18 February 2017

Portrait Of An Actual Feminist

While she was putting on a show, she performed a real task professionally.


  1. Only saw her in movies and in interviews. I was three when Jungle Jim went over the rainbow. The more I see of the things going on in the drag racing world, I really feel like I missed out on the best part of drag racing. Even if with cheap good turbos just about anyone can be damn fast, and safe, it does not have the same feel as thee videos show.

    1. I was 8 when he died.

      But I'd actually met them because my dad was running a fuel altered at the time. Funny cars were safe as houses compared to a fuel altered!

      I recall my mom talking about Pam in terms of, "she's just another member of the crew." I honestly don't think her looks would have kept her on Jungle's team if she wasn't pulling her weight doing a real job. And running the staging is a real job.

      It was definitely a different time back then.


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