15 January 2016

Where Would He Be Without Me

What would Willard do without me?

He says swim in his huge pile of money like Scrooge McDuck.

Yesterday...  When we planned on just test firing the Helwan, we ended up also hitting one of the more remote gun shops.

Because that shop is also near a hole-in-the-wall pawn shop, he asks, "Should we hit it?"  "HIT IT!" I replied!

In the case is a fine specimen of a Colt Army Special in .38 Special.  Like 88% bluing with some holster wear on the end of the barrel.  Timing still nice and tight.  Marked $350.

Not a bad deal, we think.

Willard makes the offer for $350 (after confirming that this is THE bottom dollar) out the door if he pays cash.  The guy behind the counter heaves a deep sigh and agrees.

Willard goes out to hit the ATM while I hang in the shop and nose around the tools.

The people behind the counter start having a heated discussion...

Guy 1: "Three fifty?!"

Guy 2: "It's what was marked on the tag and he accepted the marked price."

Guy 1: "It's supposed to say $600!"

Guy 2: "Guy 3 must have written $350 on the tag."

Guy 1: "$350 is what we paid for it!"

Guy 2: "Too late to change it now."

It shoots!

Today, on an errand to get a piece of archery equipment for his granddaughter, I tagged along.

In the counter at the archery place was a minty fresh Browning Hi-Power.  1985 made parkerized, Pachmeyer grips with Morgan, Utah roll-mark.  I ask if that's what was making his whiskers twitch and Willard confirms.

We hint around about looking at it and the counter guy just gives us a blank smile.  Asking directly gets him to hand us the gun.  $495 on the tag.

$500, cash, out the door.

Of course, this is when FDLE decides to take a meal break or something so the call-in takes an hour!  On speaker is the recorded message telling the dealer to be patient and the instant check will be administered in the order received.  I think it's not FDLE's recording, but a sinister plot of the store owner to keep us in the shop browsing the wares until we buy something.

It worked!  Dammit.  I got some spare M&P backstraps.  Willard has some more .30-40, a Russian spam-can opener, some oil and he remembered the archery stuff too!

Oh, the Browning works fine too.

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