18 February 2017

$100 Rifle Conundrum

When you find a perfectly serviceable bolt-gun for $100 and start thinking about changes and upgrades...

You kind of bump into most changes and upgrades cost more than you've paid for the gun!

I'm feeling a bit whimsical about it.

Because it already has a front sight, I think it needs a rear too.

One option is to have a rear sight soldered on where the one it came from Golden State with was.  This would let me keep the scope.

The whimsical option is to put a Lyman 57SME peep on the receiver.  This would force me to remove the scope.  Update: One plus of this would be that the stripper guide could be used again.

A Lyman sight would be fitting with the age of the gun.

If I pursue this route of whimsy, I'd end up looking for walnut to replace the plastic polymer synthetic stock.

What's to do?

I guess first principles should be to see if it shoots consistently.


  1. I like to look at accessories in the GunsWorth, a unit equal to the value of the gun. Ex, Gun worth $100 gets $100 in extras. If you somehow get a gun worth way more for way less (ex, snagged at an attempted buyback for twice what the buyback was offering, but an absolute steal even at that price), you use the actual value.

    1. I think my reply to this deserves a whole post.


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