16 August 2018

Quittin' Time

This might be a good place to end this.

I'm honestly sick of my natural inclination to worry about if people like me enough to stop worrying if people like me and bother to read this.

Too many people just stop without saying goodbye.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Not A Member


I'd rather preach to the flock than the choir.

Educate rather than make fun of people who've not yet learned.

But I've never been, and never will be a cool kid or be given keys to the clubhouse.

15 August 2018

Fake News

- Fayette County deputies are investigating a string of thefts that included five car break-ins, one stolen motorcycle, and one high-dollar heist of Ramen Noodles.
Nearly $100,000 worth of Ramen Noodles was sitting in a large trailer parked at a Chevron store on Georgia Highway 85 north.
Deputies said the 53-foot trailer carrying the noodle freight was stolen between July 25 and August 1.
The sheriff said the trailer was secured at the time.  Source
 I do not believe that $100,000 worth of Ramen will fit in a single 53' trailer.

Night Sight Restoration Part 1

The tritium arrived from China today.

The replacement vials are simply the closest size to what came out that I can get.  Too small diameter, too short for the rear sight, too long for the front.  No problem!

Acronyms Don't Inform

Do you read BLM and think "Bureau of Land Management" not "Black Lives Matter"?

Do read about an EAA pistol and wonder why The Experimental Aircraft Association is making guns?

Are you baffled that the National Rifle Association has classes on bulk food safety?

I think it's time we stopped assuming that the reader knows what your string of letters means and a return to the "National Restaurant Association (NRA)" format might be in order.

It works for the APA.

14 August 2018

Reasonable Person

Florida's self defense laws are held to a "reasonable person" standard.

What that means is, "would a reasonable person think their life was in danger or not?"

The people breaking out the measuring tapes and doing kinesthetic studies of how far back the assailant stepped when the victim fired are missing something critical.

A reasonable person is going to say, "the person who just assaulted me from behind is still looming over me while I am down here on my knees."  The danger was still present, because a reasonable person tends to assume that someone who's assaulted them once already will do so again.

Until the unreasonable people started adding their two cents, that's how the sheriff was looking at it.

It's important to remember that Pinellas County's sheriff is anti-gun and anti-self defense.  For him to not press charges right away says that the facts of the case are very clear.  If anyone thinks that he decided this unilaterally, without consulting with the county prosecutor's office, you're naive.

I've Read This Book

"The young people will win."  -- Repeated Quote from David Hogg, professional victim and known bully.

I've read that book, "Logan's Run".

When Minutes Count

We're familiar with the line, "when seconds count, the police are minutes away."

That scales.

When minutes count, the police are hours away.

This is why so many laws are broken brazenly.

Like parking in a handicapped spot without a placard.

Illegal use of these spots carries a hefty fine.  $250 for simply using the space.  $500 for using someone else's permit!

Running a red light is just $200.

Parking your car in the wrong spot carries a larger fine than running a red light.

Process that for a second.

Now, to the law abiding citizen watching all this lawlessness you begin to wonder why you should put up with it.

You try to call the police about infractions and you get a glacial reaction speed from them.  You often get told that since an officer did not see the crime take place they can't do anything about it.  You begin collecting excuses from law enforcement as to why they can't, you know, enforce the law.

Sooner or later you're going to boil over and say to someone, "you can't park there!"

Wanna know something else?

It's not illegal to tell someone they're breaking the law.  It's not illegal to have a shouting match over it.

It is illegal to park in a handicapped spot without a permit.
It is illegal to assault someone who's having a shouting match over your girlfriend's illegal parking.

Someone would be alive today if he'd just said, "Baby, don't park there.  You drive around the block while I run into the convenience store.  Meet you out front."

Process that while you're pondering.

This WIll Sound Racist

"Teach black people not to assault."

The Zimmerman and Drejka cases have a few similarities.

Both were assaulted by a black man.

Both shot and killed that assailant.

Both claimed self defense.

Neither was charged initially.

Both are arrested later because the racists (REAL racists) descended and demanded "justice".

I predict that months from now, and metric truck-loads of money spent on lawyers, Mr Drejka will be a free man.

The process is the punishment.

I also predict that Mr Drejka's life, like Mr. Zimmerman's, is ruined forever.  The racists will not let him rest.

At the end of all of this, guess what else?  Martin and McGlockton are still dead.


