20 August 2013

Must Be Nice

It must be great to be so well adjusted and mentally healthy that you can declare anyone who isn't a loser.

To be physically healthy and secure that you'll remain that way forever.  Knowing that you'll never have to deal with an illness or injury that drops life from worth living to why bother.

To know that absolutely every problem is surmountable with the resources you have at hand and that will forever be true.

Yeah.  Right.

You know what, asshole, you've obviously never been there.  Or if you have belittling people is your way of coping with what you've convinced yourself is something shameful.

Here's one, prick, did you know that someone can have a chemical imbalance that makes them so depressed that suicide seems like a solution to all the problems?  It doesn't make them a loser, it makes them unwell.  It's idiots like you that drive them to taking their own lives because if they know you think they're a loser for contemplating it.  You are validating the decision by belittling them, not helping them avoid it.

It was assholes like you that nearly got me to pull the trigger.  People with nothing wrong with them who lacked the perspective to see things from any view but their own.  A complete lack of empathy which only cements the idea that one is not worthy of further existence.

Fuck you!

And don't even try to say you had close friends or family who've killed themselves.  Your attitude says multitudes about how much you cared.  You didn't and you don't.

You clearly have no idea what it is like to be that far down the hole.  I do because I've sat in the bottom of that pit.  It was more chance than design that I found a path out of it.

You should stick to talking about things you understand.

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