27 February 2017

History I Only Really Know From Movies

There's a British TV series called "British History's Biggest Fibs with Lucy Worsley".

She's telling me all about how history is all wrong...

...and assuming I know the official story before telling me what's different.

That makes it a little hard to follow.


What I need is a GPS tracking device that can be attached to The Boy.

I need one that works regardless of its distance from a phone that's associated with it (it has to be stand alone).

It needs to be ruggedized, waterproof and such.

It needs to be escape proof, in that it cannot be something like a watch that he can simply remove and ditch.

It cannot have a power button that he can actuate.

His flights from positive adult supervision have grown past the manageable level and we need some way we can locate him if he scoots on us.  After the third time last week the police are really pressuring us to get something but are unable to recommend any specific device except a $500 watch thing with a $40 a month monitoring service.

Remember what I said about him just removing it?  Even if we get a locking band, he might just tear the device in half.

Unlike most patients who wander off and use these devices, The Boy, has a plan and seeks to avoid being caught.  There's something he wants to do while he's out and about, but cannot or will not articulate it to us.

26 February 2017

Y+ 30

On this day, thirty years ago, I made my very first GURPS character.  I know this because there's a "date created" block on the character sheet.

It was GURPS 1e, because that's all there was, and the very first edition of GURPS: Fantasy just to get the magic rules.

I made several mistakes in creating Luckseeker The Elf for the world of Yrth, later detailed in GURPS: Banestorm for 4e.

What You Wear

I just had a humorous realization.

One of the debates we'd often have over the gaming table was about whether we'd get cyberwear to replace perfectly healthy tissue.

In most cases, the cybernetic parts are a serious upgrade, so why wouldn't you?

Well except that it squicks me out to hack off a perfectly good part.  Probably related to doing all that hot-rodding and how fixing things that aren't broken often leads to disasters.

On the other hand, I'm all inked up and have a couple piercings.

FuzzyGeff, on the "upgrades are good" side of the debate, has no negative visceral response to lopping off an arm for an improved model.

Not one tattoo.

Isn't it odd who went for the body-mods and who didn't?

Game Over Man

Pvt. Hudson is dead.

Things I Wish I Had In 1984

Google Translate would have been handy.

Then this warning would have been noticed by the players.

Komunizm i socjalizm nie są dozwolone w obrębie miasta Krakowa!
Nauczanie, głoszącą lub nawracanie ideałów Marksa, Lenina czy Stalina jest surowo zabronione.
Osoby naruszające ten zakaz podlegają zatrzymaniu i mogą podlegać kar włącznie śmierć przez uduszenie.

Instead, since none of them could read Polish, it was just some signs...

25 February 2017

How Far We've Come

We've gone from the Supreme Court ruling that a particular weapon wasn't protected by the 2nd amendment because it had no military utility...

...to the 4th circuit ruling a particular weapon wasn't protected by the 2nd amendment because it has too much military utility.


Differing Strategies

You can shorten your rifle in several ways.

The AR tends to make the front shorter.  The AK tends to make the rear shorter.


Marv's got his finished as well.

His kit shared all the problems mine had, and were just as easily surmounted.

24 February 2017

Blem Kit

Palmetto's launch of their Generation 2 kits has been rocky to say the least.

My kit seems much better than what many people got.

I took pictures of the problem areas others had.

The lower handguard retainer is a bone of contention with Palmetto cutting a double slot for a future development.  Mine is only very slightly oblong.

The cast bolt carrier that happens at the "Freedom" level has bother a lot of people.

Mine doesn't appear to be too rough, but if they're offering a free upgrade to forged, why not take them up on it?

They have been fully blasted for using a roll pin to retain the gas piston.

One person in particular had atrocious machining for the bolt-cam surface.

Mine's fine.

Today I Assembled An AK

Gotta say it was a good day!


Plus this:

Equals this:

Made from a Palmetto State Armory "Freedom" Barreled Reciever (blemished type) and their build kit with plum Magpul furniture.

Only three issues with the build and one with the gun.

The gun issue is the gas tube is entirely too tight.  It needs bumped off with a mallet.  Update: I filed about 0.005" off the front of the tube and now it comes off and goes on like it's supposed.

