17 February 2021

Wo Ist Das Poofhaus

I am deeply amused that the local whore house down the road from Panzer has a web-page.

Adult content if you click here.

It's so absurd, and oddly normal.


  1. Hey Angus;

    I remember the one in Stuttgart was "Die haus mit drei farben" . I occasionaly went there in between girlfriends....I was there in that area for 5 years.

  2. i don't remember one near the post...but then i never went to one when i was there...

    1. It's not "near" post, but an easy walk from the train station.

      I indulged in the novelty of legal prostitution a couple of times.

      That lead to a decent exchange with 3rd Platoon's LT. I'd just banged my head but good on a tank barrel and the medics were checking me out. One of them commented on chicks digging scars and the LT says, "McThag ain't had pussy since pussy had him." I replied, "Bullshit, Sir, I have a receipt!"

    2. there is a small lake in the woods not too far from panzer...i remember a battalion run we did once and there were topless women there...of course at that point, the run got all bunched up...lol

  3. I remember the Sauna Estoril in Macau...good times.


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