09 February 2021

How Many More Nails Does The NFL Need?

Tampa's mayor, Jane Castor, has vowed to use facial recognition to ID every single attendee of the Stupor Bowel who had their mask off.

There's an implication that these people will be punished.

The cheap seats for SBLV was eight fucking grand.

Yeah, Jane, they're going to want to come back to Tampa to spend money after you track them down and levy... uh...

Oh yeah, enforcement of mask mandates has been suspended at the state level.

So all this does is show someone they don't want to travel to Tampa to spend money because the mayor is a fascist.

If she manages to make this stick, and it will take some cooperation from the NFL to get the proper imagery for the facial recognition, people will be far less willing to spend money on the NFL.

The NFL is not doing so well that it can afford to piss off the remaining fans.


  1. ... and the article that I read about her rant, showed a photo of her at the game without a mask.

    1. Rules are for the regular people, not for the glorious leaders.

  2. If they are from out of state, what is she going to do - mail them a ticket? Extradite them to Florida for a hearing and challenge the governor?

    1. The Governor has suspended all enforcement of any mask mandate, so she's not going to be doing much of anything but shaming the people who went without masks.


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