26 February 2017

What You Wear

I just had a humorous realization.

One of the debates we'd often have over the gaming table was about whether we'd get cyberwear to replace perfectly healthy tissue.

In most cases, the cybernetic parts are a serious upgrade, so why wouldn't you?

Well except that it squicks me out to hack off a perfectly good part.  Probably related to doing all that hot-rodding and how fixing things that aren't broken often leads to disasters.

On the other hand, I'm all inked up and have a couple piercings.

FuzzyGeff, on the "upgrades are good" side of the debate, has no negative visceral response to lopping off an arm for an improved model.

Not one tattoo.

Isn't it odd who went for the body-mods and who didn't?

1 comment:

  1. I dunno if there is a corollary... I would have a very difficult time hacking off a perfectly good part and like FuzzyGeff, not a single tattoo or piercing.


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