Because they assaulted someone who had the means to defend themselves.

I've read thread after thread on the Drejka shooting and absolutely nobody who condemns the shooting is condemning McGlockton's assault.


There's the problem folks.

Fix that, Mr Sharpton!  Even if Drejka is found guilty of manslaughter, it doesn't change the fact that Mr McGlockton is dead because he attacked someone first.

Take note that the person who was the target of Mr. Drejka's ire was not shot, despite a verbal altercation over a parking place.  Mr. McGlockton initiated the violence and got more than he wanted in return.

PS: A step back isn't a retreat.  Watch the video again, once he's got a round in his chest, Mr. McGlockton demonstrates what retreating looks like.

PPS: How many of us have drilled at the 7 yard line for pistols because of the Tueller Drill?  You might notice that the shot happens at about 1 yard.  If you're condemning this shoot, are you changing your training regimen to wait until the assailant is closer?

PPPS: If you're condemning this shoot are you saying that it's OK for someone to assault you then back off a bit without consequences?  That's nearly literally saying, "It's OK because he only hit me once!"

Maybe A Food Allergy

I spent much of yesterday thinking I'd killed myself.

I decided that chips and guac would make a fine breakfast and a few bites in my heart rate was soaring.

BP was fine.  No trouble breathing.  99% blood ox.  No secondary symptoms of heart issues.

Gorgeous sinus rhythm running at 150 bpm.

They think that it's sounding more like a food reaction, but not anaphylactic... 

They ask about prescription meds and I mention my panic attack antihistamine...  They tell me to take some.

I start feel a bit better, then a lot better.

They send me home for a nap.

I feel some better after the nap and do full shambling zombie getting The Boy and making supper.

After supper, I augered in hard.

I feel great today!

13 August 2018

Signal Unchained

I would not want to be the poor sod who had to enter all that in by hand, but it can be done.

I know it can be done because it has been done before.

Poland VS Hungary Rematch

Once again, the pistols are more similar than different.

The PA-63 is a near faithful clone of a Walther PP with an alloy frame.  The P-64 is all steel and presages the PPK/S size.

Thanks to Marv for his photogenic PA-63.

12 August 2018

N-Word Delete

Every instance of a certain forbidden word has been replaced with CENSORED, for your enjoyment.

11 August 2018

Damn Cats Ate My Muse

I had an idea for a post positing on the difference between race, creed and nationality.

Fire up the "new post" button and got two cats worth of "PAY ATTENTION TO ME NOW!"

Ever notice that ME NOW and MEOW are so very similar?

10 August 2018

Glowin' Ogre

I did both Ogre Miniatures Kickstarters.  The Ogre Mk.V and Mk.III are add-on stretch goals from part 1 and the Ogre Mk.IV and the Fencer are from part 2.

The second release has much improved glow in the dark plastic!  You can't even see the V and III.

I Knew This Would Happen

I have two Polish military guns now.

Suddenly I NEED more!

Here's a list for your Christmas/Birthday shopping consideration

PMKM or PMKMS in 7.62x39.  (AKM in fixed or underfolder)
Kbk.44 in 7.62x54mmR (Polish made Mosin M44)

P wz.83 Wanad in 9x18mm, the replacement for the P wz.64 I already have.
PW wz.33 in 7.62x25mm (Polish made TT-33)

Isn't That Forbidden?

Since a corporation is a form of person, thanks to a couple of Supreme Court rulings...

Doesn't that mean that government action targeting a single corporation is a bill of attainder?

The NRA is incorporated...

Badge Of Rank

Willard and I were contemplating the atrocious double action pull on the P-64 and we came to a, tongue in cheek, conclusion.

Pistols are badges of rank in most armies.

Communist armies tend to have discipline problems.

The awful double action pull won't matter because the first shot is an attention getter, after desperately clawing the gun out of the gun-suitcase-of-a-holster and adrenalining off the stiff safety.

The first shot wakes the recalcitrant troops up and gives them pause.  Subsequent shots will be single action and aimed.

09 August 2018

T2K Pistol Comparison

Just a little comparison.

When the P-64 was introduced, the M1911A1 was the US standard service pistol.

When the M9 entered service, the P-64 had officially been replaced by the P-83 Wanad, but like the M1911; the P-64 remained in service for much longer.  The P-83's replacement is in service and there's still some P-64s still being issued!

