18 January 2016

Thank God For The War On Guns

I'd observed, long ago, as my childhood as a liberal began to mature into an adult as a conservative that one of the absolute best ways to get more of something was for the US Government to declare a "war on" it.

War on Poverty.  Fifty plus years.  Still have poverty.  Record numbers of people living on welfare.

War on Drugs.  Forty plus years.  Drugs are still easy to get and Prohibition 2.0 has spawned a form of violent criminal that would make Al Capone blanch.

War on Guns.  A mere twentyish years, but look at how well we've done because of it!  When I started on guns, you were odd if you wanted an AR rather than a bolt gun.  Conceal carry was something for the politically connected or for people who lived in another state for many of us.

All we need now is a genuine and earnest war on the middle class actively trying to eliminate it via legislation to usher in a new age of unparalleled prosperity!

1 comment:

  1. Well... there is a War on the Rich going on right now, so hopefully you're on to something.
    Sadly, it will probably be someone else getting rich on my hard work and money.



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