05 January 2016

Hot Under The Collar

NFATCA seems to have gotten what THEY wanted and changed the CLEO sign off to a CLEO notification, like a C&R FFL.

It looks like trusts will have to submit fingerprints and photos of everyone mentioned in the trust, or just the trustees, or just someone who makes decisions...  Or, even the lawyers reading it aren't certain.

I am hot under the collar about this because the constant insinuation that the only reason a person would establish an NFA trust is to go out and break the law.

I did not.

One huge thing that creating a trust gave us, here at Casa McThag, was Harvey, being a trustee and grantor, could possess the NFA items as well.

We're both law abiding gun owners and carry permit holders.  I'm an 03FFL.  We're the polar opposite of forbidden person.

There's no real reason that Harvey can't have access to a short barrel rifle, except that if I forgot to lock the safe one day, while I go to the store and she stays home, the ATF regards that as a transfer.  Big trouble.

In a trust, we both own it, so it's not a transfer if I'm not here and she can get to it.

That's all it was.  And it was presented to us as the proper way of doing things to comply with the laws, rules and regulations.

We did it the way we did it to OBEY the law, not break it.

NFATCA managed to make my life harder while making their lives easier.  I will never be happy when someone does that to me.  Not even when I am assured that it's good for me.  I'll make my own determination of that, thankyouverymuch.

Who can own an NFA item, or not, is exactly the same as who can own a gun, or not.  NICS works for that without photographs and fingerprints.  Why do we need them for a short barrel?  I don't need photographs and fingerprints to pay income tax.  Why do I need them to pay the $200 tax on an NFA item?

That's the tack we should have taken with NFA items, not giving people who despise us a chance to make up more onerous burdens.

Now it's off to the worthless congress critters for relief.

My Representative doesn't submit bills and constantly tells me he can't do anything because he's not on the correct committee.

One Senator is anti-gun and isn't up for reelection until 2018; the other is running for President and isn't bothering to vote anymore.


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