Of note is the philosophical divide about holster and ammo.  European, especially Eastern European, holsters are more enveloping and tend to have a pouch for a magazine built in.  Americans prefer their ammo pouches to be separate from the holster and we tend to go for two spare mags per handgun; although I was only issued a single spare mag and a single cell pouch with my M9.


Watching a couple of videos on the P-64 and I noticed that the import markings on mine...

... an attractive font and go well with the gun.

I could have ended up with...

Which doesn't look good at all.  Common for CAI, unfortunately.

BRN-10A Shipping

Brown with fluted barrel BRN-10A staged for shipping.

Black with lightweight barrel BRN-10B right behind them.

Brace for the hit, Willard!

For The Professional Hunter

Of cockroaches!

I want a double rifle in .25 ACP.

I've come up with several very sick themes for it, but Professional Cockroach Hunter seems best.

You've got to be ready to protect the client when the roach charges and have two shots of .25 ACP power on hand to do so at a moment's notice.

Think that H&H will take the commission?

08 August 2018

Y +73

Seventy three years ago, this minute, Fat Man dropped free of Bockscar. becoming the second and (so far) last atomic weapon fired in anger.

Germany VS Poland

Hans, Polen, Ja?

It would appear that the PPK/S is the template for the P-64...  Except for preceding it by a couple of years.

The Walther certainly has a better trigger pull and the aftermarket stocks fit the hand much better.  But I know from experience that the Walther bites, I dunno if the ZML does.

France vs Poland bonus round!

Manhurin made PP in .380 against the P-64.

There's just not a lot of functional difference between them.

Unrelated to size comparisons, the safety on the P-64 is getting smoother the more I play with it.  Deburring the detent with use, I think,


Lord willing and the creek don't rise...

Going to have some pics of genuine Walthers to compare with the P-64.

Had to pass on it earlier because of problems with The Boy.

07 August 2018

Who Wants To Take This One?

I think he's missing something essential here, but I'm not in a mental space to refute him right now.

I Wish It Was A Marketable Skill

I am a Grandmaster at alienating people.

You're reading this blog, you should be able to see my deft people skills at work!

I'm pretty sure I did it again with a meatspace friend last Sunday.

He's not the kind that would respond to the insult.  He's the kind that gets quiet until the social situation is over and you just never get invited over again.

I am presently uninvited.

My own damn fault too.

He's also the sort who'll avoid places where I'm likely to be encountered, so saying "I'm sorry," just won't happen.

I, likewise, am not the sort to hunt him down to say I'm sorry because, frankly, I'm embarrassed by my "talent" and depressed that I have not learned to control it.

One reason for that lack of control is just more than half the time, people are laughing.  Probably at me, rather than with me, but for a while that means they want me around.

Then one day...

You Can't Go Far Wrong

If Al Sharpton says it's so, taking the opposite position will turn out to be the correct choice for freedom, liberty and harmony.

Even the anti-gun, Democrat sheriff of Pinellas County, Florida can see it.

This is what we, in the intel community, call an indicator.

I Never Get Sick Of It

Even here on the Gulf Side, you can see launches from Cape Canaveral.

I just saw the Falcon 9 going up.

The Inventors Of Golf Were White

Sarah Jeong claims that we white-folk done culturally appropriated everything but skiing and golf.

Golf was invented in Scotland.

So, we've established that Scots are white.

This Scotland.

OK, Ms Jeong.  Since you're of Korean descent, you are henceforth required to stop your cultural appropriation of MY people's works.

It's a long fucking list, ain't it?

She can't even ride a bike to work without misappropriating Scottish culture.  Pedal power, pneumatic tires and tube steel.  Can't even make a bike.

Alexander Fucking Graham Motherfucking Bell was Scottish, Bitch.  Did you use the internet?  Because without him, there'd have been no infrastructure to build out the internet.

Get cash out of an ATM?  Using a PIN?  Stop misappropriating my culture!

You're not getting much of anything done without a log table either.

Been immunized against papillomavirus?  Enjoy the non appropriational purity of cervical cancer, Ma'am.

How's about antibiotics?

General anesthesia?

Flush toilet?

A refrigerator?

Played GTA?

It's a lot more than Golf.

But I expect they didn't teach any history or economics (Adam Smith, Scot) in journalist indoctrination polytech, did they?

