12 February 2021

More Than One Panzer Kaserne?

The Panzer Kaserne I was stationed at was in Böblingen, just a hop, skip and jump from Stuttgart.

It was not near Kaiserslautern.

My Panzer, where a PX has replaced the motorpool...  The starred place by the main gate is my old barracks.  There are a lot of missing buildings!

The Panzer near Kaiserslautern

Where they are in relation to each other


  1. Whichever one they decide to use, make sure they reinstall all the bomb craters. Those were fun to 'realize', while standing in one after another, what they actually were.
    My first/last REFORGER was at Panzer in January 90, coming down from Heilbronn. Before the end of the year, I'd be in the sand waiting for my equipment to arrive.

  2. that's where i was, Böblingen...i looked it up on google maps a few years ago and to me it looked like it wasn't a base any longer...i remember one winter day it had snowed, myself a couple buddies didn't have too much money but wanted to go get a beer in town...we slid down that hill at the main gate...we were soak and wet by time we made it to one of the bars...had enough money left for taxi ride back...fun times...same place, we were bored, broke...we took needles and taped thread to the ends, put on our field jackets and had blow gun wars...this is why women live longer than men...

  3. Geeez, that brings back memories. I stayed at Kaiserlauten as a guest of one of the freshly minted army lawyers back in 79. Have covered that whole area from Mannhoim/Heidelberg down to Baden Baden many a time, trekking and driving and on the riverboats. Was a very nice place to be back then. I am sure it is now overrun by muzzies like most of der vaterland. Actually have covered most of W Germany over past 40 years, never made it to former E Germany or Berlin though. Guess I have to grok that through George Smiley.

  4. Sheesh--talk about dusting off some old poo poo...Patch Barracks in 1960...If the Stuttgart area needed an enema, Patch is where they'd stick it...Lucked into Rob Barracks later...saved a mind, saved a life, saved a marriage...JF

  5. Kenne Ich Panzer Kaserne (Boblingen).
    Boat Guy


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