23 January 2016


One gun I deeply regret selling was a DWM Brazilian Model 1908 Mauser.

THIS DWM Brazilian Model 1908 Mauser.

I've been regretting selling it almost literally since the money hit my palm.  I was so excited to find it on Gunbroker!

I traded horses, I called in favors, I made deals.  I scrounged up the funds to bid the starting bid of $600.  And not one penny more.

The winning bid was $605 and made in the last five minutes.

I am taking this as a sign that I've loved it, let it go and it's not coming back; so it was not meant to be.

To the winning bidder, treat her right and don't ever sell her.  You will regret it.  (PS, I'm the one who buggered the screw on the front of the magazine well.  Sorry.)

On the plus side I'm not out anything and all of my trades, favors and deals were contingent on winning the auction. 


  1. Oooo! Mines an Itajuba '06 conversion and nowhere near that pretty. I can see why you miss it. :(

  2. I still feel bad about selling my Swedish Mausr Model 96 with matching serial numbers. It had about ten of them, barrel bands, butt plate, numbers on freaking everything. shot very nicely for an old warhorse too. feel stupid for selling the theing for probably 150. They go for upwards of $500-600 now

    1. Is this where I tell you Willard sniped me for one for $200?


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