01 December 2022

If It Were A Principled Stand

If the cast of Harry Potter really wanted to show they believed their condemnations of JK Rowlings, they'd stop acting and distribute all of their wealth from the fame they accumulated by portraying Ms Rowlings' characters.

You either have to have the cake or eat the cake.


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  2. I agree with JK Rowling, and have long since gotten sick and tired of "transgender" fanatics.

    1. I'm sick of the fanatics on both sides. The side you referred to is making it near impossible for people with genuine gender dysphoria to get help and some compassion. I've written long and often about it here.

      The people who cannot see past their bigotry long enough to find some compassion don't make it any easier, and they are readily goaded by the LGBTQ at all costs crowd.

      It's especially ironic that many of these bigots wrap themselves in the flag of their religion to justify their hate while ignoring their religion's to give compassion and aid to the sick.

      They flat out call gender dysphoria and transgender an illness then declare they will be callous in their response.

      Read your fucking bibles, assholes. Preferably before the atheist catches you not adhering to your supposed faith.

    2. I also find the whole mess an annoyance. It's not my issue. I don't really care either way. Once I got over religion, things like this just don't matter that much. And yes, it goes both ways. While I generally think people should be allowed to do whatever they want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone... I also don't need to have propaganda from either side spammed at me from all directions all of the time. I don't need people asking me what my pronouns are or getting mad at me for being intolerant if I put "(whatever)" when forced to give them. I also don't need to hear vitriolic rants about how gay people are going to bring down fire from heaven to punish us all for being too tolerant. When they become hyper-activist, the fanatics behind any cause get annoying.

  3. To take a principled stand and renounce the wealth obtained from performing JK Rowling's work goes against Hollywood wokeness' core tenet of unprincipled hypocrisy. It's the same with Hollywood and gun control, Matt Damon calls for gun bans while making millions off of movies where he shoots everyone.
    I have my own critiques of Ms. Rowling and her work but I believe the vilification of her for questioning dogma is wrong, I also believe the current trend of declaring every gender non conforming child trans is evil. For the minuscule population that is genuinely trans or intersex, treatment should be available and they should live as they wish. For the rest, neither trans nor gay are personalities and building a life around that is stupid. All of the LGBT people I personally know consider their gender or orientation as incidental to their identity as do I.


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