06 December 2022

Soft Armor

If your DR has a little * next to it, it's soft flexible armor.

What that means is that every 10pts of cutting, impaling or piercing (or 5pts of crushing) damage when the attack fails to penetrate will do 1 point of damage via blunt traumaBasic Set: p.379.

ARfcom News tested it!

 The Spartan panel used is NIJ IIIA rated, which is DR 12*.

The Hornady 12ga SST Sabot flings a 300gr .50 cal hollow point at 2,000 FPS.

That's 6d(0.5) pi++

That doubles the effective DR of the panel to 24* which will keep the average hit of 21 from penetrating, but will let 2 points of crushing through.

That's actually a solid hit. Pretty close to being hit by a night-stick swung by the average person.

GURPS passes another reality check!

1 comment:

  1. most of the soft body armor will stop a slug...it's the defamation that you will pay for...internal bleeding, maybe a ruptured this or that...you will probably survive but you probably won't be the same...shot a 20 year old soft vest with a slug from prob 10 yards...it stopped it but there was 3-4 inches of defamation on the back...would not have been a good day...panzer guy...


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