01 February 2017


I am considering dumping my Finn Mosin collection.

It's a recurring thing with me and my interests.

They wax and they wane.

I'm a tactile person in some ways.

I've fingered the wares and did enough research to learn what I wanted to know.

Now that I have, my interest is fading and I still have the guns.

This also happened with my M1903A3 and Garand.

Plus, having the money might be nice for a change.

1 comment:

  1. Finn Mosins bring a pretty penny these days. Even the common Russian variety have gone up since supplies of fresh imports haven't been seen much in a few years and the frequency and quality when they do has been going down too. It looks like in general we've just about depleted the cold war stockpiles of eastern Europe.


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