Build issue one is the magazine catch.  It needed a small amount of material removed to be able to latch over the rear lug of the magazine.

Build issue two was the slant-brake.  It stood a little proud of the front sight tower in the last detent before bottoming out.  A little sanding on the back of it took care of that problem and now it's nice and flush.

Build issue three was with the Magpul stock.  The provided rear fastener didn't want to catch the weld nut.  Using a different screw cured the problem.

As compared with a Zastava M70A.  Genuine Communist, 9.3 lb.; 'MerAKa! 8.5 lb.

I discovered that a cleaning rod from a Yugo SKS works in an AKM...

How Hard Can It Be?

If you're selling something on Ebay or Amazon, how hard is it to put the item in a box, take it to the post office and mail it?

Is this another thing where I am an exceptional savant and everyone else finds it a baffling task?

PS: If you offer two-day shipping, and I select it, on day four I am canceling the order if I don't have a tracking number.

PPS: The Amazon seller in question is US-DEALS.  Avoid them, they don't ship in a timely manner.

Slant Brake

As I dip my toes into the world AK after being an FAL man for so many years...

I find there's nothing quite so polarizing as what one hangs on the M14x1 LH at the end of the barrel.

Without getting too far into the debate, something that comes up often is the efficacy of the slant-brake.

Some say it works, some say it's useless.

But I say it's two things.

First, it's iconic.  AK's were issued with them and I expect to see one on an AKM variant.

Second, it's a banned feature unlike a plain muzzle nut.  This despite being thought of as a brake not a flash-hider by most shooters.

I don't have enough 7.62x39mm trigger time to say if it works.

It could be that it really only works for full-auto fire, and is thus useless in semi.

23 February 2017

Musical Interlude

Dam fine photography!


When you first go to the store, they're green.

So you wait for them to ripen to that perfect shade of yellow.

But you wait too long...

Further Atrocity

You have to have zombie green magazines to survive the Zombie Apocalypse™®©.

22 February 2017

Two Is One

I just got reminded why the whole "One is none, Two is One," sounded so familiar.

Banach-Tarski Paradox.

This upsets me because I tried so hard to kill the brain cells with this math in them.

Still Hanging In There

It's often interesting to see some brands hang on in the realm of firearms and hunting.

Redhead made both the fine leather case and the nylon soft case.

The leather case has to be at least 66 years old.  The nylon?  Recently bought at Bass Pro.


Transcript of what President Trump said when he claimed a terrorist attack happened in Sweden.  Proof of his lies!

You look at what's happening in Germany, you look at what's happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this. Sweden. They took in large numbers. They're having problems like they never thought possible. You look at what's happening in Brussels. You look at what's happening all over the world. Take a look at Nice. Take a look at Paris.

Wait, what lies?

Plus, video of his speech was harder to find than I expected.  Actually, that's not true.  I started to figure that the media was misrepresenting something when I noticed that they weren't showing clips of Trump saying what they were quoting him as saying.

Yugo AK

I knew that Yugo stocks were different from everyone else.

Last night I discovered that their handguards are longer than everyone else too.

I sometimes wonder if the gun makers in Yugoslavia only had some pictures and a few technical specs when they began work on the M70.

They Grow Up So Fast!

I knew Erin back when she was mostly a gamer blogger... with occasional gun content.

See what drive and talent will do for you?

For examples of what a lack of drive and talent gets you, keep reading here!

Congrats Erin!

NOW They're Worried?

Got to listen to a liberal someone complain that deportations will lead to rising food costs.

Yes, it might.

But I find it odd that they're worried about food costs NOW when they didn't seem to care about the effects of ethanol mandates on the prices of food that used corn, like beef.

Sorry, kid, but when you tie yourself to an objective point, you kind of have to remain tied to it when it runs off the cliff.

Not Synonyms

Dear Senator Schumer (D).

America ≠ Democrat.

Thank you.

21 February 2017

Brain Breaker

Do you realize that even the most inconsistent ammo made today is being held to a tighter standard than was issued to troops in WW1 by some Armies?

20 February 2017

I Have A Suggestion

Gander Mountain Files Bankruptcy

Because they can buy in bulk at lower prices, they could charge less than MSRP for those items rather than operating at higher margins than the "mom and pop" stores or gunbroker.

