03 January 2016

Off The Books

"Everyone should own a gun that nobody knows about."  K. Dutoit.

"Every gun owner prizes finding a gun that's off the books." P. Vail.

Mr Dutoit might have a point.  But his point fuels the liberal-moderate opinion of gun owners.

My selection process for guns has a lot more to do with the make, model and caliber than whether I need to go through an FFL or a background check and if there's a record of sale that the government can readily call up.

I've bought some of those guns in the parking lot of a gun show.

I've never bought a gun where the primary consideration was that it was off the books.

Because I'm blabby, I don't hide my purchases well either.  Nothing on the internet is a secret.  Gun registration by Flickr account!  Of course they're going to go nuts finding the guns on my photostream that were here just long enough to take pictures of, or have been traded for another gun.

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