06 August 2018

Is The Extra Millimeter Worth It

9x18 Makarov does 2d pi damage vs 2d-1 pi for .380 ACP.

As a practical matter, the differences in range don't come up.  Hardly anyone drops the points into Guns (Pistol) for it to show.

Recoil though, that will have an effect.

As calculated earlier, my Guns/TL8 (Pistol) skill is 15.

At 10 yards, we have a hapless NPC.

15 for skill
-4 for range

Not bothering to take time to aim.

11 or less to hit, just a bit better than a 50-50 (62.50%) shot for a single hit to the body.

Now recoil factors in.

To land the second round with Makarov I'd need to roll an 8 or less and for the third a 5 or less.  That's 25.92% and 4.62% respectively.

With .380 I need a 9 or less then a 7 or less.  37.50% and 16.20%.

So with .380 I'm 50% more likely to get a second hit and a bit more than three times as likely to land three.

Since the average skill roll with 3d6 is going to be a 10, I'm only going to hit with one round anyway on average.

2d pi gives a range of 2-12 points of damage, averaging to 7.
2d-1 pi gives a range of 1-11 points of damage, averaging to 6.

I used to know how to do the math to figure out the damage spread... alas.

Let's change the range to the traditional self-defense distance of 7 yards.  This changes the range penalty to -3 and our odds of hitting a bit from 11 to 12 for that first shot.  9x18 will need a 12, 9, and 6; .380 will need a 12, 10 and 8.

That means, on average, I will hit twice with the shorter round.

That also means that I would do 7 points with the Mak and 12 with the .380.

Poland vs Switzerland

Again, very similar guns in many respects.  The P232 is far more comfortable in the hand and has a much smoother and lighter double-action pull.


The muzzle brake on the Tantal has a conical washer to give it some firmness against the threads rather than rattling around.

The one that came with the parts kits was more flat than conical.

You do not need tools to tighten the muzzle brake down, Jakub!

Someone had really cranked down on this one and was flat when the brake was indexed without a wobble.  The new one just goes past the index point three times once the detent starts catching instead of four.  That fourth turn needed a tool, like the cleaning rod, passed through the opening of the brake to get it tight.

Notice that it's not smashed flat?  It's a conical washer, not a CRUSH washer!

Hungary vs Poland

Poland versus Hungary

Zakłady Metalowe Łucznik versus Fegyver- és Gázkészulékgyár

Pistolet wzór 1964 versus SMC-380

Steel frame versus titanium-aluminum

9x18mm Makarov versus 9x17mm Kurz/.380 ACP

Very Walther guns in most ways.

Very similar in stats too.

The P-64 is bigger and more comfortable to hold.  I haven't got to the range to compare them shooting yet.

Getting these pics was harder than expected because I had "help"

2008 Corvette Under Eight Volts

When a C6 tries to start with a battery that drops below 8 volts it does strange things.

It warned that icing was possible in a 94˚ garage.

It rolled the driver's window down halfway.

It moved the steering wheel all the way collapsed to extended and back.

It cycled every light on the car, except the headlights.

With the problems I'd been having with the Body Control Module, I assumed it'd finally shit the whole bed.

I tried to check the volts at the batt, but the batteries in the multi-meter had also died!  Two AAA later, 12.5v at the batt.  Try to start again.  No voltage displayed on the gauge in the car, but 10.4v on the meter.
Marv arrives.

He checks at the batt and says to try to start it.

12.5v at the batt again.  Put the car in "run" without trying to start it.  Drops to 8.5v instantly.

Put it on the charger.


Roll up the window.


He says it's the battery.  He's an Electrical Engineer.  He's the knowing of lots of things.  Mensa!

Yank the batt after noting I had two years of warranty and that expired in September...

I state, on the ride to AutoZone, that I'd never seen anything under warranty fail at their tester.  Not an alternator, not a starter, not a battery.

Guy at AutoZone puts the batt on the tester and it says, "BAD BATT" in the little display.

Noting that the warranty was two-year and pro-rated for five I figured that I'd get a discount on the replacement...


Here's your replacement battery, Mr McThag, sorry this happened to you.

FUCK!  I should have bought a lottery ticket instead!

Three things went my way about this.

First, it died in the garage.
Second, it died under warranty.
Third, we got it all done before the rains began.

05 August 2018

Y +73

Seventy three years ago this minute, Little Boy dropped free from Enola Gay and became the first atomic weapon fired in anger.

