31 May 2014

Unfair Advantage

Once upon a time I noticed that nearly any fantasy trope would work in an Old West game.

So I made an old-west with magic and motored down the well worn fantasy gaming pathways.

This was GURPS 3e revised.

Luck is an advantage that lets you get two do-overs (three total) to any given roll per real world hour.

One of the players had taken Luck and upon using it, would begin stalling for time.  GURPS is not known for speedy play during combat time, so it was relatively simple to burn an hour before his next action came around.  But a ten minute round of one second game time was taking an hour because of it.

He had accomplices to help the stalling and it honestly took me several sessions to notice what he was doing.


He picked a fight with three US Cavalry Troopers.

He used his luck forcing me to reroll one of the trooper's shots that would have killed him.

Since it was their action, I demanded he get on with it.  The accomplices took out two of the troopers and he rolled a critical success to the vitals of the third...

"Reroll," I tell him.

"Why?" he asks.

"He's got luck, reroll."

"He can't have luck, that's a PLAYER advantage only."

"Really? show me in the book."

There is no rule in the book that so states that Luck is a PC only advantage.

He grudgingly rolls and I take the critical failure as his roll.

He's really fuming now.  So I start stalling for time...  He notices, but has a glimmer...  His luck will roll around before my NPC's.  He's gonna win and he knows it.

Thirty minutes after I used my NPC's luck, I stop stalling and it's the NPC's turn.  I roll, miss.  I roll again, miss.  I roll again, critical success to vitals.  Roll damage, PC is dead.

PC is in a rage.  That's not FAIR!  Luck is every HOUR!

Luck, is every hour, true.  Extraordinary Luck, on the other hand is every half hour.

The debate about this takes more than half and hour, and the accomplices fail to kill the lucky NPC because of it.  More stalling on my part gets him his luck roll back in time to off accomplice one.  More stalling and accomplice two fails to end it, yet more stalling and NPC wins the fight.

Rage and hate from all three players.

FuzzyGeff and Standing Bear (an Iowa gaming legend) both step in and explain how they brought this on themselves by abusing the advantage in the first place and didn't seem to mind when everything was going their way.

$5 With WHAT?

A discount for an accidental discharge?

30 May 2014

Captain Greene

Related to the players would just space the bitch.

In one of my first conversions of LBB Traveller to GURPS the players rebelled.

They demanded that one particular player, FuzzyGeff, be forced to make a character who was not, "a squeaky clean, law abiding, Eagle Scout."

FuzzyGeff obliged and they made a desperate pirate crue.

Their first haul was a fat noble's yacht.  The crew of the yacht, with the threat of bodily injury imminent, hand over the son of the actual owner.

Changing smoothly and seamlessly from piracy to kidnapping they grab the teen and haul ass before the local patrol cruiser can respond.

To show the dad they're serious, the lop off one of the kid's fingers and ship it off.

The players have less imagination than I do about how to trace a parcel back to its source, so the noble learns where they're hiding and sends a couple of Imperial Navy destroyers to deal with them.

The 200t fast courier is no match for a single 1,500t destroyer (but it can outjump it) so there's much panic among the group.

"We have to let him go!" they wail.  They'll stop to pick him up and we can get to a safe jump distance and escape.

FuzzyGeff, Captain Greene, agrees.  His character grabs the kid by the scruff, tosses him into the airlock and hits the cycle button.  "There, we've let him go!"

I did not omit the step where Green put the kid in his suit...  He skipped it.

"You pushed him out the lock without his suit!?!" the other players, and I exclaim.

FuzzyGeff sighs.  Has his character grab a spare suit, toss it in the airlock and hit cycle.

"There, he has a suit now.  Happy?"

I'm laughing and the players who insisted that FuzzyGeff be forced to break his law-abiding ways are stunned to silence.

Like Totally

Did you know you can plug headphones into an iPod and use it like a Walkman?

I am kind of surprised that line hasn't gotten a, "what's a walkman?" reply.

Of Dogs And Maintenance

Shi Shu heartily approves of windows down driving in the Biscayne.

Of course, something caught his eye and he looked away instead of taking a more photogenic pose.

29 May 2014

Cowboy Bebop

In episode 3 4, they capture someone "Twinkle" Maria Murdoc she's got a large bounty.

The bounty is cancelled because their prisoner's terrorist outfit has pressured the government issuing the reward into dropping it.

Jett and Spike are NPCs.

Player characters would shrug and space the bitch.

Why I Am Awake

Our cat is 17.

She's a flight risk because she thinks she should be an indoor/outdoor cat.

With at least three great horned owls in the area, bad kitty planning.

I went to bed at a reasonable midnight for a change and woke up at 4am.

Did I mention she's a must be CLOSE to the human bed hog?

I woke up and there's no cat hogging the bed and pinning my legs.

I search the whole house.

I check outside.

I dispair.

Sometimes she manages to get out and we let her in when we let out the dog.

I hope.

I pop in a movie to calm down from worrying.

She jumps up on the bed.

