09 January 2016


As everyone knows, a loophole in a law is a way to do something that's otherwise banned by that law and still be legal about it.

The language of calling private sales at a gunshow a loophole is a clue to the thought process of the anti-gunners to be sure.

I am starting to suspect that NICS is back-door registration they way they keep insisting that all sales be subject to it.  At least they see it as a means to bar people from being sold guns on the basis of mental health with ever lowering levels of no-process in the sanity determination.

How do you close loopholes?

You pass another law that amends the previous one and eliminates the legal means to skirt the law intended to ban that activity.

You can also repeal the law entirely.

Why don't we press for that?  Ever.

We keep talking about how much we know about the Constitution and how little our opponents do.  The Feds should have no say over intrastate sales anyways, why don't we press for repeal on those grounds?  And press for a legislative solution because the Supreme Court blew it on interpreting the interstate commerce clause.

Why is this always "impossible"?  Why aren't we on the offensive?

Because milquetoast to lukewarm pro-gun is still a B+ rating.  If it was the C- or D it should be, maybe we'd get different candidates.  Rating them just on their gun stance and disregarding their length of tenure in office would downgrade a lot of them too, and prolly would have cashiered Harry Reid when he had two eyes.

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