02 January 2016

Moar Mud

Watching the mud tests that Ian and Karl are doing at InRange...

They got an AK to fail.  They've gotten an M1 Garand to fail.  Their first test was a MAS-49/59, M1A and AR-15.  They've even taken a Kel-Tec RDB to task (and it failed too).

The AR has done best of them all, followed by the MAS.

Almost like direct impingement is a reliability enhancer?

In the original test, there was open water, and I was trained to swish my rifle in the water should it get smashed into the mud; something they deliberately didn't do.  Their testing is deliberately making it worst case.

I'll bet a quick swish would have prevented the AK from failing, but the Garand and derivatives were stopped by stuff falling into the action from its mostly open design.

Now I want to see them do more, and they plan it.

In particular, I want them to do a stock M1A vs H&K vs FAL.

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  1. I'll bet an SKS does better. It might even improve accuracy! LOL!


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