Someplace in this house she has a secret hiding place!

28 May 2014


On one hand we have people demanding that being gay not matter positive or negative.  Sexual preferences really only matter to the sexually preferred.

On the other hand we have celebrities declaring they are gay with as much fanfare as they can muster.

If it's a neutral condition, then why have a press conference about it?

I mean it either matters or it doesn't.



A stripped, low shelf, A2 pattern, semi-auto AR-15 lower receiver is 8.8 oz.

250g in Godless metric.

0.6 lb. in GURPS.

Willard has begun an AR from a bag of parts project.  The lower is the first bit.

We should put every single part on the scale!

27 May 2014

Rifle Short Magazine Lee-Enfield Mk III*

I ordered a stacking swivel from Numrich a week ago.

It arrived!

It was the part that the SMLE was missing for the entire twenty years I've owned it.  Finding one has been something of a unicorn.

Of course it was happenstance that led to the purchase.  Willard's $9 91/30 was missing its rear stock screw.  I owe him a favor or three so I went to Numrich looking to buy him that part, the stacking swivel was padding to save on the minimum order charge (or to make the purchase exceed the shipping costs).

It installed like it was made to go there (which it was).

I noticed that my 1916 made SMLE III* is a numbers matching gun.  Dunno know why I never noticed that before.

Vanessa is a grand old dame of 98.

Old Cars

Not really OLD cars, but an article on old nameplates.

The headline was misleading, it made it sound like there were cars that were still in production for decades unchanged.


It was cars that still had the same name for decades.

Like the VW GOLF!  The present iteration is quite literally not the same car as when the name first appeared at the dealers.

VW appears several times in the list.  The Passat makes it.  I had a '73 Passat and there's not enough money in the world to get me back into one.  A 2014 on the other hand, I'd be more than happy to own.

The mention the Mustang; but miss the Corvette, F-150 and Suburban?

Checked Again

I double checked and none of the guns at my house shot anyone, let alone killed anybody since I've owned them.

Considering how many of them are surplus military rifles, I really cannot say with any certainty that none of my guns have killed anybody ever.  If the original owner of the 1903A3 is to be believed, several Japanese soldiers met an honorable death at his hands with that rifle.

At any rate, wasn't me, didn't do it in California last week and the same applies to Clearwater Beach yesterday.

The only time I even left the house yesterday was to get The Boy's prescriptions filled and the pharmacy is nowhere near Clearwater Beach...

26 May 2014


I've got a sick puppy here.

Shi Shu's got an abscessed tooth.  The abscess is the kind that goes up and out through his face instead of down through the gum.

He needs an extraction and we don't have the $350 in hand.  Update: That's on top of the $235 already spent on his annual visit and the diagnosis.

If you stab the donate button it'd really help.

I'd consider it a loan and pay you back within a couple months.  This is a bad timing rather than can't truly afford deal; we'd just completed annual maintenance on the cars and that's eaten the surplus.

Where Are The Travonites?

I read this article.

I guess since nobody died and the shooter is the "wrong" color, nothing to see here.

I wonder what would be the response if he'd actually shot the guy he was warning.

Memorial Day

With proud thanksgiving, a mother for her children,
England mourns for her dead across the sea.
Flesh of her flesh they were, spirit of her spirit,
Fallen in the cause of the free. 
Solemn the drums thrill; Death august and royal
Sings sorrow up into immortal spheres,
There is music in the midst of desolation
And a glory that shines upon our tears. 
They went with songs to the battle, they were young,
Straight of limb, true of eye, steady and aglow.
They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted;
They fell with their faces to the foe. 
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them. 
They mingle not with their laughing comrades again;
They sit no more at familiar tables of home;
They have no lot in our labour of the day-time;
They sleep beyond England's foam. 
But where our desires are and our hopes profound,
Felt as a well-spring that is hidden from sight,
To the innermost heart of their own land they are known
As the stars are known to the Night; 
As the stars that shall be bright when we are dust,
Moving in marches upon the heavenly plain;
As the stars that are starry in the time of our darkness,
To the end, to the end, they remain.

I Can't Believe I Can't Find This On The Internet

Adding the AN/APR-25 to several Navy planes was done under Project Shoehorn.

Adding the AN/APR-25 to the USAF F-104C was done under Project Pronto.

Adding the AN/APR-25 to the USAF F-4C and F-4D was done under Project...?

25 May 2014

Unbroken Streak

I have not been awake for an Indianapolis 500 for 20 straight years!

I'd watch it if I were up, but...

It's also been brought to my attention that the Andretti's have not won there while they were driving since I was born.  As if I were somehow cursing them as I presently curse Dale Earnhardt Jr.

24 May 2014

Six Dead

I promise that if I go on my mass murder spree I will start with the last person; me.

Would that more of these jerks would do the same.

What's the appropriate waiting period before pointing out that the strict gun laws in California did nothing to stop it?

Clearing The Mind

Sometimes you just gotta go for a drive.

Open Carry

Going to try to say this without making a latte look flat and lifeless.

