16 February 2017

A Day Without Immigrants

Businesses across the nation are shutting down to demonstrate that I can go a day without them, thus proving that I can live the rest of my life without them.

I am fascinated that we keep talking about immigration when what I mean is ILLEGAL immigration.

It's the gun control and gun deaths thing all over again...

They keep talking about HOMICIDE when what we're talking about is murders.  They choose to ignore that there's perfectly legal homicides.

There are numerous means that someone can use to legally emigrate to The United States.  We ask that immigrants use them.

If we truly need hoards of imported labor, and there's no domestic source, then we need to create a means for the laborers to come here and be here.  But just them.

But the fact is that we don't really need to import labor for these jobs.  We're a combination of too cheap to pay for what something would cost with domestic labor and too greedy to pay Americans for the work.  There's a myriad of reasons enough to fill a textbook, but while reading that book one strongly suspects government interference in the labor market.

We need to stop talking about career criminals who are deported as if they are Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany.  We should start talking about how their criminality is what broke up their home and family not that fact that they got caught being criminals.  We condemn thieves and murderers for their act of crime, not condone them because their arrest causes hardships on their loved ones.

Their criminality is the cause of the hardships!  The law abiding don't have this problem!

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