19 February 2021

4mm Lange


3mm inner core of tungsten reinforced bulk amorphous metal.

Cupro-Nickel jacket/shroud (because it's magnetic!)

4g mass.  66.7% of it in the tungsten penetrator.

You think it's going to tumble?  It's got one hell of a length to width ratio.


  1. Going to be interesting to see what spin rate they use for it!

  2. I think the smaller the diameter of projectile in relation to length, the faster the spin required to keep it nose forward.


    1. Considering that the overall density of the round is 13.94 gm/cm3, it's not as extreme as you might think! Thanks to the tungsten, it's actually short for its weight.

      This calculator https://thebarreloutlet.com/twist-calculator/ claims that 1:6.8" should be sufficient.


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