The goal of open carry seems to have two main obstacles.  Direct opposition from the same people who hate that we can own guns at all.  Overcoming the inertia of the people who don't really care and will do nothing pro or con.

I am not privy to the plans at places like Florida Carry as to how they intend to get open carry in Florida; but I am pretty sure it is not Guy in a grubby T-shirt with an SKS --> ??? --> Victory!

The Florida Carry open carry fishing events are swell.  But they're really innocuous.  Nobody notices, which is good in a way, but it really doesn't raise awareness if it's so far into the background that its invisible.

The guys in Texas surely got noticed!  It appears that they did so in the worst way possible without actually breaking any laws.

Getting noticed seems to make the usual suspects from the hate us forever crowd to rally around the flag and do what they're going to do anyways.  Advocate for more restrictions, if not from government; from private parties.

Hoplophobes gotta phobe I guess.

I don't think there's a single national restaurant chain that likes gun owners.  They definitely dislike it when we get our boycott on.

I think that on a corporate level they are aching for something like this to come down so that we cannot claim the moral high-ground about their banning our presence.  Now if we boycott them for asking us to not be dicks we ARE the dicks.  The Texas OC people handed the hoplophobes the photo-op they needed to press their case and take away our footing to oppose them.

I think we need to really REALLY stress that no laws were broken and absolutely nobody got hurt, even if some were uncomfortable being around guns.  The present emphasis on "y'all done fucked us," is fodder for the antis; haven't they been given enough?

The thing is, eventually the objections of those who are uncomfortable around guns will have to not matter and we will have to assert our right to be armed peaceably.  Looked at one way, they cannot be acclimatized to seeing guns everywhere until they actually see guns everywhere.

Gun rights are civil rights and we should not shy away from comparisons to other civil rights groups.  There are a lot of parallels to gay rights and gun rights.  The big mistake that the LGBT people made wasn't in getting in people's faces and confronting them but rather not realizing they'd won and declaring victory.

There.  I hope I presented it civilly and rationally this time (because I sure as hell didn't succeed the previous FOUR times including two that I deleted).

23 May 2014


I wrote up something about open carry, got some outside opinions about it.

My line of reasoning in the post might be completely wrong.  I think I shall do some more thinking about it.

At present I feel.  Not a good place to start a rational discussion.

Happily, having written it and gotten some feed back the URGE to pontificate has been satiated.  It can ferment in the drafts folder for a while while I decide if that's still how I feel when I learn more.

I am but an egg.

Thanks to Tam and FuzzyGeff for bearing the brunt of my "thought" process.

Update: the urge returned, but the message is substantially altered.  I think I see what I was getting wrong now.  I am sure comments will let me know if I erred.

Withered On The Vine

I have a post in drafts about the gunfight in the vacant lot adjacent to the OK Corral.

The take-away is Tombstone's gun ban was mainly a political tool of the Earps to deal with their rivals and not merely a "crime's out of hand we need to do something" law.  Using the law and their positions as town marshall(s) to handle other conflicts unrelated to the crime the local cowboys were up to.

The Earp brothers were not exactly lilly white law-and-order folks.

The reason that post is in the drafts is the research backing up my take-away is like trying to look up one thing at TV Tropes.  There's material that backs up my claim, but organizing it into something readable is likely past my ability to write.  I'm still pecking at it and hope to have something before long.  It's at least interesting.

The second take-away is that such laws and ordinances were very rare in the old west.

That's A Bummer

Cylinder and Slide finally slogged through their backlog and got a look at my ailing Detective Special.

The bolt stop was rounded off and one notch for it on the cylinder had been rounded as well.

It's terminal since they can't economically get a new cylinder.

Apparently Colt didn't give a lot of engagement with the design and there's just no way to fix it.

The gunsmith, Paul, says it's $100 in parts to them, so I get a check for that.  He thinks they can make a nice "how detective specials work" cutaway from it, so I am also promised a picture of it cut up.

Paul sounded like he was kind of bummed he couldn't fix it for me and even offered me some priority to the head of the line should I have something that they can fix (like a Hi-Power).

I originally bought the gun to help a friend who needed money; mission still accomplished.

22 May 2014


Thought of something to say.

I think I might have done well.

Panic attack.


I screwed the pooch so hard earlier I am now afraid to post?

Dang it all.

20 May 2014

Another Real Problem

We're more than happy to divide ourselves and self defeat.

The Real Problem

Tam has pointed out what I fool I've made of myself here.  It's below the cut now because she's also right that I tend to delete too much once I've had an attack of the stupids, without even the excuse of drinking.

I take back the crappy things I say in this post.

Shame! Redacted.

Be ashamed!

Hide what you are!

Don't go out in public where people can see you for what you are!

This is your proper place!

You don't deserve more or better!

Slink in the shadows where you will not cause alarm to anyone.

Dress normally.  Marry appropriately.  Sit in the back of the bus.  Eat in the designated area.  Get on the train.

You never did believe that it was a right, did you?

Liberty has warts you fools.  If you can't accept the warts, you don't deserve the freedom.

