08 February 2021

Laptop Stage Three

This old Lenovo T420S has seen some miles.

It started out with a 320gb hard drive and Win7 Pro 64.

It gained a 750gb drive along with more RAM, ghosting the Win7 Pro 64.

Something went wrong on an update and when I updated to a 1tb SSD, I ended up having to install Win7 Pro 64 from scratch.  <-Stage II

Something is corrupt on that Win7 install, so I bought a new 1tb SSD for it and changed over in rapid succession to Ubuntu 18.04 then 20.04.  <- Stage III

Every new stage gets a new desktop background!

Trudy the Winchester 54 in .30-06 with a  C&Rsenal "Strip Club" patch.

Let's hear it for mindless amusement!


  1. Love Linux!
    No/low cost and runs on old hardware. (that I have plenty on hand)
    I don't know my rear end from a hole in the ground about command line but the innanets and cut/paste have gotten me where I needed to go so far. I have a old T-540 with SSD and 8gig ram that runs great with 20.04. I dual boot it with win10 just for giggles. I'm retired now and don't have to "run" Micro$$$oft any longer. They caused me much grief with updates and patches for updates over and over.
    Love the background!

  2. Been a Thinkpad fan for years, from my 600 20+ years ago, to the current T450. My T60 was a real workhorse, so much that I had two of them -- one for work, and one for home.
    Even have a couple of Ideapads for gaming.

    Have always maintained that the IBM Thinkpads had the best keyboard bar none. Wasn't too happy when Lenovo changed them.


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