24 February 2017

Today I Assembled An AK

Gotta say it was a good day!


Plus this:

Equals this:

Made from a Palmetto State Armory "Freedom" Barreled Reciever (blemished type) and their build kit with plum Magpul furniture.

Only three issues with the build and one with the gun.

The gun issue is the gas tube is entirely too tight.  It needs bumped off with a mallet.  Update: I filed about 0.005" off the front of the tube and now it comes off and goes on like it's supposed.

Build issue one is the magazine catch.  It needed a small amount of material removed to be able to latch over the rear lug of the magazine.

Build issue two was the slant-brake.  It stood a little proud of the front sight tower in the last detent before bottoming out.  A little sanding on the back of it took care of that problem and now it's nice and flush.

Build issue three was with the Magpul stock.  The provided rear fastener didn't want to catch the weld nut.  Using a different screw cured the problem.

As compared with a Zastava M70A.  Genuine Communist, 9.3 lb.; 'MerAKa! 8.5 lb.

I discovered that a cleaning rod from a Yugo SKS works in an AKM...

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