04 February 2021


When I put the memory card from my camera in the slot, the files have wildly different dates and times shown than they actually were on the Ubuntu laptop.

They appear correctly on OSX 10.6.8 and Win7 Ultimate.

Anyone know a fix?


JT appears to have figured it out.  Incomplete drivers for exfat with 20.04 that's been fixed for 20.10 and will be incorporated in 22.04.

He talked me through the install of the proper drivers.


  1. If the minutes look right but the hour is of then it is likely you are running into time zone issues.

    Unix/linux track time as number of seconds since January 1st,1970 Zulu.

    When a file is created it is stamped with this time stamp. When it is displayed it looks at the time zone you are using and translates it to that time zone.

    When a file is moved to a windows file system it gets a windows type time stamp which is handled "differently"

    1. The *MONTH* was wrong!

      As indicated in the update, this was an ExFAT driver issue. JT got me squared away.

      He mentioned that Microsoft owns ExFAT and something something...


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