Heck, hiring someone who knows something about the products would help immensely.

Then there's the training to back off a customer who came in well informed of their purchase and is thinking it over; but paying enough attention to be of assistance when a decision is made.

Too often I've tried to get assistance and been unable to find an employee empowered to work the area I need help in.

Plum Crazy

The build kit for Mollie arrived today!

I just need the barreled receiver, bolt, bolt carrier and gas tube to call her an AKM.

Why, yes, I am a Magpul whore, why do you ask?  It's hard to tell from black, but that's the plum colored furniture.

I find that most purples are hard to photograph so that the monitor shows them the same as your eye sees them in person.

Just To Mess With People

I want to make a full reproduction of a classic Corvette, but do it in steel.

Make a big production about placing and removing magnets from the body.

When someone asks, tell them it's an original, not one of those fiberglass knock-off replicas...

Teach the controversy!


Is President Trump citing a terrorist attack in Sweden analogous to Vice President Quayle misspelling potato?

In that it was a small error and mattered not a bit; but that the press will never shut up about it?

Why Bother

Ever start a post and realize that the person who would benefit most from reading it, won't?

I've at least one former friend who've descended into a sort of liberal narrative mode on their social media.

I shouldn't be surprised since I gave up talking to one of them because they couldn't use any sources besides mainstream media when making an argument.

The thing about the mainstream media is this:

You look and you see lots of news organizations.  ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, AP, Reuters... etc.

But when you dig into some stories, follow links and check sources, way too often all of them use the same source for their stories.  Sources that lead to suspiciously similar conclusions from all the organizations.

The collusion would be speculative, but there was JournoList...

19 February 2017

Did I Say $8.22?

I think I did say $8.22.

Well, it's $7.55 today if you want a sand PMAG 30 AK/AKM from Midway (while they last).

Looking at the manufacturing date stamps on the ones I have, they're all 11-15.

Midway sat on these things a good long while without selling them.

Can't blame them for wanting to get at least some of their money back.

In January I bought one for $9.98.

Last week they were $8.21 each.

At this moment they are $7.55 each.

Ghost Gun

Yes, Senator, a convicted felon CAN order and own an 80% lower and all of the rest of a rifle.

As long as they leave it like that, they are in compliance with the law.  Laws that idiot anti-gun Senators like yourself wrote.

Want to know something, Charles?  It's still illegal for them to go past 80%, because the instant they do that 80% part becomes a firearm, and thus illegal for them to own and possess.

I checked, it's also illegal for a prohibited person to make a firearm.

Can't own it, possess it or make it.

Since the breathless reporting says that "criminals" have already noticed, I'm going to read that as two criminals total.  That's the minimum number to use plural.

Rifles of any kind are still statistical noise in gun related crime.

The presentation and set up of this article and the proven nesty nature of ATF and NFATCA make me wonder if the "former ATF agent Rick Vasquez" isn't actually a representative of NFATCA.  It matches their "potential energy = kinetic energy" thought process where they think that because someone might do something illegal it means that criminals ARE doing something illegal (therefore it must be forbidden).  He's also shown to have a pretty nice machine shop.  A couple of hours for him might be a lot slower for someone else.

The ATF agent they interview, Graham Barlowe, is from Sacramento, California.  Agent Barlowe, I have another theory for whom is making ghost guns in your area of operations, they're making guns that are "off list" to have a configuration that is banned by name, but not construction.

But let's talk about my "ghost gun" experience.

No serial number.  No background check.  4th attempt.  The Freedom 15 is a tedious process and easy to screw up.  The entry level kit is $340 and has enough material for 5 pours.  I used up one pour making color samples and three getting it wrong.  Yes, that makes it a $340 lower.  It took me an entire evening to get it right.  The rest of the gun is over $550!


Background check.  $269.55 for the lower.  $55 of untraceable cash purchase face to face at a loophole gun show for the 80% lower.  $85.80 to ship it to be engraved.  $133.75 to have it anodized after I'd done the carving.  This does not count the cost in tools, fixtures and jigs.  That's easily another $500 if you don't already own them, but they're reusable.

Notice the background check?  The place doing the anodizing mandated that.