04 August 2018

No Need To Worry About 3D Gun Files

We don't have to worry about the government banning 3D printer files.

They can't even stamp out kiddie-porn.

If they can't eliminate something that's illegal to create, possess and distribute in every single state; how are they going to eliminate something that's legal in almost every state?

Remember, there are no federal laws prohibiting the creation, possession or distribution of CAD/CAM files that depict a firearm.  There's a couple of laws, that if stretched to their breaking points, which govern distribution; none prohibiting it.

I've Got An Answer And You Won't Like It

On the whole, gun violence is a cultural thing.

There's a whole culture that's safe as houses with guns.  The gun culture.

But the question was "What are other nations doing right??!!"

The places where there's low violence we also tend to see mono-culture.  The diametric opposition to multi-culture and inclusiveness.

Where we have lots of violence in the US is where we've got different culture.

Because we're an inclusive, high-trust society; we tolerate sub-cultures and alien cultures in our midst.  It's labeled racism to notice and mention which cultures in the US have a violence problem.

I suspect that if we fired up the crucible again and demanded the melting-pot be allowed to work like it used, then violence would drop as the US became more mono-cultural.  At some points in US history it was literally join or die.  My Italian great grandparents remembered it, and they were WHITE EUROPEANS!

Moar Themed Two Gun

Continuing from here.

Free City of Kalisz during Twilight: 2000.
P-64 and Kbk-88

She Says It Well

Surrendering The High Ground

Silicon Valley, thanks to their blocking of links to the 3D printing files, has surrendered the high ground and any claim to be defenders of free speech.

Where you stand on free speech is an indicator of where you stand with Fascism and Totalitarianism.

And it's got not a whisker of gray area.

Like firearms ownership, if they won't let you talk about what you want, they don't want you to have any liberties at all.

What liberties they do allow you aren't liberties at all.

You can drink anything you want as long as it's Bouncy Bubble Beverage!

All hail The Computer.

Łhat's Łrong Łith Using W

The Polish letter 'Ł' is pronounced the same as an English W.

So Łucznik is pronounced Woochnik.

I learned something today!

As Old As I Am

The Zakłady Metalowe Łucznik Pistolet wzór 1964 arrived today!

Like me, it's a 1968 model.

It's a little bigger than expected, and it fits my mitts awkwardly.

Better pics and more details coming.

03 August 2018

40:25 Through 41:36 Of Act Of Valor

Perhaps the best misappropriation of Government funds ever put to film.

Forgotten Bourbon

In one of Ian's little for the Patreon Supporter Vids...

He's having some Four Roses Single Barrel.

Well, so am I!

It's a bit harsher than Bulleit, but much nicer than Jack.

Finally A Curriculum That Makes Sense

Every scenario appears to be applicable to everyone's everyday life!

Lurnt Sumptin

Brownell's brown BRN-10 has a fluted barrel under the handguards.  It appears they did the research.

This would be easy to miss, how often do you see a real AR-10?  Then, how often are the handguards removed?

I forgot a pic of the Brownell's barrel...

The Fluted A Barrel.
 The Lightweight B Barrel.

The front sight will be different soon, if not already with new orders.

Fun On The Expressway

I'm tearin' down the Veteran's Expressway heading towards Tampa.

Got the cruise set at 70... ten over, in the express lane.

A St Pete cop car merges onto the road and sets his cruise at 70...

A red (aren't they all?) Ferrari comes from over the horizon behind us, going a LOT faster than 70...

I can hear him downshifting as he matches speed behind the cop car.

Bear in mind that we're 25 miles from St Pete.

But St Pete did a bad job of indicating whose car it was on the back of the vehicle and their cars are just similar enough in paint-style to Tampa's that the Ferrari driver couldn't tell.

And he was sure upset that this cop had materialized into his life and ruined his drive.

I can sure empathize.

Fed Ex Delivers On Saturday?

Checks tracking number again...

Scheduled for Saturday.

I did not know that they did that.

Kipling Was A Nazi!

In fact, he was such a Nazi, he had been since 1913, when this copy was printed!

Or he used the swastika because of his romantic affinity for India.

It really needs to be remembered that the Nazis didn't create the swastika, they merely adopted it... then ruined its use for everyone else who'd already been using it innocently.  Ask the Finns about it sometime.