05 February 2021

Just Sayin'

The cut-off point for Curio and Relics is now 1971.

Seven years of Colt AR production is C&R.

Heady times.


  1. Production numbers for ARs in the 1960s and 1970s were pretty low for the civilian market. They were expensive and the market's tastes were a lot more FUDish. I think in the 1980s the numbers started to increase more. I don't know exactly when the large scale importation of AKs and SKSs and other similar rifles started but it will really start to get interesting when masses of those become C&R eligible.

    1. The only SKS that isn't C&R eligible now is the Chinese model. All the others have been specifically allowed regardless of date.

      Granted, China is most of them... Was it Bush or Clinton who banned imports from China?

  2. I think it was Clinton. Bush did the 922R crap.

    1. It looks like both GHW Bush and WJ Clinton did it. Bush is responsible for banning Norinco, Clinton signed the crime bill that cut off the rest.


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