Why did Marv and I make poured resin lowers?  For the experience and enjoyment.  We're not prohibited people looking to get around the laws.  We're indulging in our hobbies.

My 80% lower project was to get the markings pictured above.  The way I did it was literally the only legal way to get what I wanted.  The gun I was cloning is both actual government property and a machine gun not legally registered before 1986.  I cannot own the actual rifle I was issued, so this is what I made instead.

But notice in both cases it cost considerably more for me to get the "ghost" gun?  I cannot help but think that it's cheaper to get a non-felon buddy to do a straw purchase than go to the effort of an 80%.

Let's talk about effort.  Most criminals are not what we call hard working in the traditional sense.  Building a gun is real work.


Remember this picture?

Do you remember which of these two items is a firearm and which isn't?  I know that the top one looks more like a gun, but it's the bottom one that's legally a firearm.

Docky Y Glocky

The courts feel that Florida's law that prohibited doctors from asking after their patients ownership of firearms is unconstitutional.

I have a radical position.

A doctor asking after my guns is the government attempting to violate my fourth amendment right to privacy.

Thanks to the myriad of laws, but most importantly Obamacare, health care workers are effectively agents of the state and courts now.

The government isn't allowed to make inquiries about my guns, or keep records about it.

These fools wish to crush my rights with emanations and penumbras?  Right back at you.

Even The AK Is Not Sacred

Because sand AK PMAG-30's were a mere $8.22 apiece, I went with sand instead of black.

The question became, what color to dye them.

The answer, once I'd noticed that Russia had issued a non-metallic magazine for their AKM's since the late '60's, was obvious.

Match the color(s) of the "bakelite" magazine!

Nailed it on the first attempt!  The recipe for 2 qt. of water is 1 tbsp Harvest, 1/2 tsp Cherry Red and 1/4 tsp Black.

It kinda looks like bbq sauce, don't it?

Video confirmation that we'd matched the color.

For "authenticity's" sake we varied the soak time and temperature to vary the color slightly.

I need to remember to ask Willard if he has another of those East German magazine bags.

18 February 2017

Portrait Of An Actual Feminist

While she was putting on a show, she performed a real task professionally.

Expanding On The Value Of A $100 Rifle

This gun is worth... $??

I paid $100.  I see just one other example on Gunbroker, asking $305 with no bids.  It's a model 12012 (Santa Fe Field Mauser), mine's a 12014 (Santa Fe Deluxe Mauser Mk1); so not even the same .30-06 model.

I do know I refused to go to $150 when I low-balled from his $250 asking price (which makes you wonder what the pawn shop paid since they accepted my $100 offer!).

I might be willing to do things to THIS rifle that I would never consider doing to a more expensive gun out of fear of ruining it and LOSING value.

I tend to think that it has more value to ME by dumping the NcSTAR scope and putting a Lyman sight and wooden stock on it; but it's the hot-rodder's dilemma.  The value of the whole is less than the value of its parts.

Gaining the experience of installing the sight is something I want to try.

Fitting a stock is something I've never done.

I've never been Bubba before.

Is spending $120 plus installation for the Lyman sight worth the fun of it?  Is getting a $115 Boyd's stock plus the fitting effort worth the fun of it?

Will spending another $250 plus my time and or a gunsmith's fees make this gun a $350+ rifle?

Probably not.  But I don't buy a $7.50 craft beer expecting it to retain value in an hour either... (it's still yellow and foamy and I even heated it up for you; who will start the bidding?).

As long as I don't break it, it will always have value as my representative example of a .30-06 (by God) rifle.

$100 Rifle Conundrum

When you find a perfectly serviceable bolt-gun for $100 and start thinking about changes and upgrades...

You kind of bump into most changes and upgrades cost more than you've paid for the gun!

I'm feeling a bit whimsical about it.

Because it already has a front sight, I think it needs a rear too.

One option is to have a rear sight soldered on where the one it came from Golden State with was.  This would let me keep the scope.

The whimsical option is to put a Lyman 57SME peep on the receiver.  This would force me to remove the scope.  Update: One plus of this would be that the stripper guide could be used again.

A Lyman sight would be fitting with the age of the gun.

If I pursue this route of whimsy, I'd end up looking for walnut to replace the plastic polymer synthetic stock.

