18 February 2021

This Guy

Every time I come across this photo, I have a nearly overwhelming urge to get to work on a game setting where this ensemble makes perfect sense.

Of course, considering his buddy got hit and he didn't; it might just be working.

One of the reasons this idea fascinates me is we bought life-jackets as padding for BB-gun wars.  At the time there was a model that was OD green and the spitting image of an old M50 vest, and they sure save you from welts from bb's.

If only we'd bought some eye protection too.

Some deity was looking over us and nobody got their eye shot out.

Update:  Link to where I found the pic this time.


  1. Or maybe he's just a lucky SOB? Who knows?

  2. That's one serious possibility; the only other one I can think of is the enemy decided to prioritize sane targets. The more I think about it, the more likely that sounds to me. Put yourself in the other guy's shoes: you've got one shot before the bad guys see where you are. Do you shoot the guy carrying a giant teddy bear, the guy in the wedding dress, the guy with fairy wings and two rifles, or the one guy in normal clothes who might actually know what year this is and what planet we're on?

    Okay, I was more than half joking when I came up with that, but now it's my serious answer. Think of it as evolution in action, assisted by not-actually-stupid people noticing who gets shot first. Now make your choice: do you want a sucking chest wound, or to wear a swim fin for a hat? I don't like either option, but I damn sure have a preference. Also, they sell swim fins in pairs, and I don't really need both of them.


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