24 February 2017

Blem Kit

Palmetto's launch of their Generation 2 kits has been rocky to say the least.

My kit seems much better than what many people got.

I took pictures of the problem areas others had.

The lower handguard retainer is a bone of contention with Palmetto cutting a double slot for a future development.  Mine is only very slightly oblong.

The cast bolt carrier that happens at the "Freedom" level has bother a lot of people.

Mine doesn't appear to be too rough, but if they're offering a free upgrade to forged, why not take them up on it?

They have been fully blasted for using a roll pin to retain the gas piston.

One person in particular had atrocious machining for the bolt-cam surface.

Mine's fine.


  1. damn, wish i had known this before i ordered one. haven't shipped yet, i called, they told me about the cast parts and that they were replacing those parts before they ship any more uppers. all i can do is hope, since they got my money already.

  2. Meh... I'll pass, don't need another @*&$^$ caliber to have to buy ammo for! :-)

    1. I'd already added this cartridge to my dump when I got the PAP M59/66A1 (aka Yugo SKS).

      The round I've been avoiding is 5.45x39mm and a Polish Wz.88 Tantal.

  3. Meh... I already stock 42 different cartridges not counting shotguns, what would another one be?

    1. Actually I re-counted and it is 44...

    2. We just stock 22 chamberings. But then, I've been actively avoiding the increases.


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