07 February 2021

Sabers And... Snippet 10

It just never got old.

Major Beasley would draw his saber and it would burst into flames and the Sioux would "oooh and awwww" over it.

It was, admittedly an expensive trick, $15,250 to be exact; that included the half caret ruby and six months work from one of the better enchanters; all of this on top of the very finest blade that could be fashioned.

No ugly blade this, engraved and etched, it had been $659.09 in and of itself before being sent to the enchanter.

The price was not something he mentioned.  Major Beasley was not a braggart.

But he knew down to the last red cent how much it had cost.

His father, already piqued that his only son in twelve children, was "wasting" the better part of his life "playing soldier" instead of learning to make the family fortune larger; had castigated him for hours when Underwood Enchanters had presented the bill.

His mother's only comment was, "at least it's pretty for all that."

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