What's to do?

I guess first principles should be to see if it shoots consistently.


AKM receivers are 1mm thick.

0.0393701" thick.

Between 20 and 19 gauge thick.

Some Yugoslavian made AKM and RPK have 1.5mm thick receivers.

0.0590551" thick.

Just shy of 16 gauge.

There's some Chinese stamped receivers as thick as 2mm out there!

People are operating under the impression that thicker equals stronger.

All other things being equal, that's true.  But what if all other things aren't equal?

Changing the grade of steel might mean you have to make the receiver thicker to get the same strength!

I don't have the information about steel composition on issue AKM receivers, and I seriously doubt most commenters do either.

By the way, milled AK receivers are both stronger and less resilient than stamped!  It's because they are more rigid and focus the firing stresses into single points.  You might notice that the milled receiver was an interim solution to get the guns to the field rather than the final product.


Also, PSA, you never know who you're dealing with on those forums.

I might just be a bottom rung gun-blogger, but I am a blogger, but I don't use the same handle on forums.

Deleting my questions will get mentioned here.  Someone who reads me almost certainly reads the blog of someone higher on the food-chain than me and might just notice a review of PSA stuff there and ask, "McThag says..."

That might lead those further up the chain than me to ponder the same questions I am asking.

Word of mouth works that way.

Open Letter To Palmetto State Armory

First, this is posted here and not at Arfcom or AKFiles because here I am the moderator, not you.

I've been watching you delete posts from people with legitimate questions about the PSAK-47 barreled receivers and build kits.

Then watching you get confrontational with them when they ask "what the fuck?" about the deletion.

I would suggest that you put someone else on the social media job.

Since it's the same questions being asked over and over, perhaps you should have an FAQ addressing them?

One question that brings a deletion appears to concern the sling loop on the front handguard retainer.

Whenever someone asks about whether their kit will have one, or why their kit did or did not have one; you lock, edit or delete.

I want to know why.

The cast bolt carrier issue seems a side issue.  But you're swatting flies with a hammer.

I am wondering if the same person at SHOT saying there were no cast parts at all in any of your AK kits and the person handling forums is the same person.  The decision to put cast carriers and billet trunnions in the bottom tier and forged/forged in the top two tiers obviously came later.

Simply saying that the product line had changed would take care of the issue.

Yes, some would complain, but it won't seem like you were pulling a fast one or had something to hide.

Editing and deleting posts in your industry forums?  That does seem shady.

The offer to exchange a cast carrier for a forged one is good though.  The fact that there is such an offer from the company suggests that the person handling the forum job is not on the same page as the people handling the complaint itself.

It sure seems from my perspective that nearly every problem you're having with forums is because you're slow to answer, answer vaguely when you do but are very quick to edit and delete.  That shows us you're logged in and active.  We can see you have the time to answer the questions, but are using that time to keep people from bad-mouthing you for not answering simple questions.


Grasses and trees use different chemical reactions to breathe.

Grasses are better at it.

What that means is planting trees instead of grass is worse for sequestering carbon.

It also means that our "unsustainable" farming methods are good for the planet assuming that anthropogenic globull warmering is a valid hypothesis.  That's because our three main crops are all grasses.

17 February 2017


The Ljungman has an interesting rear sight feature.

It's calibrated for both round-nose and spitzer bullets.

To change between calibrations you remove the upper handguard.

That exposes the front side of the sight and a wire tab.

You pull that little tab forward.

Then you can remove the range knob and the range window plate.

The set of numbers closest to the knob are for round-nose.  The set to their right are for spitzer bullets.  The plate has windows in it that show only one set at a time, you simply install it with the bullet symbol you want facing the shooter.  Also notice that the ball-detent in the knob has a different set of recesses depending on which way the plate is set.

With the round-nose bullet selected, you can adjust the range from 100m to 600m.

With the spitzer bullet selected you can adjust the range from 100m to 700m.  Both settings are in 100m increments.

This is what we call an elegant solution.


I finally went and did it.

I have signed up for an NRA life-membership.

They made it entirely too darned easy.

First they discounted it from $1,500 to $600.

Then they are willing to take 24 payments of $25.

