11 February 2021

.45 Short Colt

.45 S&W, issued because the Army bought "Schofield" model S&W Model 3 revolvers is what gave rise to the term ".45 Long Colt" when there never actually was a .45 Long Colt, or .45 Short Colt for that matter.

It's from how the rounds got marked up.

Long for Colt.

.45 Colt won't fit in a Schofield, it's too long.

.45 S&W will fit in both a Colt 1873 and a Schofield.  It's got a bit less thump, but hardly enough to matter.

So the Army standardized on one round and the ammo that worked in both guns got picked.



  1. That .45 Short Colt looks like a long .45 Auto Rim round.


    1. ".45 Short Colt" is really .45 S&W, just in case I didn't make that clear in the snark.


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