19 February 2021

Or Perhaps

Changing from a triggered link to a follow-up might be a lot simpler.

I'd lose the hollow-point damage bonus if I follow the rules as written for doing enhancements and limitations.

SCHV Expanding Shroud Armor Piercing Core (ESAP): TL10.  A soft metal jacket shrouding the same tungsten-reinforced bulk amorphous metal penetrator of an APEP round.  First attack does 80% of normal damage and the follow-up  attack does 60% of normal damage and is modified as per APEP ammuntion on Ultra-Tech p.152.  Multiply CPS by 15.

This changes the G:T damage to 6d+2 pi follow-up 5d(3) pi- and the UT4e gun to 5d+1 pi follow-up 4d(3) pi-.

Against the DR 45 wearer: ((dice * 3.5) - DR) follow-up ((dice * 3.5) - (DR / 3)) / 2

The GT gun firing ESAP does 5.

The UT gun gets 2.

But against unarmored targets...  (dice * 3.5) follow-up ((dice * 3.5) - (DR / 3)) / 2

GT gun: 31 points of damage.

UT gun: 25 points of damage.

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