02 February 2021

Endeavor To Persevere

Day 4 of the Ubuntu experiment.

It's a computer.

I haven't figured out how to get the Mac to connect to it, but I can connect to the Mac from it.  Prolly have a share set wrong.  Not too worried.

I think I prefer Foxit to the default pdf viewer, but I dunno how to get to installed from the tga file they download.


  1. When I downloaded FoxitReader for Linux I got a .tar.gz file. If you are using Chrome, open it from the bottom of your browser. Click the Extract button, then select your home directory or your /home/user/bin or wherever you want to put it, then extract it. Then select to view the files. Then click on the .run file and it will open a GUI installer. From there it should be fairly self explanatory.

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