16 August 2013


Been reading an exchange between the FAL Files resident Raging Asshole #1 Gunplumber and some others.

While he's a Class A Fucking Prick, GP does know his stuff.

At point is an FAL that someone is trying to sell.

It's engraved with FN's name and their model number.  It's actually an Imbel receiver.

GP is trying to explain that it's still an Imbel no matter what else is engraved on it.

What he's missing is that the Gendarme Locale (or should that be policia local since this is California?) will see the markings of a rifle that's banned by name and ignore that it's really an off-list receiver.  While you might beat the rap, you aren't beating the ride; and that assumes you have the wherewithal to fight it, which many don't.

Still, it's legally an Imbel.

What is interesting is two of my guns are no longer legally their original markings.

They are now legally the new engraving, McThag Trust and no longer the old NoDak or Anvil Arms.  That's because they've been through the NFA process and my trust is the legal manufacturer now.

This process was not required of the person who marked up the Imbel to make a recreation of a FN rifle.  Just like my NoDak lowers are engraved with Colt's stuff on the magwell.

I just wish that GP would stop going out of his way to be an asshole to anyone and everyone.  People aren't going to remember he was correct about it and walk away educated, they are going to walk away thinking "what a total douche" and the lesson will not stick.

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