12 February 2021

No Mention Of Erin But They Do Mention Operation Blazing Sword

Inside America’s LGBTQ+ gun lobby

It's a decent read, even if they're pining for Teh Biden.

It's also fascinating how "they" see "us".

And the place that I found that article is most certainly living up the the low expectations of "the right" expressed in it.

I spent enough time getting beat on for being an outsider and/or a gamer that I Grok in its fullness what the LGBTQ community is talking about.

They're scared of bigots with guns, and they should be.  I am.

It's just different flavors of bigot.

The editorial slant, though, is just as guilty of bigotry against people not like them as the people they're accusing.

That's a problem both sides have here.

For the record, if you're LGBT and reading this, and want a free introduction to firearms, I will give you the basics.  If you want to verify me, Erin at Blazing Sword knows who I am.

I'm straight, not narrow.


  1. Read the whole thing. Nothing new here.

    Synopsis. The enemy is always someone who doesn't think exactly like you.... Or did I miss something?

  2. The thing I've noticed over the past few years is that although liberals would like to think that they are "accepting and tolerant", they aren't. It is pretty common on social media and other places to see them talk about how they can't be friends with anyone who is conservative, a "Trump supporter" or even just someone who voted for Trump. Sometimes it is far worse than that, a lot of them really express some intense hatred, insult the intelligence of anyone who doesn't believe how they do, or even suggest violence against people based on politics or want to send anyone who voted for Trump to "re-education camps" (but no, they aren't like Stalin, Mao or Castro, somehow, or they think those were nice guys not genocidal murdering despots). Sure, there are a few people on the right that aren't always nice towards liberals, but not nearly as many. Although perhaps that is because of legitimate concerns about being doxxed, banned or otherwise persecuted for their beliefs.

    Of course Democrats have for years claimed that they are the party of free speech and defending the 1st Amendment, but they are much more likely these days to be the people demanding people be silenced and in favor of restrictions on limitations on free speech legally.

  3. I'm straight, not narrow.

    Well written, sir. I scanned--read most of the linked article. Who knew there was a socialist gun club of amurica? Nice of you to offer to train the readers of that site. You are a better man than me.

    However, I will continue to pray for the eternal souls of said readers. And you and yours.

    Found your site via Big Country. Thanks for all your good work.


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