08 February 2021

I Even Double Checked

Tried to see if there was anything the rules lawyers had to say about the barrel length discrepancy at SJ Games forums.

I got informed that the P.08 had a 120mm (4.72") barrel.

It did not.

I looked it up.

The first issue Luger, in 7.65x21mm, the Swiss P.00 had a 120mm barrel.

The first German military Luger was the Navy P.04. It was in 9mm, but it has a 150mm (5.9") barrel.

The P.08 had a 100mm (3.94") barrel from day one.

It should not be confused with the LP.08 an its 200mm (7.87") barrel.

It often pays to have an extensive library.

The person correcting me is a big cheese on that forum who actually expressed that if there was a mistake in High Tech 4e, this would be the first he'd seen. Oh, lawdy... It's a game supplement that's got many small errors in the firearms section. In a game where ฯ€ = 3.00 these small differences don't matter, but I want things to be consistent and predictable.

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