19 February 2017

Even The AK Is Not Sacred

Because sand AK PMAG-30's were a mere $8.22 apiece, I went with sand instead of black.

The question became, what color to dye them.

The answer, once I'd noticed that Russia had issued a non-metallic magazine for their AKM's since the late '60's, was obvious.

Match the color(s) of the "bakelite" magazine!

Nailed it on the first attempt!  The recipe for 2 qt. of water is 1 tbsp Harvest, 1/2 tsp Cherry Red and 1/4 tsp Black.

It kinda looks like bbq sauce, don't it?

Video confirmation that we'd matched the color.

For "authenticity's" sake we varied the soak time and temperature to vary the color slightly.

I need to remember to ask Willard if he has another of those East German magazine bags.


  1. That is a nice baby poop color... that goes well with baby poop, not AK mags!

  2. This is hands down the coolest dye job I've seen on a sand color PMAG.


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