02 January 2016

Declining Sales

There's a breastrant chain called Tilted Kilt.

There used to be two of them locally, now there's zero.  The next closest one in Fort Meyers just shut down.

They cite declining sales.

The food was actually pretty good at the local places, and a decent selection of beers.

But we hadn't darkened the Clearwater location's door in almost a year before they closed despite having the car-club meeting there on the "off" Wednesdays for most of a year.

Why did we quit going?

Ear bleedingly loud live music.

We checked both locations and they were the same.

Considering we wanted to socialize over dinner...

I'll bet we weren't alone.

With the ear splitting music, the place was just another bar.  That attracted the bar crowd, and that's not the same people as the dinner crowd.  One group buys food, the other doesn't.  You can tell by the names who's who.

Without food sales, they're not a profitable venture.

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