Or make an ass of myself.  It comes so naturally it's astounding.

19 May 2014

Mosin Bits

Speaking of refurbishment and mixing and matching...

My Kiv/39 is a "B Barrel" marked 1942, but almost definitely made post war.  The VKT pressure proof probably indicates that VKT did the assembly.  The Bolt body is Remington marked.  The bolt and cocking piece are Tula; with the cocking piece being blued by the Finns.  The striker and guide bar are Izhevsk.

The Chinese Type 53's bolt assembly is entirely Izhevsk.

The Kiv/28-30 back to mixing and matching.  Izhevsk bolt and cocking piece.  Tula body, guide and striker.

The Soviet M-91/30 is from Izhevsk and except for the striker and cocking piece it's all Izhevsk.  I don't know who made those parts because none of the online guides mention B marked bolt parts (although there's a mark that's tantalizing close to a circle R...).


Guacamole is a kind of mole made from avocados.

You use Avogadro's constant to calculate a mole.

18 May 2014

Who Here Can Read Chinese

That's the barrel shank markings on Lei.  Arsenal 296 is either Chongqing or Jianshe depending on who you ask.  I am wondering what the text reads and if it decides the matter.

Snubbie From Gehenna

Went to the range yesterday and practiced with the carry gun.

That's Willard shooting so I could capture the muzzle blast.

This is about seven yards.  A decent social distance for a pocket gun.  It shoots low.  I remain impressed with the Apex trigger I installed.

I also put some of my precious .22LR down-range from the Ruger Standard.  Willard's .357 shots are the big holes on this target.  There's nothing like practice to improve ones groups and I feel like I am getting better with more shooting.

Something else I noticed using these turkey targets is my groups widen out a bit without a grid pattern on the target like I'd been using.  The grid is a wonderful aid for zeroing, but I think that it gives references that won't be present in a real shooting situation.  If that's true, I can't be the first person to notice it, and I wonder if anyone else has.

Why Finland

I prefer Finnish Mosins over Soviet.

I think it has a lot to do with never having a Finnish soldier aim his rifle at me.  I can't say that about Soviets or Czechoslovakians.

Then there's the sympathy towards a nation that seceded from totalitarianism.

Finn Mosins tend to come from two main sources for the receivers.  Guns they had when they said no to the revolution and guns they captured from those who said yes to the revolution.... ;)

They're also responsible for about half the Mosin variants!  Kiv/24, Kiv/27, Kiv/28, Kiv/28-30 and Kiv/39 are uniquely Finn.  Mauserized Mosin is how I've heard it coined.  Plus those new made guns on existing receivers are in addition to the original Model 1891 (Kiv/91) that they continued to make (remake) up to the end of World War Two.

Then there's the split between the Army and Civil Guard.  It makes me pine for an American version.  Even with the association the Civil Guard was given to the National Socialists after the war by the victorious Communists.

A Finn marked gun is probably a been there done that gun.  I like the chance that history clings to them.

This is yet another facet of guns that was influenced by gaming and sims.  GURPS: WW2's supplement for the Winter and Continuation Wars, "Frozen Hell" and the Finnish campaigns for IL2 Sturmovik made me aware of this theatre.

17 May 2014


A problem with Mosins is nearly every single one has been through an arsenal refinish (or two).

A good example could be this rifle (link could be dead since they're only active for a limited time at Gunbroker)

That's a Remington Mosin-Nagant M-1891 a'ight.

Looks to be in fine shape too!

But what's this?  That looks like a Sako stock, hard to tell.

And this?  That's an Izhevsk bolt.

The numbers matching at this point is a clear clue that it's an arsenal rework, the Imperial crests being intact on both the shank and barrel kind of point at it being a Finn.

To be fair, the seller did show us these pics so he's not trying to pull a fast one.  It does illustrate how hard it is to get a "real" Remington.

16 May 2014

It's Tam's Fault

Yes.  Let's blame Tam.

She posted a pic of a Finn NEW Mosin M91 and it reawakened my desire to own a 91...

So I've got a bid in that's sure to lose, but hope is still uncrushed.

It's a Tikka barreled gun with a multi-piece Finnish stock and not a super rare collectable.

Fingers crossed!

T Shirt

Linoge is offering another shirt for us to wear out completely...

I hope he doesn't mind me swiping his pic.

15 May 2014

Giza In The Rear View Mirror

In any of the Israeli campaigns in SF2 it is obligatory to buzz the pyramids if you have a mission anywhere near Giza.

From the front office of an F-4C (with the 1967 RHAW upgrade) from the 45th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Hoosier Hogs" in a Six Day War "what-if" stationed at Ramat David.

Stuff You Did Not Know You Needed

Marv's M&P 9 has a rail.

I suppose that one could put something useful, such as a light or bottle opener on it.

But why?

Plus Tea Cup!

Why on earth would you want something useful when you can have a zombie green LaserLyte pistol bayonet?

