15 February 2017

YouTube Gun And Gun Accessory Review Drinking Game

Every time they go "uh": One drink.

Any word or phrase that's repeated three or more times: One drink per occurrence from the third time on.

Any background noise that blots out the audio: Drink as long as it persists.  WARNING BE CAREFUL WITH THIS ONE!

Reviewer either starts mumbling inaudibly or moves far enough from the mic that you can't hear them: Drink until you can understand them again.  WARNING BE CAREFUL WITH THIS ONE!

Reviewer treats you to the sounds of their asthma/emphysema: Whole drink.

Reads the instructions for what they're reviewing: Whole drink.

Camera is aimed at a still life of what's being reviewed for entire video: Whole drink.

Reviewer coon-fingers part in the still life while rambling:  Drink as long as it persists.  WARNING BE CAREFUL WITH THIS ONE!

Add your favorites in the comments.


  1. Reviewer gives information that is blatantly false.

  2. Anytime tactical, platform, operate, or sheep dog is used.


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