I'll just take that out of what I'm not paying to places like Starbucks.  It's not a boycott, I just don't like their coffee all that much.

Recursively Retro?

That is NOT an M1911.

Model 1902 Military in .38 ACP.

There's a property master story that goes with this gun, I am certain.  Will we ever hear it?

16 February 2017

Great Personal Risk

In my house I have a .45 M1911A1 and a 9mm Glock 17.

I have AR-15's, an AK and an FAL.

I have a .30-06 and a .270.

I figure I could start juggling antimatter now and not appreciably add to the danger of spontaneous explosions.

Cheaper Than A Mosin

$100 .30-06, including an NcSTAR 3-9x40 scope on heavily shimmed bases.

Made from what appears to be an FN or DWM 98 action.

Factory made, not Bubba.

Curio and Relic eligible.

Front sight, no rear sight.  You can just barely see the ghost of where the rear sight used to be soldered to the barrel.

It's a Golden State Arms Corp model Santa Fe Deluxe Mk 1.

Controlled round feeding?

But of course!  De rigueur!

The bore isn't even half bad!

It looks like Golden State Arms Corp. went tits up in October of 1966.  They appear to have been that times Century International with their taking of existing parts and making their own brand of guns from them.

A Day Without Immigrants

Businesses across the nation are shutting down to demonstrate that I can go a day without them, thus proving that I can live the rest of my life without them.

I am fascinated that we keep talking about immigration when what I mean is ILLEGAL immigration.

It's the gun control and gun deaths thing all over again...

They keep talking about HOMICIDE when what we're talking about is murders.  They choose to ignore that there's perfectly legal homicides.

There are numerous means that someone can use to legally emigrate to The United States.  We ask that immigrants use them.

If we truly need hoards of imported labor, and there's no domestic source, then we need to create a means for the laborers to come here and be here.  But just them.

But the fact is that we don't really need to import labor for these jobs.  We're a combination of too cheap to pay for what something would cost with domestic labor and too greedy to pay Americans for the work.  There's a myriad of reasons enough to fill a textbook, but while reading that book one strongly suspects government interference in the labor market.

We need to stop talking about career criminals who are deported as if they are Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany.  We should start talking about how their criminality is what broke up their home and family not that fact that they got caught being criminals.  We condemn thieves and murderers for their act of crime, not condone them because their arrest causes hardships on their loved ones.

Their criminality is the cause of the hardships!  The law abiding don't have this problem!

Go Mad Dog!

Hey, NATO, time to pay up.

15 February 2017

YouTube Gun And Gun Accessory Review Drinking Game

Every time they go "uh": One drink.

Any word or phrase that's repeated three or more times: One drink per occurrence from the third time on.

Any background noise that blots out the audio: Drink as long as it persists.  WARNING BE CAREFUL WITH THIS ONE!

Reviewer either starts mumbling inaudibly or moves far enough from the mic that you can't hear them: Drink until you can understand them again.  WARNING BE CAREFUL WITH THIS ONE!

Reviewer treats you to the sounds of their asthma/emphysema: Whole drink.

Reads the instructions for what they're reviewing: Whole drink.

Camera is aimed at a still life of what's being reviewed for entire video: Whole drink.

Reviewer coon-fingers part in the still life while rambling:  Drink as long as it persists.  WARNING BE CAREFUL WITH THIS ONE!

Add your favorites in the comments.

Have You Pestered Your Congress Critters Lately

First, there's a couple of petitions that prolly don't do much, but don't take any time at all to do.

Repeal the NFA altogether.

Repeal 922o (aka The Hughes Amendment).

Pester your Representative about The Hearing Protection Act HR367.

Here's how to find yours.

Pester your Senators about The Hearing Protection Act S.59.

Here's how to find them.

Write a paper letter.

Email them.

Phone them.

Be polite, be firm.

Share these links!  Become "that person" on Facebook or whatnot.

Get on a "list"!

h/t to Military Arms Channel.

Girls Names

I am naming my AK Mollie Bean.

15,000 kwatloos if you get it without using the internet.

Real Abduction



If you are an addict, do not choose me as your sponsor.

I am a poor choice, because I am an enabler.

I remind Willard that he already stock ammo for a purchase he's almost decided to make.