Tremble in fear, Palm Tree!
The hilarious thing about the tree shot is the bayonet popped off when he stabbed the trunk.  It stayed in the tree, but the pistol came loose.

I should give some credit to Jay G for his extensive product testing of these things.


There are two rules to surviving in A Song of Ice and Fire.

Don't get married.

If your last name is Stark, change it.

If at all possible, don't attend weddings.

Weer'd Comment

His comment system seems to have barfed, or he's blocked me.  Sad face if the latter.

My comment to his post would have been:

Actually the measurements for a selective fire or even full-auto AR make a needlessly complicated plumbing fixtures SMG.

I've got the plans for a STEN around here someplace from when I was considering making a semi-auto clone.  95% of the bother with the design was ATF compliance and my intention of it looking the part.  If you don't care if your Home Depot SMG LOOKS like a STEN or has even a single part that interchanges you're in business for less than $100 and a day (assuming you have cartridges).
The HDSMG is not going to last long because they don't sell the quality steels that a "real" gun would need; but mild steel stock would certainly last long enough to be a full-auto Liberator.  Or a throw-away spring gun.

WW2 era submachine guns are brutally simple and cheap.  Even doing one up right like my on again-off again scheme is a lot cheaper than a "real" gun.  The most expensive part, hands-down bar-none is the barrel.  A rifled barrel is probably the hardest thing about a gun for someone sourcing the whole thing at Home Depot.

The thing is...  I've seen all the barrels you'd ever need for the project at a gun show where they'll take cash...  Replacement barrels for all manner of popular pistols are readily available, as are magazines in various capacities.  All you have to do is be willing to break the law.  Because making any SMG without licenses and approvals is breaking the law.

13 May 2014


There are approximately 700,000 police officers in the US.

There are also between 117,000,000 and 150,000,000 gun owners in the US (approximately and depending on the source).

If everyone only owned one gun, the police market is a whopping half percent of it at best.

But let's say the cops are being sensible and have their main pistol and a back up on them plus a shotgun and patrol [sic] rifle in the car.

If every cop has four guns and everyone else has one, they're still just 2% of the market!

The thing is, I don't think they're even the half percent of the market I mentioned earlier.  Most gun owners I know own substantially more than one gun.  Even the most casual ones I know own at least two guns.

What all this adds up to...

Gun makers.  You can tell any and every department in the nation who makes any sort of demand about releasing your records to try their hand at the local gun shops for weapons procurement.

12 May 2014

Order of Deneb

I've been granted a patent of nobility!  I'm a Knight!

Apparently the Third Imperium sells titles of nobility through their agent, Marc W Miller.

This is a cute bonus item that came with my purchase of the CD-ROMS of the LBB Traveller.


I don't know why I'm even remotely paranoid about registration when I freely post pics of my guns here.

Heck, two of my guns ARE registered with the Federales.  Kaylee and Sabrina.  They are both short barreled rifles.

Then I've got that C&R FFL which is slowly accumulating a list of guns and ATF can come examine my book any time they feel the need.

Magpul Delete

I've been doing a love-hate thing with the Magpul MIAD pistol grip for as long as I've been accumulating AR's.

The retro builds, which mandate normal pistol grips, have never felt wrong.  The MIAD with the medium back strap always felt "OK".  With the small backstrap they felt pretty good, and will fit in the M12 rack.

On a lark, I put one of the numerous left-over A2 grips on Dottie and did some shooting for comparison purposes.  I prefer the A2 over the MIAD.  I think it's a matter of experience and the guys who originally designed it doing a good job.  Easing the decision process is the A2 grip is a full two ounces lighter than the MIAD!  Ounces matter when you lug it around a lot.  I am slowly gimping my way into the three gun fun-matches up Hernando way.  (My times suck because I can't run, but I am having a blast!  I need a Winchester Model 12 or Stevens shotgun in a 'Nam configuration to do a retro 3-gun with a 1911A1 and M16A1 clone.)

The $20 for two grips including shipping also makes them much cheaper than one MIAD and about the same price as a single MOE.

Because color coordination is important for Barbies...  I ordered the appropriate matches from Damage Industries.  Now they are fabulous!


I've had people avoid me before, this feels like it.

Sign In

Safari 5.1.10 is on its last legs.

OSX 10.6.8 can't upgrade Safari any further.  I could update to OSX 10.9.2 for free, but I can't get an answer about how it will affect performance on my ancient MacBook Pro 15" (Mid 2007).

I tried Chrome 34.0.1847.131, and overall I'm happy but it won't stay logged into Blogger.  Linking the Blog to Google+ did nothing.


It was third party cookies.  If you want Blogger to remember you, you have to allow third party cookies.

Update Two:

Flickr is remarkable browser dependent on how it behaves and what features work.  A right click from Safari does not elicit the same response with Chrome.  I've noticed that Marv has had great frustration using it with Internet Explorer as well.


I am skeptical to the point of derision about prepping.


Because while the cold war raged, I was a survivalist!


You know the old adage about amateurs studying tactics and professionals studying logistics?

I studied logistics.  I studied macro and micro economics.

