12 February 2021

Mad McThag's Holster Repair And Alternate Histories

One 12" x 12" hunk of 8 oz. leather ordered.

Rivets, and rivet tool ordered.

I'm going to make a new flap for the New Service's holster!

I'll order dye if the experiment succeeds.

It looks simple enough.

The new flap needs to be larger by a triangular shaped piece adding 1/2" on the front of the flap and 2" on the back from where I cut the original flap off.


  1. Saw this and assumed it was you. Let us know when you have it mounted on the Vette


  2. Best wishes on the project.

    FWIW, it'll probably go best if done in paper mock-up until you get it just right, then cut the leather to match the paper pattern profile.

    Being in a free state, you can still get Fiebing's USMC black leather dye, rather than some cornholed vegan alternative. It always worked best when I had the option. Turned black cadillac combat boots scuffed raw back to original black without a hitch, back in the day, and I hoarded as much as could justify for my other projects once Califrutopia made it verboten.


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