03 February 2017


Part of diving is a dive buddy.

It's an idea of mutual support in case something goes wrong there's someone there who can help.

I never learned to dive because if something goes wrong there won't be anybody there who will help.

I am that charming.

When you realize that someone would let you drown rather than have to sit with you on the boat trip back, you stop being interested in diving.

When you realize you can get a complete stranger to the "let Thag drown" point on the trip OUT, you start actively avoiding boats as well as diving.

My eulogy will probably contain words to the effect of, "we're not surprised this happened, we're just shocked it took so long."


  1. I wouldn't intentionally let you drown... but I'm not a good swimmer myself so I am not sure I could be depended on to save someone in an emergency.

  2. I totally understand where you are coming from though. Between the multitude of people who actively hate me and the vast majority who don't know me and just plain don't care, it is fortunate that I don't catch fire because there probably would be nobody around who would bother to cross the street to spit on me. Actually it is probably more likely there would be someone there to douse me in petrol. I'm not really worried about a eulogy because I can't imagine why anyone would notice or bother to be there. A wise man once said...

    "A tout le monde. A tous mes amis. Je vous aime. Je dois partir."

    That's probably what I would ask be read.

  3. On a (sort of) related note, my wife wants to move to an apartment when the kids finally move out.

    I told her, "I don't like other people enough to live that close to them."

    She thinks I was joking.

    1. More than once in a movie where they have an expanding aerial shot showing a house in the middle of nowhere without another structure for miles I've said, "Nope, still too close to the neighbors."


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