23 February 2021

THIS Is Why You Build Pipelines!

Truck collides with train carrying gasoline.

Show this to everyone who opposes projects like Keystone.


  1. Well, the greenie beenie weenie eco-morons want to ban fossil fuels entirely... but given that isn't likely to be possible any time soon (at least not without completely imploding civilization -- which they probably would like, but...) the safest, cleanest and most efficient way to transport large quantities of flammable liquids is by pipeline. The reality is that the idiots on the left who are cancelling pipelines will greatly increase the amount of fuel moved by trucks and other far less efficient, dirtier and less safe means. Of course reality is something that the left is in denial of. They are caught up in their utopian pipe dreams and their limited knowledge of a limited scope of science. The problem is they don't even know how ignorant, often purposely so they are of the truth.

    1. I've read that a couple of the big-money lefties are deeply vested in rail transportation and doing it the dirty, dangerous way is making them money where pipelines don't earn them anything.

    2. It wouldn't surprise me. The left are a bunch of hypocrites. They point fingers at the right for being economically motivated... but then they do the exact same things. At least most rich people on the right are pretty transparent about what they are up to.

  2. As part of a disaster exercise, I was asked to model a fire/explosion involving 20 rail tank cars full of ethanol. the expolosion was the type known as a BLEVE-Boiling Liquid Expanding Volume Explosion-VERY nasty. Imagine the unopened can of beans on the stove writ VERY large. I punched the data into the simulator, and the BEST case came up with a fireball/shock wave the decimated over 10 square miles. I don't even want to start on what that amount of gasoline would do.

  3. Burning tanks are scary scary things. When they are punctured they leak and the contents burn. Fire suppression works but will often not extinguish the fire.

    As the tank continues to leak the fuel level in the tank gets lower until at last there is a hole open to atmosphere. O2 rushes in along with heat.

    At some point you get that perfect air fuel mixture which goes boom in a huge way.


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