12 February 2017

Dear White People

I don't have a Netflix account to boycott with, so I'm not boycotting them over their making the movie "Dear White People" into a series.

I will, however, say that if I did have a Netflix account I would not be watching the series.

Is it because I am a racist?  Homophobe?


It's because I've seen the movie.

It's not a complete loss, it's got some very funny moments.

The problem is that it's about 45 minutes of material crammed into 108 minutes.  And that's with three main plots running in it!

It's poorly paced and jumps between characters jarringly.

This not something that I think would benefit from having more time to develop story and character arcs because the arcs are so shallow a laser's ballistic trajectory seems more like a .45-70 by comparison.  The characters are very single dimensional and exist to make their plot point and either disappear having made it or hang around to beat you over the head with it.

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