Hank

Mr Norris, in addition to being a dancing monkey, your Harvard education is in Social Studies.

Not, you may note, math, economics or business administration.

So, shove your "this is the capitalism you've been asking for!" shit up your ass.

While gas prices are certainly high because an inelastic demand is chasing a limited, and smaller than two years ago, supply and higher prices are a natural result of capitalism in such a situation...

What isn't "capitalism" is why the gasoline supplies are smaller than they used to be.

EPA regulations and compliance with those regulations has reduced the amount of gasoline being refined.

State regulations and boutique fuel blends for summer always mess up the supply in summer and those EPA compliance issues hit the smaller blends even harder.

It's not pure capitalism which causes California to pay more for gas than everywhere else.

Even without the EPA, there'd be less gas at a higher price because the government has decided to do everything it can to stop production of oil domestically at the same time OPEC has decided to leave production flat and oil from Russia has been removed from the market.

That makes oil cost more, which I guess is capitalism, because supply and demand are all capitalism is...

But no, Dean, it's not capitalism (or a soaring economy) causing fuel to be at record high levels.

If you weren't a dancing monkey might know that and I wouldn't know what an ignorant person you are.

Channeling Our Inner Jeff Cooper

SIG-Sauer, NOT an American company no matter how many facilities they have in the USA, has convinced the Army that they have the special sauce to make their new rifle.

That includes ammunition.

6.8x51mm.  A 135gr, .277 caliber bullet lobbing at [not specified] velocity from a 13.5" barrel from an 80k psi chamber.  If you fire it from a non-NFA 16" barrel you get about 3,000 fps.

That's about the same as everyday common .270 Winchester in a 24" barrel at the MUCH lower chamber pressure of 65k psi.

Willard immediately noticed that 6.8x51mm is, in basic strokes, a necked down 7.62x51mm round.

7.62 NATO runs an even lower pressure than .270, a mere 60.2k psi.

Which made us wonder...  Did we need to develop a whole new round to do this?

I'm not sure, yet.

First elephant in the room is the pressure is likely due to the need to get acceptable performance from the round from the 13.5" barrel.  That length is almost definitely determined by keeping the overall length of the gun manageable with the standard issue sound suppressor.

The numbers for that acceptable performance are not jumping out at me searching the intertubes, but...

I'm finding nothing about what the XM5 does at the muzzle.

There's nothing earth shattering about the 16" performance other than it doing it 8" earlier than every other round doing it.  That's because of the pressure.

I am very skeptical of the 12k barrel lifespan with those chamber pressures. 

I am not skeptical of SIG being able to deliver the hybrid cases cheaply.  I can think of a couple of ways to make them from the cut-away models they've shown that would be economical.

18 June 2022


I put the magazine disconnector back in my S&W model 59.

I'm not toting it anymore, so its inclusion is not a large matter.

While I dislike the feature, I've a standing policy concerning it on guns I own because of my interest in the history of the design.

Leave it if it came with it (unless you're counting on it daily).

My experiment carrying it ended the same night I wrecked The Precious because I couldn't wear the shoulder holster while I healed.

It's presently too hot to wear the cover garment for the shoulder rig.

My gut and the lack space for IWB in a C6 Corvette led to seeking alternate methods of carry.

Oh, that gut also contraindicates AIWB.  You skinny fuckers wanna carry like that, go for it.  Wait until you hit that metabolic wall and get fat no matter what you do.  If you never do, you suck and I hate you!  (Out of sheer jealousy).

The Beast's seats are specifically designed to allow space for a gun-belt, so IWB should be back on the table.  If Don Hume ever ships...

17 June 2022

Home And Sleeping

Got Harvey home yesterday afternoon.

The surgery went well, should be all better in a few weeks.

I did not stay awake much past picking up antibiotics, a beer while waiting for the antibiotics, and getting supper.

I augered in so hard that I didn't hear Harvey calling for me right away.  She says to not to feel bad, she just needed some help with her pillows.  But I do, a little.

Thanks to everyone who've hit the tip jar!

16 June 2022

Thanks Obama!

 Even though we've met the annual deductible, the fucking copay is $2,700!


The tip jar is open.

Fuck me running.

15 June 2022

Did Congress Declare War?

“At a time of war, refinery profit margins well above normal being passed directly onto American families are not acceptable.”

Joe "Mumbles" Biden

Time of war?

I am unaware of any declaration of war.

Whom are we fighting?

Does Joe think shipping weapons to Ukraine is us being at war with Russia?

I am starting to wonder if President Harris might be endurable after the mid-terms should we manage to beat the margin of cheat.

More LAV-75 Love

 This was my favorite vehicle from Twilight: 2000.



Not In Name Only

I think I am going to need a new term.

I don't think that the stereotypical Republican In Name Only (RINO) is actually different from an actual real Republican.

The two decade long Republican supermajority lock in the Florida congress informs me that if RINO were the aberration, then we'd be open carrying without fear of red-flag laws.

Just A Reminder

If you find yourself mollified by the language of current proposed anti-gun bills...

Remember this:

The people who will interpret the language of that law just decided that a bee is a fish.

14 June 2022

You Think Wrong Senator Mancin

Senator Mancin is of the opinion that since we still have a few crumbs of cake left we should be satisfied another slice will be taken away.

No.  We will not be OK with more gun control.

Especially more gun control which doesn't do a damn thing to prevent or mitigate the event they are using as an excuse to pass it.


I'm writing and calling my useless senators about this, but one of them made this sort of package state law not that long ago when he was governor.

Beer Run

One of the local breweries has an annual run where they make a beer with a Hockey theme for the local skating club.

Yesterday I went to every single one of the breweries who do can distribution looking for a couple 4-packs of this beer.

For the record it's "High Boltage" from Cigar City Brewing.

It was not a Big Storm or Tampa Bay Brewing Company; though they've done similar runs in the past.

It would have been easier to remember which brewery if I could have convinced Facebook to show me the pic that a friend had posted of their can they were enjoying during a game.


However it was a fun drive with Marv tagging along and chatting.

Not For Me Thanks

A long time ago, I realized I was different.

I see things that I'm not into, and I don't care if others are into it.

Like a .460 Magnum revolver.

Like a 2,000 horsepower streetable car.

I don't want either.  I certainly don't need any, but I'm delighted that things like that can exist and are out there with people enjoying them.