16 February 2017

Cheaper Than A Mosin

$100 .30-06, including an NcSTAR 3-9x40 scope on heavily shimmed bases.

Made from what appears to be an FN or DWM 98 action.

Factory made, not Bubba.

Curio and Relic eligible.

Front sight, no rear sight.  You can just barely see the ghost of where the rear sight used to be soldered to the barrel.

It's a Golden State Arms Corp model Santa Fe Deluxe Mk 1.

Controlled round feeding?

But of course!  De rigueur!

The bore isn't even half bad!

It looks like Golden State Arms Corp. went tits up in October of 1966.  They appear to have been that times Century International with their taking of existing parts and making their own brand of guns from them.

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