10 February 2021

What Would Sergeant Smith Do

Your regiment is about to go through the spook-hole after the missing Indian tribes.

There are rumors of some very large and vicious animals on the other side of that gateway, so you upgrade your issue revolver from the Colt M1873 altered model you were issued to a Colt New Service in the issue .45 Colt chambering.

It's not going to fit the brand new holster that was issued with the Peacemaker you've decided not to pack.

The local sutler has been completely, and I mean completely bought out by someone, there's not a holster for it to be found.

The supply officer, however, offers you one of the old holsters you just turned in that fit the old 7" M1873's you recently turned in.

But the flap won't close.

What will you do?  What will you do?

Cut off that flap, of course!

Going to have to rely on a lanyard for retention, but it's better than trying to tuck it into your belt.  The lieutenant would probably get bent out of shape about that.


  1. Pity.
    For a few bucks worth of parts (leather belt piece/scrap, Chicago screw(s)/rivets, both obtainable at Hobby Lobby or Tandy Leather IRL or online), and about 15 minutes' careful work, one could have appended a flap strap extension that would have secured and protected the piece, and Chicago screws and breakable loc-tite leave the opportunity to remove the add-on in about a minute if necessary.

    As is, you could still mount an add-on retention strap now (probably need to anchor it around the back side now), albeit needing a longer bit of leather, and secure the piece using the remaining OE brass button. A bit kludgier, but still do-able and serviceable. It'd look almost original.

    Leather holsters were the original gun-Lego long before ARs came along, and with a couple of tools and some creative planning one could and can do almost anything, if so inclined.

    1. We bought two of these holsters. One to do the field expedient flap removal, one to "do right".

      Stay tuned!


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