I show Marv how easy it is to put together an AK from Palmetto's kits.

I encourage others to sin.

14 February 2017

You Can Apologize Any Fucking Time Mr Menzel

Because they have been busted, again.

You ended the friendship claiming that this sort of malfeasance didn't exist.

Nine Years

I stand by what I said in 2008.

I still cannot fathom the good will he still engenders.

The Lesson Of Lobachevsky

Mostly Cajun reminds us, "1876 – Alexander Graham Bell applies for a patent for the telephone, as does Elisha Gray. Court battle follows. Bell wins." of the Lesson of Lobachevsky.

Publish first!

Self Reliance

For someone who espoused the idea of self-reliance and responsibility, why is it I only hear about you when you've got your hand out begging?

Gimme money so I can do a once in a lifetime...

Gimme money because I didn't plan...

Gimme money because something tragic happened...

But it's alway Gimme.

But enough about me...

13 February 2017


200k miles is about all a Honda Civic radiator is good for.

With the help of Corvette JT, there's a whole new one in there now.

We departed from the manual a bit by removing just the grill from the front rather than the entire front bumper skin.

Getting the stems for the transmission cooler and lower hose past the fan shrouds is fiddly and only goes with everything held just so.

If you ever have to do this, don't forget to grab the little rubber feet off the old radiator.  You need those!  When you do forget them, you have to blindly flail around inside the core support to find the stud they attach to with your helper holding the radiator up.

Wrong Analogy

Banning Moslem refugees from Moslem nations is not like barring Anne Frank from coming to America during WW2.

Banning Moslem refugees from Moslem nations is like barring Reinhard Heydrich from coming to America during WW2.

12 February 2017

These Guys Make It Look Hard

Probably because this is actual gunsmithing not merely assembly.

She Makes It Look Easy

Probably because it is easy.

No One Should

"No one should go broke because they get sick."

I will grant that.

Likewise, no one should be unable to afford healthcare because they're paying for someone else's.

It's tax time and I see how much of our meager earnings remain with the Feral Gubmint.

I see how much is deducted for our healthcare with a an annual deductible equal to two pay periods of take-home pay.  I see that we also have a $160 per visit copay that doesn't count against that deductible.  I see that we also have to pay 20% of the costs after we've paid 100% up to that deductible.  I see that we have to shop around to see which pharmacy has the best rate on which prescriptions, often taking the generic brand.

I see people getting back more in their tax "returns" than they've had deducted from their checks (if any was deducted at all).  I see them getting healthcare with zero out-of-pocket expense.  No deductible, no copay, no percentage.  I see them getting the name brand prescriptions for free regardless of which pharmacy they choose.

I see, because we pay for it, that we are reluctant to go to a doctor for anything less than a catastrophe.  I see you going to the emergency room for a cold because it doesn't cost you anything to use the most expensive care available.

I'm going broke because YOU got sick.

Because all that money we're spending on deductibles, copays and cost sharing is overpaying to cover the additional risk of having you in the pool over-consuming scarce resources.


The US Army replaced the M1911A1 with the M9.

The M9 was the first pistol adopted since the Army changed the designation system from Myear to Msequential.

The change from year to sequential was in the 1920's or '30's (I can't remember exactly).

The new pistol that replaces the M9 is the M17.

If you had small hands, there was a SIG P228 designated M11.

What were pistols M1 through M8, M10 and M12 through M16?

This is not the only time there's been massive gaps in the system.

For machine guns we drop off with an M3 (Browning .50 cal variant) and don't pick up again until M60!  Then we hop to M73 then M85 then M219 then M240 then M249.

Carbines is mostly complete.

M1, M2 and M3 are all variations of the M1 carbine in .30 Carbine.  M4 is the stubified M16.  M5 through M7 disappear before the XM8 surfaces.


M1 then M14-M16 then M21, then M25 then...

It can give one agita.

It seems like there should be a list someplace where these guns have been type classified, but not adopted.  But I routinely fail to find it.  XM8 is probably a clue, classified, tested, not adopted.

I wonder if the late '80's ACR program contenders all have XM numbers assigned, but not widely publicized.

Dear White People

I don't have a Netflix account to boycott with, so I'm not boycotting them over their making the movie "Dear White People" into a series.

