22 February 2021

What Kind Of Shotshell?

You look at the shelves of shotgun ammo and you can see "dove and quail" "buckshot" and "turkey" loads.

So many choices are labeled with what kind of game you're supposed to be shooting at...

Is Winchester loading anti-aircraft loads?


  1. "Fit for busting space saucers" is what that picture on the box tells me. Clay pigeons aren't that tasty, even with ketchup. :^)


  2. Silly McThag, you said it yourself, the intended target is shown by the little pictogram. These are obviously Men on Horseback loads.

  3. "Winch-Sta, double-A's indeed, the ONLY hull worthy of reload, sah!" Not a real quote...might check with some friends about all that...

  4. I'll take two boxes of Spy Drone, one of Sureveillance Camera, and one of Radar Speed Camera please.

  5. I would want to be shooting something more stout than 7-1/2 shot for men on horseback as targets. These are great for hand launched flying saucers... or drones.

    AA actually refers to the type of husk and wadding those shells use. That's one of the preferred types for shot shell reloaders. I usually buy big bags of empty AA husks and there are inexpensive generic AA wads readily available. Some shot shell primers, Alliant Red Dot powder and 1-1/8 oz of your favorite size shot (or hand load the right number of buck shot as it doesn't feed through the reloader). I just have the old fashioned Lee Load-All II that they've made for years. It turns out perfectly good shells, not the fastest in the world, but it works.


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