It shattered a lot of illusions about an individual's ability to survive should society collapse around your ears.

You can prep for small disruptions in the supply chain.  A couple months at most.

To go longer you have to be self sufficient.  To be self sufficient, you have to be off the grid before the disaster that eliminates the supply chain happens.

That's a depressing thing to calculate.  The math is cold equations stuff.  Sustenance farming is bleak and basic.  Your homestead will be overrun by those who made zero preparations.


Because you will have no idea if this is the Final Collapse™ or a temporary disruption of supply until it's far too late.  For Final Collapse™ shooting anyone and everyone who comes into sight is the correct choice.  It's legally indefensible if society comes back after a few months.  Decide which, you have about a minute to read the tea leaves.  Be destroyed by the locusts, or be destroyed by the reestablished law.

The sheer numbers competing for suddenly obviously scarce resources is astounding.  The insanely large population density concentrated in Montana is only possible through an intricate system of overlapping supply and transportation systems.  Montana.  Not New York Fucking (spit) City.  Montana.  Let that sink in for a sec.

If it collapses everywhere and for good...  You're fucked.  We all are.  It's particularly telling that someone who was pretty hard-core survivalist in the '80's, Jerry Pournelle, quit by the '90's.

Going low profile to survive a localized disaster is possible, and my hurricane box is proof that I do take prepping seriously to an extent.  But it's a plan for a temporary disruption with an expected return of civilization.  There is not a single colander in the kit.

If you're serious about this, convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Not only are they preparing for a total disruption that lasts forever, they are prepared to step in and substitute a new community where the old one fell.

Communities survive where individuals starve.  Divide and conquer works, and Americans are perforated to be divided like stamps; doing a conqueror's work for them.

11 May 2014

Headspace And Timing

There are gauges for this.

They are fool-proof because the Army deals in fools privates.

If your fifty is firing out of phase it's because you either used the wrong timing gauge or one of the cheats to set the timing.

You can dial the timing on an M2HB all the way to the 1,200 rounds per minute setting of the AN/M3; but you're going to have problems with feed and barrel life.

If you used one of the cheats to set the timing, you don't have any way to tell what phase you're in without loading some ammo.

A professional gunsmith should not volunteer to work on a fifty without the correct gauges for the model gun he's going to be working on.

Slippery Stuff

For the two people who read my blog who don't read Joe's...

A comparison of lubrication and rust prevention of lots of products we use on our guns.

Frog-Lube did very well.

I was paying attention for it because I've been using Frog-Lube on account that it's minty aroma doesn't put me in the dog house like Hoppe's or Shooter's Choice when I clean in the house instead of the back porch or garage.

10 May 2014

Changing From Think To Know

Getting a stout lesson in how things really work from Tam and Robert!  Both of whom have worked or are working in retail gun sales.


I had a professor once who said that you don't really know if you've reached a sound conclusion until you've expressed it to someone else.

I was almost kinda close about the 4473 being registration.

I forgot a key part:  ATF has to start with a serial number, make and model.  You might be able to infer a make and model from the serial alone since there's some pattern to how some makers assign them; but it's no guarantee.

For them to figure out that I owned a SIG P238 they have to get to the 4473 I filled out at the gun show, or they need to see it in my possession.  The path to that 4473 is swift, but unlikely.

There might be some legitimate concern about the records from folded gun shops that have to be turned into ATF.  Nobody seems to know firmly what happens to them.  If those turned in records are computerized then they have a shitty ersatz and incomplete registration of gun owners (or at least of gun buyers).  I dimly recall a rash of violations where the ATF took the license of a shop and its attendant records while nearly simultaneously approving a new license.  Dim enough that I can't recall if it's be debunked or confirmed.

In all likelihood the reporter's phrasing that got the bee under my bonnet was the reported thinking "traced to" and "registered to" were synonymous.

Tempest In A Teapot

THAT was what all this drama was about?




I'd suggest someone grow a thicker skin if it was advice I could follow myself.


First.  The 4473 is so close to registration as makes no difference.  If you still own the gun you bought from an FFL and still live at the same address "they" know you have a particular gun.

The loophole is you can still sell the gun without telling anyone in most places and you don't have to tell the gunshop you've moved.

Second.  The speed that a trace happens with stunned me.  With ATF being prohibited from keeping computerized records I pictured a days long search for paper records.  Nope.  Cops call ATF, ATF calls SIG, SIG calls their distributor, distributor calls dealer, dealer calls ATF is the SLOWEST progression.  What really happens is cops call ATF with the serial, ATF calls everyone in the chain starting with the manufacturer and working down to the dealer.  Each link in the chain checks their computerized records and tells ATF whom they passed the gun to.  It probably takes less than an hour from the police initiating the trace!

Third.  I recall reading that unless we got a new law (that failed in Congress) that doing traces like this would be impossible for law enforcement.  Clearly that was a lie (which we said at the time and was instrumental in getting Congress to kill the bill).

All of this is in reference to a murder-suicide locally.  Guy shot his family, soaked his rented house in gasoline, lit $600 worth of fire-works then shot himself.

