21 February 2021

In The Beginning There Was Darkness

On the way back from a beer run, I noticed that The Precious headlights had not come on.

Changing the switch from auto to on did nothing.


I remembered reading about a recall for this!

For 2005-2007 C6's... not my 2008.


Opinions were sharply divided about dealers doing the courtesy repair on 2008-2013 cars.

But a couple of people had posted on the Corvette Forum about what the problem was and how to fix it.

The underhood electrical center has solid copper wires bridging all the pin-holders for the fuses and relays.  The one for the headlights is notorious for breaking at a dogleg in its trace.

Where it breaks (not my pic).

 Post repair (still not my pic):


Most of the repair is actually getting the sleeves for the mounting bolts un-flared so you can pull the three sections apart from one another.

I begged Marv to come over and help and he was invaluable to the effort!

It took us about 90 minutes (once we found the 20 ga solid copper wire Marv had stored away) to do the repair and at least an hour was getting those four flared ended sleeves smushed enough to get the bolt out.

Took a 30-minute test drive to let some heat and vibration get to the wire.


1 comment:

  1. So, the trick is to drill or grind out that nubbin the original wire bends around, and route the new wire with less of a "dog-leg" in it?

    That's clever!


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