23 January 2016

Maybe I Overestimated

Iowa has a pistol purchase permit requirement to buy a handgun.

My father-in-law decided he wanted a revolver and four days later he had one legally.

He doesn't internet.

But it took him a whole day to find out where to apply for his permit, go there, and get it.

Then once the built in delay expired, he got his gun.

I've another acquaintance who can't seem to figure out how to get this permit to save his life despite being computer literate and possessing all the digital assistance you can think of.

There's three uncharitable possibilities.

One, he's a fucking liar about wanting a handgun and has been leading me on about obtaining one.

Two, he's fucking stupid and cannot comprehend "look up the sheriff's office's address.  Go there."

Three, he's fucking lazy and it's just too damn far to drive DRIVE the half hour total to get there.

I'm betting it's actually a combination of one and two.

I'm just cheesed at being asked to help him with the process and wasting time on it.

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