09 May 2014

Praise Satan!

Look, Bible thumpers...

If you have something to say, say it.  Posting a wall of text that consists of misquotations from the Bible doesn't say fuck all.

My mentioning support of the LGBT community seems to have triggered it.

I am fascinated by that since the only line in the Bible about faggotry is Old Testament and it's not about homosexuals it's about pederasty.  Have you even read it?  Having read it, did you understand what you were reading?

The wall of text in the spam file says you didn't do one or the other.

If you bother to read this blog you're going to note I've been rather respectful towards Christians as a whole.  It's just that I don't believe your imaginary friend exists; so quoting Him doesn't sway me.


This Story had an odd tidbit in earlier iterations.

Most every news site was reporting that a gun registered to Darrin Campbell was found at the scene.

Investigators also said all four family members had been shot and that they had recovered a gun in the home registered in the name of Darrin Campbell, who had been renting the home with his wife and two teenage children.

This is interesting because Florida doesn't have gun registration.

The time from the fire to announcing it was his gun seems entirely too short for an ATF trace to have occurred.

It makes me wonder if Hillsborough County has a back-door registration scheme in place, their sheriff is no friend to gun owners.  I don't know who one would contact to find out what was meant by "registered to".

Odd Florida Fact

The "Evil Twin Defense" doesn't work as often as you think it would.

Sympathy Not Antipathy

I mentioned it before...

As a gamer I was treated horribly by bullies in school.

The only group that got treated worse were the few kids who were openly gay.

They were the only group in school who treated us gamers like fellow humans, so we returned the favor.

That made me at least speak up for the bent folk once I got to college.  It also exposed me to the full panoply of the LGBT community.

They're still people.

Strange, colorful, confused, confident... just like everyone.

It is unfortunate that bullies get older without growing up.  It is unfortunate that conservative commonly means closed minded.  There's a picture down there below the blog-rolls; it goes triple now.

Fucking bigots, just shoot yourselves.

Remarkably Affordable

For just $40 Marc W Miller will sell you the entire LBB Traveller aka "Classic" on CDROM.

Dunno why he doesn't just sell the files, but...

I'd a huge hole in my LBB collection where the adventures were concerned.  Since those adventures contain a large amount of Traveller canon, they're essential for playing in the Third Imperium.

Perhaps next month I'll drop another $40 on the complete GDW editions of The Journal of the Traveller's Aid Society.  Scads and scads of good information in those.

It's a pity that the actual rules for LBB are atrociously dated and clunky.  It's fortunate that they use real units for most things, allowing a seamless conversion to GURPS even if there wasn't a GURPS: Traveller for 3e and GURPS: Traveller - Interstellar Wars for 4e.  It's a conversion I've done home-grown twice before SJGames finally hired Loren K Wiseman and licensed the property.  In fact, GT is one of only two sub-forum in the GURPS section at the SJ Games Forum that gets enough traffic to get its own section (Transhuman Space being the other).

It's also a pity what Mongoose did to the LBB rules set when they made their update.  It's kind of AD&D vs AD&D 2e; they're eerily similar, but still very different.  Also; each set of rules has people who like one or the other and it's very polarizing concerning which is better.   I hear that they ask "Do you play Mongoose Traveller?" and "Have you ever played Classic Traveller?" before they issue an entrance visa to The United Kingdom now to keep violence from returning to the levels the IRA maintained.

Personally, I don't think there's a native Traveller rule set that does what I want it to do; which is how I keep defaulting to GURPS for Traveller.

The less said about T5, the better...  At least the current edition of Dungeons and Dragons is an objective improvement over what came before it in game design.

Supersize Me

McDonalds does a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic toy annually for their girl's Happy Meal.

I get the 6-Nugget meal.

The Rack, Small Arms, Rifle, M12 has a just the perfect space for storing the complete 2014 collection.  I took them out of their wrappers!  True collectors can faint now.  I am still a bit perplexed that Applejack keeps being skipped by the toy makers.  It's like she's not in the Mane Six at all!

Seven Years

It's been seven years since my mom passed.

I will be touchy and cranky to the nth order today.

Bacon and ice cream administered in large doses might make me feel better.

That she died just before mother's day makes it even more bitter.

08 May 2014


I hate the conceit of the third person that still clings to gun writing.

Mike "Duke" Venturino is the one who bugs me the most...

Look, "Duke", you wrote the article, you and your wife took the pictures; I can tell from the by-line and credits.  Writing it as if you were visiting yourself is archaic enough but the awed by "Duke's" collection of guns in your tone is just aggravating and makes reading about an otherwise interesting old gun a teeth gritting exercise in gutting through your writing style to get the content.

And, yes, I've complained about him before.  A note to Guns magazine, as long as he's employed by you; not one more dime from me.  He's that bad.

07 May 2014


I am reading "Phantom from the Cockpit: Flying The Legend" by Peter Caygill.

I am also flying a Phantom FGR.2 (80) in my game.