I will, however, say that if I did have a Netflix account I would not be watching the series.

Is it because I am a racist?  Homophobe?


It's because I've seen the movie.

It's not a complete loss, it's got some very funny moments.

The problem is that it's about 45 minutes of material crammed into 108 minutes.  And that's with three main plots running in it!

It's poorly paced and jumps between characters jarringly.

This not something that I think would benefit from having more time to develop story and character arcs because the arcs are so shallow a laser's ballistic trajectory seems more like a .45-70 by comparison.  The characters are very single dimensional and exist to make their plot point and either disappear having made it or hang around to beat you over the head with it.

10 February 2017


A Marine Mammal Mk 5 is neither a SEAL nor a Marine; despite SEALs and Marines both being mammals.  I stand corrected.


The LMT SOPMOD stock's cargo tubes can only be accessed if you remove the stock.  This is because the point of the tear-drop shape hits the receiver extension tube, as shown with the right hand cap here.

Damage Ind. improved the design by adding a small tab opposite the point and a slot for it in the body of the stock.  That lets you remove the cap with the stock installed.

Notice that you can still chose to place the caps in their original orientation if you're concerned about them coming out during use.

Win-Win I says.

I am finding that I am liking how this stock feels more and more.

Oooops, except for one little thing.  With them in the original position, there's nothing retaining them front to back except tension from the o-ring.  C'est la vie.

09 February 2017

Next Stop! BCM Gunfighter Stock

Going to have to make a review of all the carbine stocks I've accumulated in my never ending quest for collapsible stock comfort.

If anyone out there has some pull with other stock makers, like Mission First, I'd happily add them to the review list.

I prefer foliage green if given a choice and it'd be interesting to add as many types as I can.


Or maybe not, "In Stock" at Optics Planet doesn't mean what I thought it meant.

08 February 2017

Boo Freaking Hoo

Lefty panties are in a bunch because the Republicans used an obscure, but valid, rule to silence the irritating drone of someone.

Here's the thing.

I've been saying, for a long time, that sooner or later the Republicans were going to have to be just as rude as the Democrats often are to effectively fight back.

The peaceful Tea Party rallies where the location was left cleaner afterwards than before was how we wanted to cause change.

Look where that got us?

If being raging assholes is how it must be done, then it is how it will be done.

That's how manners works.

You don't get to be an asshole to someone and expect them to be nice back to you for very long.

Doo Daddy

AR Carbine Stocks are another area of study that falls well into doo-dad and gee-gaw territory.

There's a plethora enough of them to satisfy at least three El Guapos.

Because On Clearance

I got a Damage Industries Enhanced Combat System mil-spec diameter buttstock, because it was marked down substantially.  From $89.95 to $22.95 substantially.  I got mine in foliage green, but the deal extends to all of their colors but black.

I'm going to keep using that word, substantial, to describe this thing.

It's substantial.  It adds about an inch of pull at a given detent.  It's heavy, 11.9 ounces.  The Enhanced M4 stock shown with it is a mere 6.7 oz. (7 oz. with the optional sling loop).  By way of comparison a Magpul CTR stock tares at 9.2 oz. and the SOPMOD stock it's clearly intended to compete with is 11 oz.

It's substantially wider because of the storage tubes.

The tube caps are o-ring sealed and well retained by a tab and a bit of a detent.  The "pointer" actually ramps along the front edge of the stock, aiding in the removal of the cap!

I am not sure what substances I can stuff in them.  Batteries come to mind.  They're way too narrow a diameter to fit any of the oil bottles I have around here, and a boresnake just won't fit.

I'm a little concerned about that gaping maw there accumulating dirt and crud.

The paddle to change the length is also much wider than normal M4 stocks.

Shouldering is... different.  Not bad.  But not "WOW!" either.  It just sort of is.  Because it's so different from other stocks I've played with, I'm not getting a consistent cheek weld, but it's clearly unfamiliarity.

It's got almost no wobble.  Unlike Magpul's CTR, which has a latch that presses against the spline of the receiver extension, the ECS stock has leaf springs that press against the tube at all times.

Plus!  So far it's not grabbed my beard.  That puts it at least half a step above most of the competition.