01 February 2021

SW9V Delete

After a good loud scream at the FedEx customer service people, they must have rerouted the driver back to make a second attempt.

My pistol is returned.

This is how it looked when it left:

The work order indicates:


Replace Slide

Replace Barrel

It now looks like this:

I did not know that the SD9 slide would work with an SW9 frame, but here we are.

This is now a very rare S&W!  Maybe one of a kind!

Trigger is now a gritty and mushy 9 lb. 9 oz.  That's a massive improvement, and the trigger breaks before it hits the frame now.

If it shoots half decent, I will call this a success.


  1. That is freaking sweet looking dude!

  2. Sweet gun.
    FedEx sucks.

  3. Nice! Awesome that S&W made it right. And it actually in my opinion looks a lot nicer than it did.


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