06 May 2014

Buying A New Computer

Not me.  You.

There are only two situations where buying a brand name PC makes sense.

1.  If you don't know a damn thing about computers, refuse to learn more and have used up all of the patience of your friends who've been doing your tech support.

2.  If you are buying more than ten.

3.  If you can make a decision on rational self interest that the time and effort it takes to build your own exceeds the value and just say, "screw it," and buy a pre-made machine.  The people in this category tend not to use up all the patience of friends because when the proprietary parts blow they shrug and solve the problem themselves (#3 added because of commentary by Tam).

Otherwise bribe (dinner works most often) a friend who knows what they're doing to show you how to gather and assemble the required parts.  You may be stunned to see how easy it is and how much you saved.

The reason I say this is because I know several people who've bought a brand name machine and had the power supply fail.  They are now stuck with buying a new one from the original company for a hundred or so bucks where a generic would have been about $30-50.

Even worse is the guy who's done this pattern about five times now.  $128 for a proprietary power supply is STILL cheaper than a whole new HP.  But he's going to buy another HP...  And he's rapidly becoming the person described in situation 1.

Did Not Happen

There was no collapse of portions of an under-construction overpass today in California over Interstate 15.

Reports of the collapse failed to account for the FACT that fire cannot melt steel.

05 May 2014

Cinco De Mosin!

I wish I'd thought of this while there were still five mosins in the house!
Happy Birthday Sergei Ivanovich!

04 May 2014


For me, literally.

My ancient Victorinox Champion is really underutilized.  I use about three of the tools regularly and the rest not at all.  So I got a Super Tinker.

All I'd been using was the scissors, bottle opener and the screw-drivers and that's pretty much all the Super Tinker has.

Marv made an attempt to downsize that turned into an upsize.

Our friend Willard is a big fan of the Browning Hi Power.  He's cast an envious eye at Marv's FÈG clone a couple of times and Marv decided that he'd gift it to him.

Willard's sense of obligation was cross wired by Marv's refusal to accept money, so...

1943 Izhevsk M91/30

Willard gave him one of his Mosins.  What could Marv do but accept after we'd declared it, "Nondenominational Give A Gun To A Friend Day" as a means of dodging payment for the gift Hi-Power?

03 May 2014

Time Out

If we have to stop talking about Benghazi because it was two years ago, and therefore ancient history; then certain parties can just shut the fuck up about slavery and civil rights any damn time now.  Those events were most assuredly more than two years ago.


Among the things that drive me batty about "Sons of Guns" is the fifteen minutes crammed into an hour (including commercials; which are a significant portion of what can be considered actual content).

This is not the first reality show to have this problem.  "American Hot Rod" was much the same.

Artificially short deadlines, contrived drama, forced drama.

At least American Hot Rod was making a product that had a market, half of what they show them "selling" on Sons of Guns can't be transferred because of the Hughes Amendment.

This show also emphasizes something I've noticed before about some gun smiths I've met.  They are craftsmen but no two things they make are the same.  Yes, the part they make works, but it works because they hand fitted it.  Never mind that there are probably drawings of that part out there...

The show also raises some uncomfortable questions.  Because of the Hughes amendment, to make a lot of what they make; they need a letter from a law enforcement agency asking for it.  The cops in Louisiana seem to have need for a lot of oddball machineguns and armored vehicles, don't they?

I am still not sure what the purpose of a suppressed .308 AR sniper rig mounted in a gyro-stabilized remote controlled mount in the back of an ATV is...

02 May 2014

What Else

The answer is something that is in a tone that cannot be heard by some.

Let us accept, as a given, that everything asked for by gun control will have exactly the effect he claims that it will.  Remember: this is a given.

What else spills forth from his solution?

What that is impossible now becomes possible once the gun control is in effect?

Are those things worse than the crime we have at present?

We have lots of data from history.  Notice that we had to make "gun control works to reduce crime" as a given?  That's because the data doesn't bear out that hypothesis.

Further, the historical data shows that places that get gun control, that aren't homogenous societies, also tend to get fascism and genocide.

What I am apparently expected to accept is prohibitions that have never done what the banners claim will somehow not lead to industrial murder in America's decidedly heterogenous state.

I can't claim that it definitely will lead to industrial murder, but I do claim to see what happens with crime with regards to gun control.  It's not what the gun control people say will happen.

Sales Tax

When I buy from Amazon, I will now be charged sales tax on the purchase.

Will this affect my purchases?

Well, it's going to make them cost a bit more.

But I don't tend to buy from Amazon with an eye on avoiding taxes, or even getting the item at the cheapest price.  I buy from them when they're cheapest and I don't mind waiting for a week or so to get my item.  Or I buy from them when they're the only vendor who has what I want to purchase.

I'd spend more to buy from Brownell's or Midway on most gun related things because I don't think Amazon spends a penny to support my rights.

I don't see the addition of sales taxes changing my pattern of purchasing.

01 May 2014


And it's passed.




Go out and spend some money in a mutually beneficial transaction out of informed self interest.