01 February 2021

A Bit Of History

Way back when... during the events that Mississippi Burning was loosely based upon, the FBI came down and broke the DEMOCRAT power structure and that allowed black people access to the civil rights they'd long been denied.

Something that never gets mentioned about this.

If even a plurality of white people in these areas had really wanted the racism to continue, the US government would have had to send the Army and not a bare scattering of FBI agents.

This is lost to the modern narrative as certainly as what party Abraham Lincoln was a member of.

There was a plurality of white southerners who were as surely disenfranchised by the Democrat machines as any black person who was outright denied their rightful vote.

They were essential in helping the FBI break the local machine politics of the southern Democrat machines.  Some of them might even have helped because they thought it was the right thing to do, but there's likely more than a few who just wanted the Dems to be knocked down a peg.


  1. Mcthag John Hopkins here of 1RAR and served with Chomps Fleetwood. Just wondering if you managed to get hold of him. We would like to make contact with him. My email johnwynnehopkins@gmail.com

    1. I've been in touch! He's doing well.

      He's a reader and commenter here, so he might read this before I tell him to read it. ;)


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